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@H Ifang
thank you for your ideas regarding UI/UX, you might be right with the less buttons on the screen, we will definitely try to think more about usability in the next versions.

@Peter Jurík
Hello, thank you very much for your quick report on new version. I am glad that it (hopefully) works smoothly and that watch buttons work fine.

Regarding auto-rotate function. It is mainly intended for use with navigation but can be used even without it. This function should rotate the map according to you "movement bearing". There is a small time lag between your actual bearing and displayed map rotation but it should be more or less similar. This function is effectively useless and might be a bit confusing when you just test it at home or just standing at one spot, because it needs some movement to lock your bearing or have the navigation enabled to at least use your expected route bearing/heading as your current bearing.
@H Ifang hello,
no reason to be sorry at all, on the contrary I am sorry for your bad experience and would like to thank you for your time writing this feedback.
Regarding accidental button presses with wet or sweated clothes, don't you also have this problem with other applications? For example Strava or Runtastic are also using normal buttons or press areas on their tracking screen. I must admit though that these buttons are often smaller or located near the bottom of the screen which might result in less "false" touches to the screen.
Fonts on the track recording screen might be a bit small at the moment, I can image that on smaller screens 2x2 layout might be too much. Noted.
Now concerning the ambient mode. The watch should actually get updates at the same period as in normal mode, communication is not throttled in anyway, at least not in the application itself. This seems more like and issue with the Phone and Wear for Locus Map phone application. Some power saving feature of the phone could be the problem. I will definitely try to look into it.
Ano, momentálně je to tak, GPS poběží úplně stejně bez ohledu na nastavený interval.
Dobrý den,
pokud je spuštěná funkce Live tracking, tak se GPS nevypíná a to bez ohledu na interval odesílání polohy a nastavení "vypnout GPS pokud je skrytá". K periodickému zapínání/vypínání a GPS FIXu by tak nemělo docházet.
@H Ifang
Hello, the 4-element mini dashboard is currently not configurable, but we plan to extend it and allow the configuration in the future.
The bluetooth energy requirements are actually not that bad depending on the usage and assuming your phone has Bluetooth 4.0 or newer. I would actually expect only a couple of percents of a phone battery used by bluetooth, but again it depends on your specific usage. Of course keeping Wear for Locus Map visible on the watch all the time will indeed keep communication between the phone and the watch on and with the screen also on, even if dimmed, will drain the watch battery quite fast. My personal opinion is that for hiking and/or running disabling the ambient mode (i.e. "always-on screen") might be preferable if you are concerned about battery life.
Sony SmartWatch3 is not Android Wear watch, but it might by supported by a different add-on which Menion made, but I would have to ask. Anyway we would like to concentrate our support to Android Wear for now, so for Locus I would recommend Android Wear instead.

Sorry, my mistake. Menion pointed out that Sony SmartWatch3 is running Android Wear actually. I checked our device compatibility list and Sony SmartWatch3 should be supported by the Wear for Locus Map add-on.

Maybe please start another topic here at the forum if you want to recommend some watch by other users.

You can find some AW watch here
or here

Android Wear tends to be a bit more expensive than the watch you have posted unfortunately. Depending on your region, these AW watches might be quite affordable - Moto 360 2gen, LG Watch Sport, Huawei Watch 2, Asus ZenWatch 3 (not so much outdoor/fitness)
But there are many other, please see links above and feel free to start a new topic to get some more recommendations from other users.
I can confirm that all watches running Android Wear should be supported. The add-on is currently intended as a companion app to the Locus Map running on the phone so there are no special HW requirements for the watch. Support of HW buttons and "rotating side button" is planned.
Hello guys,
I have just published version 1.0.0 of the add-on. Again no new features but this should be really stable release and is intended to be used with the last Locus Map v3.28.0.
We plan to start gradually adding some new features now that the add-on is (hopefully) stable enough.

Please if you will have any problems with the add-on and you use Locus Map v3.28.0 then I will be glad if you report it here or since it is no longer beta you can also report it as usual to our help desk

If you really want some new feature and you will find the time please add it as usual as an idea to our help desk so that others could vote and we could see which features would be preferred.

