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Is this in the Locus documentation?   ::)

Should be, very beneficial  :)

Yea really good information I'll be checking next time I'm out.

Thank you

Thank you for replying.

Yes it does appear very restrictive unlike Scotland but to some extent I can sort of see why but also don't agree with it. Because the people who will abuse i.e. leave extensive trace e.g. raves, substance abuse fuelled parties will always ignore the law no matter what. The vast majority who wild camp I believe are sensible and will leave no trace.

UK ordnance survey maps show open access land (you can wild camp on) and private land (cannot camp on). How do I know this from looking at Lomaps?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Unable to follow track
« on: July 07, 2020, 22:36:21 »
Here is a screenshot of my route last week with a on screen instruction.

Locus gave me this direction as if I was travelling on a road with lanes. Is this normal? Note I'm walking along a path in the countryside.

Still puzzled how voice navigation is sometimes routing me in the opposite direction to what the map is saying.

Yes I also have the same problem on a Honor 8X

Troubles & Questions / Re: Unable to follow track
« on: June 14, 2020, 22:11:19 »
Well finally got out again yesterday and am glad to say I was able to navigate almost successfully. I say almost as something peculiar happened. On certain parts of the route (where there was a change in direction) the voice navigation attempted to send me 180 degrees in the wrong direction contrary to the on-screen navigation route. The route ahead, which I stuck to, was highlighted in blue and the part of the route which I'd covered was plain.
Any idea why voice navigation was trying to send me in the opposite direction to the on screen route ?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Unable to follow track
« on: May 18, 2020, 23:48:34 »
Okay you are right there is a lot to learn and I feel like I've learned a few key points from you when planning routes. I'll be keeping the auto-calculate off for the time being until I feel ready to experiment with point and route.

These settings are for touristic cycling. Away from the track ?  + 36 m shows you the (warning) guiding line,  + 75 m out of track generates an audio WARNING alert,  + 100 m auto triggers autorecalculate ACTION. (if set)  ;)

So is this only available for cycling as I can't see different levels for walking?

Notice the guiding line from your position towards the nearest target trackpoint.  Now manually trigger a recalculation (Route Priority) Locus shows the navigation path toward target.  When located nearer to the finish is toward the last trackpoint.

I will experiment but I assume if I set recalculate to 'point' and convert the 'START' shape point to a Via  and I'm not yet on the planned route (e.g. the route I attached in prev post) and I turn on navigation early then will I be guided to the start?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Unable to follow track
« on: May 18, 2020, 01:49:29 »
What is the source of your round trip navigation design ?
I drew it on the screen with Route Planner using auto mode (hiking), graphHopper was the nav source and use only shape points.
When I start navigation I am in between the start and end point and I am using point priority.

Please see attached screenshots.

In the route planning help documentation it says:
Via points can be created out of shaping points: tap a shaping point and select Change to from the popup label:
What is the benefit of doing this?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Unable to follow track
« on: May 17, 2020, 15:18:39 »
Thank you but my phone is the Honor 8X and have just updated my profile to reflect this. Apologies for the confusion  :P

My biggest concern is the inability to navigate a route I've created in LM. It would be great to get help with this.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Unable to follow track
« on: May 17, 2020, 01:38:43 »
Thank you for replying and I will await your instructions on how I can get Locus maps to navigate the track/route I've created on my phone in Locus maps.  :)

Troubles & Questions / Unable to follow track
« on: May 16, 2020, 17:52:51 »
Feel like I'm slightly losing the will to live. I'm sure we've all been there, you head out on a walk and how you think navigation should work and how the designers have designed the app are diametrically opposed. You spend more time looking at the screen and getting stressed than enjoying the walk and letting go of that stress.

Problem 1:
The lockscreen comes up and insists, ignoring my finger print which BTW always works but not in this app, that I have to tap in my unlock code on this occasion. So now I have to try and find a place in the shade so I can more easily see the screen.

Problem 2:
I've planned a 16Km route following various walking paths on my phone say A to B, almost circular, left a small gap in which I'm positioned/standing. The arrows on the track are pointing A to B. I tap on the track (a blue line on my map) and a dialogue pops up and I chose navigation. On the next screen I chose the Navigation icon and I'm taken to the map telling me to head for my track endpoint  a 100 metres away as the crow flies completely ignoring the track I'd planned!!

So how does this make any sense. I've tapped on a route that's going anti-clockwise and chosen to navigate it but locus is competely ignoring the track. Even if I go into the main menu and try and navigate the track from there it ends up behaving as if the track doesn't exist.

Confused  ???

One other thing Locus help details What is the difference between a route and a track? But then when I create a route in route planner it appears under 'tracks' but Locus states a track provides a record of where you have been, and when. That's downright confusing

Troubles & Questions / Re: Combining tracks
« on: October 18, 2018, 22:16:55 »
Okay think I figured it out. By going into the list of tracks I can choose what tracks to merge together. But my only problem now is that the tracks 35 in all are appearing with their place/town names whereas when I imported the tracks from Google Drive I gave them a file name (gpx file) which determines their order. So my question is how do I view the tracks with their filenames instead?

Troubles & Questions / Combining tracks
« on: October 18, 2018, 21:48:46 »
I'm doing a cycle tour and I've managed to get gps tracks for the whole route, probably about 20 gpx files make up the whole route from A to B. My question is can I combine the whole route/track into a single gpx file.
Hoping this is possible I've got a couple of questions. How will the tracks be sequentially arranged as to my eye it's obvious but to how the software does it do I need to specify anything and do I need to worry about direction of travel?
I've stored all the tracks in a single folder in Locus.

Any help appreciated :)

the Duraforce (4.5"), Duraforce xd (5.7") and Duraforce pro have been very good for me.

here are two mounts I've used on motorcycles doing hard Enduro , that work very very well.

and one that is even better

the Duraforce do not need cases.

The Duraforce reviews on Amazon don't look too good. What's the screen visibility like on sunny days?

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