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Hello guys,
the new and hopefully final beta version 1.1.5 of the add-on is out. HRM should be finally fixed. You can uninstall the LM Free beta version it should now work even with production LM Pro version 3.32.2.
This is also a release candidate version of the add-on so if no more serious bugs are discovered, this version will go public in the next week (after rebuilding with new translations and disabled debugging to save battery.)

And again let me thank you all for your help and suggestions!

@fera @Danjel Rojka
Please test HRM normally, no debugging hopefully needed this time :)

@H Ifang
I have implemented version mismatch detection between phone and watch part of the add-on as per your suggestion.
I have also tried to fix that fake short press detection during screen switch.
Dashboard screen position still not remembered, but marked to be implemented in the following version after this release (don't really have more time/budget to implement more features to this release, sorry :/ )
Das war super schnell. Vielen Dank!
nutzt hier jemand das Add-on "Wear for Locus Map"? Wir planen ein neues Update mit neuen Features und es würde uns wirklich helfen, wenn jemand neue Texte in Crowdin ins Deutsche übersetzen könnte.
Also, wenn Sie Zeit haben und mit diesem Add-on helfen wollen, bitte helfen Sie :) Es wäre sehr geschätzt.

Danke, Milan
well in theory I think it is possible to override that button but I think I have read in the documentation that you are just not supposed to even try that at anytime and under any circumstances.
I mean if an application got stuck, swipe-to-dismiss gesture would malfunction and the power button was overridden then you would have to probably wait until your watch shuts down by insufficient battery to be able to restart the watch.
So no unfortunately, this is something that will certainly not appear in our code.

P.S. That said the whole Wear add-on is currently open-sourced so practically anybody can hack whatever they want and run it on their watch :)
Thank you very much for your log reports I think I have finally found the bug. I was sending the HRM data between phone add-on part and LM in an incorrect way which in some Android 8.0+ devices might result in the data being lost quietly within the Android OS never arriving to the LM.
Quite a dumb but hard to spot mistake to be honest so thank you guys a lot for testing and bearing with me :) Next update should hopefully solve the issue, I will let you know when it is out.

@H Ifang
Ok, thanks for the report. I will look into it, short button press should not be called after the long press. I haven't noticed the issue but I will try to simulate.
Track recording dashboard page should probably be remembered. Good point a bit tricky though because the watch app has no notion of track recording session but I think some reasonable implementation could be done.
another beta version 1.1.4 is out and we are still continuing our attempts to debug HRM feature.
This time is a bit more complex but it would really help us to find the problem since this time we are monitoring the data across wear&device addon and within Locus Map itself. So if you are willing to help please follow these steps:
1. Download and install this private Beta version of LM Free
2. Update your Wear addon on both device and watch.
3. Make sure the Locus Map Pro is turned off completely (not running in the background) and then run LM Free beta version.
4. Again enable debug mode on the watch and start the track recording. Checkout HRM debug output - there is now a sixth (i.e. the last)value which indicates how many seconds have elapsed since the HR data was last sent to the phone. This last number should always be less than 6 seconds.
5. Make sure you have GPS fix and just let the track recording work while having the watch on your wrist for at least a minute or two. (Formally it is enough to wait just until the first debug value(accuracy) reaches 0 or more and the last value is less than 6 (seconds after last data sync) which should all happen within 5 to 15 seconds after recording start)
6. After your track recording is done and when you have the time, copy (and zip ideally) all the logs in folder \Locus\logs directly in your phone internal storage or SD card and send them to me via email at or upload them to any cloud/storage you might be accustomed to use and share the link with me.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I hope this one will help us find the bug because there is probably not more logging that Menion and I could do :)

@H Ifang
I am not sure if there are any 4 button Wear OS watch actually, but this configuration is formally supported by the OS so we support it as well. Anyway the screen switch should now be mapped to the 3rd button long press, please try if it works as expected.
@fera @Danjel Rojka
Ok, thanks for confirmation, it is a mystery then :)
Last versions of both LM Pro and Free should be fine. We will work on the next update together with Menion to get some more logs out of LM to try to find the cause now that we know that watch sensor input is most probably not the issue.
Thank you for testing and patience, I will definitely let you know when the next version is out.
@fera @Danjel Rojka
Thank you for your reports guys.
One other thing, can you also confirm, that you had a GPS signal while testing HRM? Menion pointed out, that without GPS signal track recording does not work properly and HRM stays at zero until GPS signal is acquired. This is unfortunately a limitation of Locus Map.