Finally feel free to continue this thread or even start a new thread here at the forum if you have any general feedback and/or interesting topic regarding wear add-on which you would want to discuss :)

Hope you will find the add-on useful and will enjoy using it during your outdoor activities :)
@skwal I have sent you a PM regarding the bug

Anyway, new beta version doesn't really bring any new features, it's mostly some bug fixes and optimalizations and small UI changes. There will still be some issues until new version of Locus Map comes out. But all in all I would say the add-on is almost ready for release and we plan to keep working on it gradually adding new features and improvements in the next months.
that is odd. And the map was in the ambient mode and zoom buttons were hidden? Because in ambient mode the touch screen should be disabled and the app should be woken up from the ambient first (by button/wrist gesture etc.) It would explain why application seemed unresponsive - swipe to dismiss the application should have not been working either though. Not receiving updates to the map is definitely a bug.

@Peter Jurík
thanks for a description of the problem, something is definitely wrong, will look into it.
@Peter Jurík,
could you please describe the problem with the map getting stuck a bit more? From my testing I see that map either goes to ambient mode after a while and keeps receiving updates or, if ambient is disabled, the watch goes to sleep and then after wake up application starts again and returns to track recording screen by default (right now it should not remember that map was actually opened previously). Do you use ambient mode (darkened screen/inverted map) or does your watch really return to map screen after wake up automatically?
Standalone function will not be supported in this version. What would you expect from standalone application? Would basic track recording functionality be enough?

thank you for testing. The navigation drawer should really be more advertised, we will try to make it more clear that it is there.
Autorotation of the map is currently disabled for the watch, but thanks for lettting us know, that you would be interested in this feature.

you are welcome :) We will let the navigation drawer peek for a little while every time any screen is shown to remind users that it is there. Thinking of adding some kind of intro/tutorial screen in the future.
Ok guys, I see there are some usability problems, so I would be really glad to know your opinion on

  • Inverted map in ambient mode - probably just get rid of it completely. Only the zoom buttons would hide and navigation bar would turn black&white to notify about ambient mode and map would stay the same?
  • Do you like/dislike navigation drawer as a menu? Do you have any problem with it? E.g. didn't notice it was there at first, or is difficult to open?
  • Main menu/navigation drawer - navigation drawer seems a bit confusing. Would you rather prefer some sort of main menu that was implemented previously? Maybe with an improvement that the app would open to the last screen you have visited last time so that you wouldn't have to go through the main menu every time you open the app?

Or if you have some other idea on how you would like the app to behave then please let me also know :) Thank you

P.S. skwal thanks for the test. I definitely see your problems with inverted map.
Hello Carsten54,
waypoint message should not get stuck, definitely a bug. Thank you for reporting this, I will try to fix it in the next version.
Map is accessible form the navigation drawer which should pop up when you swipe downwards from the very top of the screen. The drawer also opens the first time you open the app, but I see this is also somewhat confusing :/
Hello Peter,
thanks for the tip to support HW buttons for zoom function, this feature is really not implemented yet.

Could you please explain what do you mean by that you are missing navigation by gpx from application? The watch should simply receive navigation information from the phone app, so if you set up your navigation in Locus Map you should also automatically see navigation information on the map screen on the watch.

And what is your problem with reaching the menu? Navigation drawer should open when you swipe downwards from the very top of the screen. It doesn't work on map screen?
Hello, thank you for such a quick feedback :)
Regarding the inverted map - yes it is intended, do you find it confusing?

When the backlight switches off the watch enters "ambient mode" and the controls should be disabled in this mode (i.e. zoom function of the map should not work in this mode). Same for track recording - screen goes black&white and controls disappear to let the user know, that the watch is in the ambient mode. The communication with the mobile phone stays on though and the screen refreshes regularly so there is still significant drain on battery even in this mode.

We could disable this feature but I think it is somehow customary to simplify the UI in ambient mode and go black&white or dark pallete when in this mode. But the whole point was for the app to be less confusing and let the user know of the switch to ambient so this feature is still up for a discussion.