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@skwal Hello,
thanks for your feedback about usage and mainly battery life, 10 hours is an excellent result on SW3 I think.

I am not sure that I understand your problem with running app when you close Locus on the phone. Is Wear for Locus Map still running on the watch? Does Locus Map stop running eventually if you turn off Locus Map and then turn off Wear for Locus Map on the watch?
But I can confirm that if you turn off Locus Map on the phone while having Wear for Locus Map opened on the watch then Locus Map will just restart on the background because the watch still requests its services, that is the designed behavior.
Would you like maybe to have some dialog popup in the Locus Map saying that the watch is still connected and whether it should force kill the connection and then terminate Locus Map itself or something like that?
Zuallererst löst das manuell Backup keinen Upload in die Cloud aus, sondern nur das automatisch Backup tut es.
Das automatisch Backup wird einige Zeit nach dem Datum / Zeitpunkt das nächste Backup und nicht sofort fortgesetzt. Das Problem könnte auch sein, dass das Standardverhalten des Backups ist nur dann hochzuladen, wenn WiFi verfügbar ist. Dies ist normalerweise bei Mobilfunkdaten verboten.
Könnten Sie auch überprüfen, ob das automatisch Backup zumindest lokal in den Ordner Locus/backup/auto generiert wurde? Es wäre gut zu wissen, ob sogar eine lokale Sicherung fehlgeschlagen ist oder ob es nur ein Cloud-Upload ist, der nicht funktioniert.
@Jorge Amaya Hello,
I doubt you would find a smartwatch that could work as external GPS source for Locus Map. The support for external GPS is quite old and is only intended for some proprietary external GPS receivers with Bluetooth.
Zhephir and Polar connection is only intended for HRM bands and/or chest straps also not smartwatch.

Suunto Traverse Alpha seems to have really nice GPS battery life, but the support for the watch would be quite difficult to add. Sorry :(

Have you tried setting up GPS auto-off mode in Locus Map and playing with its settings? That could help you achieve better battery life while losing some precision. Could be helpful to you if you are using it mainly to track while on foot.
@H Ifang
Switching between screens or screen/menu on button click is a good idea. Moving the map forward on button click is a little bit more specific. Honestly ideal solution would be to make the buttons configurable, so that's probably something I would like to implement in the future.
@H Ifang Hello,
yes we have planned another update for the watch but there are some more important issues right now, so as you say, at least temporarily the wear development has lower priority but we still want to add some features to the wear add-on to make it truly helpful and usable.
I am glad the screen lock function helped you. It should be available by default in the top drop-down system menu, but personally I find it not very comfortable to use. But with wet display I guess there is no other choice then locking the touch.
As for HW button support it should already be implemented. The turning button should actually work exactly as you described. Other buttons function depends on your physical button configuration specific for your device type. Do turning button and other buttons do nothing for you?
Online status is currently missing, we should definitely add it.

There are no audio/vibration notifications about unread messages, but we also plan to add these. But you should be able to at least see the number of unread messages in the notification area in Live Tracking notification description.
Hello, yes, currently with Wear for Locus Map the watch has to be connected to the phone to work and it uses the phone's GPS. But generally some other applications can also run without a phone possible with limited functionality synchronizing data later when the phone is available.
Expected battery life can vary greatly but basically the watch will be the issue not the phone. With "Screen always on" setting disabled on the watch Locus application will only connect and display data when the display is turned on. With this setting enabled the screen, although dimmed, will stay on and the application will stay connected which, depending on your watch, can drain the battery in a couple of hours. Generally Android Wear watch will probably not make it through more than 2-3 days without charging, even when they are just lying on the table with screen off. And even with light usage it is normal to charge AW watch every day.
Navigation directions are shown on the map screen, distance to point is drawn directly on the map. Beeper and/or vibration is not supported at the moment.
@gynta Hallo,
wenn es so ist, könntest Du bitte "Buddy Tracking" durch Live Tracking oder Livetracking auf Crowdin ersetzen? Ich habe also bemerkt, dass auf Locus Map Wiki Live Tracking Funktion schon nur wie "Live Tracking" übersetzt wird.
ich arbeite jetzt an Locus Live Tracking Funktion und ich habe bemerkt, dass Live Tracking als Buddy Tracking in Deutsch übersetzt wird. Ich denke, dass es besser würde, wenn Live Tracking nicht übersetzt würde und in der Applikation nur wie Live Tracking gennant würde. Oder ist es besser Live Tracking wie Buddy Tracking für Deutschmuttersprachler zu nennen?

Vielen Dank,
Super, thanks for the test :) Glad to hear that the auto-rotation is usable and working.
oh, sorry about the red cross, that should not be there when auto-centered. Should be fixed in about 2 weeks when new Locus Map version comes out.

The cinema mode is problematic, I can't reproduce the bug at all, might be specific for Sony SW3. I suspect it is again more of an Android Wear 1.x problem, but when tested on my old Moto 360 the cinema mode is working as expected - the screen just stays off until I press the power button again.
@Wolli @skwal
Really thanks for the help guys. The fix version 1.1.1 which should fix your problem is out now and should be available within a couple of hours on Google Play.
Please let me know if there are any other problems with this version or if it solved your problem.
Have a nice day
Danke für die Beschreibung des Problems und für das Video. Est ist nicht mehr nötig die Vorgängerversionen zu testen, weil Ich den Fehler in der neuen Version von Wear for Locus Map jetzt gefunden habe.
Ich werde den Fehler heute beheben, vielen Dank für die Hilfe!

Bug found in the new version on Android Wear 1.x, working to fix this right now.
@Wolli @skwal
Ok, thank you for the report. So reinstall didn't help and there is a message that Locus Map has ended right after you start the application on the watch, right? Any similar message on the phone when you try to start the watch app - that Locus Map or Wear for Locus Map has ended?
Hello, I am very sory to hear that. I can't see any report about the error in our console yet. Please make sure your phone is connected to wifi or cellular data and try again and I should hopefully receive an error report which could help me fix it.
Other than that I have one report that Sony Smartwatch 3 is working with new version. So maybe you could try uninstall both device and watch part of the add-on and try to install it again if it helps. Sorry for the inconvenience.