Also I have discussed other paired BT/ANT HRM devices and they should have no affect until they start to send some measured data, so other paired devices should not cause this.
Hello Danjel,
thank you for the data, this is very helpful. Basically your screenshot says
2 = medium sensor accuracy (3 is the highest)
64 = your BPM
4 = last sensor reading before 4 seconds
The last two numbers mean that the value of 64 BPM was accepted for synchronization with Locus before 4 seconds.
I will have yet to prepare another debug version, I was focusing on the wrong area - I thought that the sensor reading was the problem but the synchronization seems to actually be the problem. I honestly don't understand where the problem could be, I also use this with Locus Map 3.32.2.

One thing though. Do you by any chance have other HRM devies configured in Locus Map via Ant or BT manager?

Thank you again and have a nice weekend
Hello guys,
new beta is out. Thank you for all the feedback and testing you have done so far.
I have tried to fix the HRM issues but could not find any reason why it should not work at least according to the documentation and it unfortunately works flawlessly on my Huawei Watch 2. HRM works kind of unpredictably on old Moto 360 but then other apps seem to have trouble too so maybe it is some kind of device problem. Anyway I did some poking around the code, upgraded libraries etc. so please give it a one more try.

@fera @Danjel Rojka
Could you please try it once more with new beta? If things still don't work then please try to uninstall the Wear for Locus Map app, restarting the watch and then reinstalling the app. If it still does not work, could you please enable debug mode and check out HRM debug values? To enabled tap 6 times to the watch on the top of menu drawer (message shoud appear). Then you can choose new HRM(debug only) value in the dashboard (see the included printscreens).
It prints out following information codes
(accuracy):HR:last update before (s) / Locus HR value:last update before (s)
For HR to work the accuracy must be in range 0-3, HR value must be 25 or more and updates should keep coming every 1 - 2 seconds (so third value should be 0 - 2 s). Only after that the Locus HR value can be synchronized.

@H Ifang
Thanks for lots of feedback and tips. Forgetting to update the device part of the add-on is inconvenient. It is unfortunately a property of Android, that the two application are not allowed to communicate when they have different versions. I will try to look into it if I could detect it somehow before attempting to communicate with the add-on itself.
Switching screens by a button is a good idea. I have implemented and tested this feature in the new beta but it is hardcoded to the long press of third user button (ie. 4 button watch configuration) and I now see you have "only" two user buttons and rotary button. Sorry for that, I will probably map it to the 2nd button long press action for the next release.
Anyway user configuration would be the best solution but don't know if such relatively complicated thing could be done on the watch or if it would require phone configuration UI (mapping actions to buttons for each screen on small watch screen could be very confusing and exhausting :/ )
Also button auto-configuration algorithm cannot detect if your watch has rotary input button yet, so for now the rotary input is set the same for everyone and user button detection does not reflect this so this is why you see duplicate actions on your buttons and rotary input and why this is somewhat confusing.
@Danjel Rojka
So HRM is not working? :/ Can you confirm that the service is running on the watch while track recording is active? (Permanent notification should be in your watch notification area saying that the HR is running due to track recording).
Do you use latest versions of Locus Map and Wear for Locus Map apps on the phone?
Could you try running some other heart rate measuring app at the same time to see that the HR is really recorded by the watch?
And by the way, what watch are you using?

Hello guys,
a new beta version 1.1.2 of Wear for Locus Map has just been released.

If someone here wishes to test it and is not yet registered as a beta tester you can opt-in to become one via this link.

The version fixes some problems with swiping/scrolling in the track recording dashboard and also adds:

- heart rate measurement (and online HRM synchronization with LM) during track recording
- configurable values/statistics in track recording dashboard
- custom waypoint naming when adding new waypoint

Any testing and feedback is very welcome :)

Have a nice day,
Hello, I've sent you my email via PM. Alternatively you could submit a new ticket at our Locus help desk and attach the file there. Thank you.
Hello guys,
has anyone tried out the new Live tracking configuration/profile setup wizard that is started when you click on plus icon on the main live tracking screen? The setup wizard is currently only available in beta but I would like to know if you have any comments or feedback about this new LT profile setup style. Is it an improvement or an even bigger mess than before? :)

Are you using beta? Which Android version do you use? Is Locus Map like completely frozen? Any chance of getting a bug report when this happens? :) Thanks
Tools / Re: Live Tracking and Nextcloud
June 27, 2018, 16:16:08
Hi Mike,
I can't help you unfortunately. Couldn't really find any OpenGts documentation about their API and expected format or format configuration. Custom Live tracking works with various other solutions, most notably GPSies, so maybe compare their API to your current configuration/API of OpenGts server.
You could also try to catch HTTP messages that are exchanged between your service and possibly compare them to the messages exchanged with GPSies service, With these massages/requests captured you would probably see the difference immediately.
Locus is sending lat/lon as double precision floating point numbers (IEEE 754), maybe your service expects some kind of integer/long encoding or some custom/proprietary format. Really hard to say without digging deeper to the service.
Please let me know what the problem was if you find the solution.

Best Regards