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Thanks for your help. Playing around a bit more with it I discovered that it was not a matter of clicking on the map name but one had to actually click on the tick box to re-select the map. I see how it's working now. Cheers - and thanks for a great app!
It doesn't appear to work that way for me.

1. I view an offline map
2. I go to the settings and then click ONLINE; I select GOOGLE CLASSIC and go to the main screen and see GOOGLE CLASSIC online.
3. I change to an offline map.
4. I go to the settings and then click ONLINE; now, if I leave it at GOOGLE CLASSIC then when I go to the main screen it shows the offline map; the only way to see an online map is to change GOOGLE CLASSIC to another map (e.g. google terrain); then when I got to the main screen it shows the new map.

Am I missing something here?
That's strange. The only way this works is if I go to the Online tab and change the map type (e.g. from Google to MapQuest) and then it loads. There's no way to have a default map all the time.

But this works so I'll stick with it and change when necessary. Thanks for your help.
Perfect. Next question - I'm looking at a downloaded map; how do I go back to the online map? I'm pressing buttons like mad here and can't find it! I guess I should look for the manual, but... :)
It's probably a setting I'm getting wrong here, but every time I zoom on a distant location (i.e. not where I am now) after a couple of zoom steps it flips straight back to my GPS position and I lose where I was.

What can I do to make the app ignore my GPS location when I'm looking at a map for another location?