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I get the same errors as regarding trackables.
I am not logged in and whatever I try to do regarding access to groundspeak, Locus map is crashing. I have sent in two crash reports.

My address is
Not able to log in, either.

The message in the picture is "Firefox was not able to find the server at locus.oauth.callback.geocaching

Quote from: menion on February 06, 2019, 08:15:40
@Andrew Heard & @tapio
thanks, I'll change it
Read the :

Thanks. I wasn't aware of this thread. Anyway, that is good news. Looking forward to see it in the beta version later this spring.
Bug?: After searching for points with the new search, there is a tool in the search result for selecting all points and for inverting the selection. This tool is still visible after going back to the search form.
Quote from: menion on August 07, 2018, 10:53:39
Method for testing Geocaching API  - Locus Map BETA needed:
(Beta will be published today)
- enable experimental settings: long click on the main menu

Is these experimental settings only available in the beta. I am not able to activate it in the non-beta version and I am not sure I long press the correct menu item.
Quote from: menion on August 07, 2018, 10:53:39

- since now, Locus will communicate with staging server: (it is a copy of original server for testing purpose).
Feel free to play & test as you wish :)

Can you explain what that means for me? Can I log found, dnf and whatever as much as I want on a cache without this affecting my profile on the "real" server and without cacheowner getting any emails and so on?
Quote from: Condor on August 06, 2018, 15:37:41
Or it is time to think (Menion) or it could be possible to generate a functional "Lite" version of Locus.
Only maps, points, navigation, geocaching.

Without trainers, sensors, bicycles, Fitnes, LT, chat, health records, Boats, planes, heart transplants .... and I do not know what's all in Locus.

Hehe, I know several people who won't touch Locus Map because of its complexity. A geocaching Lite version could be a solution for them, but personally, I like a lot of functions. But they have to work. Not able to add waypoints last week was very frustrating.

I also want to see a rock solid and reliable Locus Map. I do all my logging with GSAK as I don't thrust anything else at the moment. My wife is doing all logging with Locus Map and she experience strange error messages popping up from Locus that an error happened and "something" is stored for offline logging. But when we afterwards search, we cannot find anything stored for offline logging and everything seems to be correctly sent to the online api at groundspeak. Or so it seems :-)
The first thing I wish is more meaningful error messages when something goes wrong. A small popup which last half a second before it goes away is not user friendly and it does not say anything abot what is wrong, only that "something" happened.

And I find betatesting Locus Map is extremely difficult. Personally, I am testing on my live geocaching data. I don't want anything to go wrong with that. I don't want to come home from a trip and "test" 20 or 30 geocache find logs and 100-150 TB logs and experience a lot of trouble. So I mostly use GSAK for this as I know it works.
Bucky Kid: How do you roll back to 3.31.1 version?
And filtering on geotour attributes seems to work now :-)
The new beta has a new icon for geotour, but text when long pressing the icon is still wrong. And the geocache description still does not show the geotour icon when it should. And filtering on geotour attributes still does not work.

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Quote from: menion on May 30, 2018, 18:40:52
That's the common use case that complicates Condor's one-click solution and it's the reason, why I prefer log of trackables in the same screen, where you log a cache - so in the same moment.
Or did we miss something @Condor? :)

This is how GSAK is doing it. You edit your logs, tell what to do with each and every TB and at a later stage in time, you send it to groundspeak. It works like a charm.
I understand your way of doing this and I was used to do this when I was on Windows Phone and Maaloo Geocaching. But it was always a hassle to remember everthing. It starts to get complicated when you have 5 or more TBs, drop them in different caches and visit tens or more caches. You have to write down what you do and be sure to do the right thing when home.

I think Menion's approach is good, but a few bugs have to be sorted out.