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Declined / Re: Route and Track
August 06, 2011, 02:26:37
Thanks a lot Menion !

I don't wanna argue with you.  I only want Locus is better.
I understand you mean that a track point and route point  are the same on navigation logic in program.  I think it maybe is right.
But the concept of track and route are basically different.  
I guess you think they don't need to be seperated on gps apps.  I disagree with you -_-

There is a track with trackpoints and points(= waypoints, route points).
I wanna the route navigation reviewing the track.  This means I don't wanna the track navigation and only trackpoints are displayed for reviewing.
For this, I have to create two tracks in Locus. One is the track with only track points and the other is the track with points(=waypoints, route points).
And then, I select the track navigation with points(=waypoints, route points)

We call the track with points in Locus as a route in other apps.  
I think you wanna say that those are not different. So those are called track in Locus.
That means a track can be consist of only waypoints.  Are you agree?  

Most of gps apps. call the track with only points(=waypoints) in Locus as 'Route'
I don't wanna gps terms make us to be confused.

Thanks again for your concern.
I really want Locus is better! ^^
Declined / Re: Route and Track
August 02, 2011, 06:55:39
Thanks Menion!

First, I want to express Locus is a excellent app. and I am a Locus fan^^
I also thought that you had reviewed about 'route categories'.
The Garmin GPSer may makes me  that 'route categories' is necessary.

And then, I want to ask :
1. What do you think why other app. and GPX 1.1 Schema have the route category ?

2. Do you think that the track and route navigation  are same ?  
Generally, a track is consisted of many track points, but a route  has a few route points.
Sometimes I use the track navigation where I go to the steep mountain path at  first, because I am new there.
I often use the route navigation where I explore new route.

3. Have you thought when the gpx data made by Locus is used other apps or the opposite,  the exchange and conversion of the gpx file including 'route'  

Thanks again for your reply!
Declined / Data field on top dashboard
August 02, 2011, 05:03:20
I want to see the data field on map page in Locus

On Garmin Oregon series, the user can select the data field he want to see on map page.
The data field has many data items, for example, bearing, course, distance to next ...

I usually select 2 items on top dashboard on Oregon, Waypoint at next, Distance to next.
They help me to climb the mountain.
Some can select 4 items, Heading, ETA at Next, ETA at Destination, etc. ...
Recently, I noticed that this function is added on Oruxmaps(version 4.0)

Would you give positive consideration to this?
Declined / Route and Track
August 02, 2011, 02:53:33
Concerning about :

Waypoint : wpt represents a waypoint, point of interest, or named feature on a map.
Route : rte represents route - an ordered list of waypoints representing a series of turn points leading to a destination
Track : trk represents a track - an ordered list of points describing a path.

In general, most gps app. deal with waypoints, routes, and tracks.
But, Locus does not have the concept of 'Route'.
In Locus, I think that  the concept of Track are used to be mixed with Route
Frankly speaking, I am very confused with that.

Why don't you add the concept of Route in Locus ?
Before I make the off line world map by MOBAC,
I have not noticed I could not drag the map right and left on the International Date Line (E180.00 or W180.00)
(I also mean I can not drag the map across the Date Line)

Sometimes I can find the map to be fixed just on the Date Line.
So I can not browse the map around the Date Line.
Please check it up.

PS> I really want  Korea vector map  to be added, ASAP.
Other features / Re: which map format USE?
June 11, 2011, 03:57:29
I have a few Garmin maps (*.img) around world.
Is it possible to use those maps on Locus?   Do you have any plan to support Garmin map(*.img)?
I really want to use Garmin  vector map on Android platform.