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FWIW, I used to use a Garmin Rino 530 HCx but, after extensive field trials, has been retired and replaced with Locus Map and a Moto X Play. It has a 3630 mAH battery and a bright, 5.5" FHD display (~403ppi density). I've run Locus Map for over ten hours, in track-recording mode, and the battery capacity dropped <30%.

Perhaps of less interest to cyclists but the phone has also served me well for winter-hiking. The internal battery temperature has been below freezing (reported by Locus Map) but has continued to function nominally for both navigation and photos:

Good luck with your search for the ideal Garmin replacement!

It would be interesting to know what it can do with the screen on all the time, hours wise for navigating. But I guess you could set it up so that the screen only comes on when a turn is coming up in navigation mode. I'm thinking of this within the context of navigation on long bike rides, thereby conserving the battery. Trying to keep all ones devices charged up on a bike tour can be a challenge.

For mounting a phone on the handlebars, I'd recommend Quadlock. I use their universal fit mount (stuck to the back of the phone case) plus their out front mount on the bike.

I have a Sony Z5 compact that claims to be waterproof (IP68 rating). I've never had it out in more than light rain, but it survived that on the handlebars without problem.

That's a really good suggestion. It's a bit more expensive than what I'd want to pay but Sony usually make great phones and the compact I imagine would do the job very well. It hasn't had great reviews on Amazon, not a good sign but maybe by now all those problems have been sorted out by updates.

Yes I've been aware of the quadlock and nearly bought one last year.

... The Otterbox case has a lot of padding, adds a screen protector and claims to be waterproof. ..
I believe the Preserver model was the only waterproof Otterbox case and they stopped making it in 2015 (for iPhone 5/5s). The Defender model is Otterbox's current "extreme protection" case and they do not claim it is waterproof (only dust resistant).

Lifeproof makes waterproof cases (2 meters for 1 hour) for iPhones and many Android phones. I have a Lifeproof FRE for my Moto X Play.

They provide cases for a tiny fraction of Android phones and only for a handful of high end models.

My wife switches from a skinny 'girly' case for her iPhone to a heavy Otterbox case when we go geocaching. The Otterbox case has a lot of padding, adds a screen protector and claims to be waterproof. Just a thought that you might not need to use a different phone, just get a rugged case for when you need it.

Does Locus mapping work on the iphone?

Thinking more along the lines of the Blackview cost wise anyway. Price is an issue and an S8 (£4-500 on ebay) would be far to expensive to use on the handlebars. I could see myself dropping it or worse losing it. So a cheaper robust mobile which I would only use for navigation and would have hardly anything else on it

I'm considering replacing my Garmin with a waterproof mobile phone loaded with locus maps for navigation on my bike. I find too many limiting factors with garmin devices and while Locus is complex it seems to me to be a far better solution.

So can anyone recommend a rugged phone (ideally with a handlebar mount, but that may be asking too much  ;D ) has to be waterproof and is Android of course.

Viajero Perdido has recommended the Blackview BV6000s in a previous post in the helpdesk forums but I'd be interested in hearing from others on here and there suggestions too.

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