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Quote from: menion on March 15, 2019, 16:43:51
Last Beta version published.

I am not able to do anything groundspeak related with this version.
I have mentioned it before that I have to refresh the inventory for each found it log I make. Then I was not able to reproduce it, but I was able to record a video of it now. Each time I try to log found it, I have to refresh the inventory.

I have done some testing of the latest version and I haven't found any issues with it  :)
Quote from: menion on February 27, 2019, 14:02:02
@john_percy, @Spartaner
the issue will be fixed in the next version. I've found a method how to specify where will be SVG images cached. So I've set Locus internal directory which is cleaned after app closes. Believe it will be good enough.
hehe oki, but then I'm still unable to simulate it. If in your third step, I choose different cache, app firstly sends this "found" log, then tries to send trackable log and that's all. After closing first error with cancel, no additional "log found it" for the cache is send.

Ah maybe I see it ... you pressed "retry" when this error in logging trackable happen right? Hmm oki, I've fixed it now, hopefully :). Thanks.

Actually, I pressed "discard log" on the trackable error
Quote from: menion on February 27, 2019, 09:00:52
ah ok, so you made some changes directly on the web page. Then what happens in Locus is partially correct in the current system, when Locus use the list of trackables used in the previous log (as do now) without loading always fresh list. I may change this and always load the list of all available trackables ... but does it worth it? It will prevent this error but slow down a little logging system because it will need to download the whole list from

It's not about the message that the trackable cannot be logged. I expected that.

This is all about the error message that Locus is trying to log "found it" twice on the cache.
Quote from: menion on February 26, 2019, 15:19:41
Sorry, but I'm still unable to simulate something like this. May you please write me some steps to follow to simulate this error? I mainly do not know how to get to state when "The Locus inventory list then contain trackables which is not in my Groundspeak inventory".

1. Log a cache online in Locus and make shure you refresh your trackable inventory and log them as visited.
2. Go to and drop one of your trackables in a cache.
3. Log a cache online in Locus and DON'T refresh your inventory before you log your trackables as visited.

Quote from: menion on February 25, 2019, 19:17:49
Locus can't know if there were meanwhile any change in your inventory. That's why it always needs to reload your current fresh data. A big problem in the field? If so, then it may be better to log "visited" in batch over "Logs manager".

And to problem in second post. How did you do that "log a trackable as visited which is not in my posession"? :)

My inventory does not normally change every 5 seconds  :) The problem was that the inventory list wasn't persisted in the app after I refreshed it. But I tried today while walking to the office and was not able to reproduce it. When I refresh my inventory, the list is now properly saved in the app so that I don't have to refresh it again a few seconds later when logging a new cache.

Regarding the second problem, I simply logged a cache as found without refreshing my inventory list. The Locus inventory list then contain trackables which is not in my Groundspeak inventory. When I try to log, I got correctly the error that the trackable could not be logged as visited. I also got this double found it log error.
If I by mistake try to log a trackable as visited which is not in my posession, I am correctly warned about this. But afterwards I get not expected double log error message.

Regarding the last beta version, while logging online and after I have refreshed my inventory, the trackable list is as shown in the first picture.

When I decide to log the second cache, I expect the inventory list to be the same as while logging the first cache, but instead I have to refresh again. The list is shown in the second picture. And it has to be refreshed on each and every found it log. The list is not persistent.

I know I shouldn`t log found it on own caches, but wanted to try. I think Locus Map should catch this error and don`t place the cache in the queue in the log manager. I have not found a way of deleting caches from log manager, but have to mark them as found to get rid of them.
I was sending in houndreds of trackables and tens of found it logs. For every 30 trackables I got an error I could retry, but for every 30 found it log I had no other option than aborting and open log manager and continue.

In both cases I would prefer if Locus Map could slow down so much that this error didn`t happen.
It would be easier if this list was scrollable :-)

Quote from: menion on February 19, 2019, 22:31:48
ah, this helps (two screenshots), thanks! Seems that all trackable logs now needs a text message wrote by user. Not sure why I did not notice before. Anyway, it complicates UI a lot for quick "visited" and "dropped off" logs. Can you (or other active geocachers, @balloni55) imagine some automatic text always inserted into these quick logs?

Like simply for "visited" log insert "visited" and for "dropped off" insert "dropped off"? I know, you will want to configure these texts ... later :).

The second error is also nice, seems even a geocaching server had some problems with it. Why this happens is not clear to me. Did you tried to send the same log again or was this done by Locus itself automatically?

Log trackables from "Logs manager": I've found this as well and also found an issue here with logging. Fixed, thanks.

A quick solution would be to use "visited" and "dropped off" as you suggests.

Regarding the second error, I was only sending this log a single time and the double log was done by the app itself. Has it something to do with the failed trackable log?
I am not able to log trackables from the blue button inside log manager. The window listing the trackables is flashing briefly and closes immediately.

Stig Vidar

I tried to log found it on a cache and also log visited on two trackables. The trackables failed and the app also tried to log found it twice.

If I log the cache without any trackables, it is logged only one time.