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There is small bug in Map overlays.
When I want to select map - all maps are invisible, only active map is visible.
The map is visible only after taping on it.

Declined / Re: using ozi explorer maps in locus
November 30, 2011, 11:13:38
It would be fantastic. Many Locus users have maps in Ozi format (map+jpg, Ozfx2, Ozfx3)
Quotemenion wrote:
if there exist any tool that allow convert from new OZFX3, to older OZFX2 format
There is such tool - OzfConverter, by hnedka from
Last version (1.5) is there:
I think whole topic is worth reading.
Hnedka also made reverse engineering of the ozfx2 and ozfx3 format:

And what about legal issues with map, ozfx2 and ozfx3? I think it is the same situation like with Microsoft format .doc. There are programs (OpenOffice, Libre Office), which can read and save files in those formats although doc is closed and unpublished format.
Try OSM Tiles format instead of Google Map tiles.
The same. Widget don't appears