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@menion, some small ideas:
When I in Track Editor and press to any point, point menu is shown. The most used action is track modifying (Insert/edit trackpoint), so you may enable editing mode by long press to pencil. And also in top point info with (i) sign, you can show Details on long press. Also, why you disabled long press on "delete point" action to clear route?
In point detail screen it would be useful to have left/right swipes for showing next/previous point.
@menion, look attachment
In last version if I  open "Nearest points" and some categories have long names (e.g. MySuperPoints), than I didn't see direction and distance to points of those categories.
@menion, can you add possibility to switch between Audio Coach (and disable it) thorough Quick settings or functional panel? My recording profile has training auto-start enabled, and sometimes I want to mute audio coach.
And as you mentioned in help desk theme "Audio coach Quickstart button"
Quotecan't imagine, how this feature should work without active track recording. This "audio coach" simply notify on changes in recorded track
than I have a small problem. When I record my walk to home with AC, and on my route I'm goes to shop, I'm stopping track recording, and after shop I'm resuming it. Track statistics says that my average speed is correct (Recorded_Distance / Recording_Time), but AC calculates average speed as Total_Distance / Total_Time, i.e. it is takes into account time spent in the shop, and underrate my speed  :(
I have problem like @joeloc, with language switching, and I have MIUI too. For me language switches after I  closing Locus by system.
In beta I have small problem: open point details -> share -> Other map apps and it says "Application for selected feature is missing in your device", but Pro shows many apps.
Two small suggestions:
1. in Point details -> Navigation I see some application, that I'm not using, but my favorite applications is under "Navigation maps" menu, so can you dynamically to show in that list some of last used applications, rather than predefined list?
2. In Point menu I have "Navigate to", but can you add another item like "Navigate to via last selected navigation application", like Waze? It is useful because I'm using Locus as great POI manager and in many city trips it is better to use external navigation that takes traffic jams into account, instead of BRouter/MapQuest/GraphHopper, Yes, Locus is offroad application, but to "offroad" I must havigate  thorough cities
Quote from: menion on July 26, 2017, 11:18:40
Why this? Please explain me some use-case, because I can't imagine why should I cut part of track without need to save it.
When cutting part of track I didn't see the final track shape, so for me it is better to have ability to discard all editing of track. Or in "modify track" mode I can delete point with top "Point tools menu" with additional question "delete Yes/No" that places over track but can't restore point deleted by accident.
After splitting tracks they have modification date set to 1970 year (but named with the current date).
After splitting M shaped track by center point, I've merged two tracks back with "merge with gaps enabled" and third segment is lost (with interesting effect, try it) :(, without gaps option or with little change points position all becomes ok
@menion, yes, I see them. I think there are must be option in three dot menu to close  "modify track" mode without saving data, sometime I want just to play with track shape, no to save it.
Another two issues with "Modify track" mode:
1. I have five point track, I select the third point, when I select "remove all before" Locus says that it will remove points 1-2, thats correct, but it highlights only one track segment between points 1 and 2 (that's NOT correct), and after I hit OK it removes point 1 and 2 and two track segments (that's correct). The same with "remove all after".
2. I have track with two overlapped points (almost exactly, so zoom wouldn't help), and there is not possible to delete these points, or to move them. See screen
@menion, my problem with erratic points movement has gone in last beta.
Some operations like "remove part of a track" or "remove before/after" hasn't ability to undo or simply cancel oration result without saving
QuoteShould be in log also something around problem in "moving between points"? Because I see nothing in log around this problem.
Yes it should. I have send you another report with video
@menion, no, GPS is disabled, zoom is not changing. The old "Edit edit on map" moves map exactly in correct position. If you will add some debug messages/logs I'll may try to help you with catching this problem
@menion, new beta is somewhat buggy  :) I can't create new point because Locus is crashing. Locus pro working correctly, so problem is not in database. In route planner moving from point to point is not always positioned on point exactly (it was the same in previous betas). In new version moving around start/end point sometimes disabling navigation arrows, look at video
Right now I've got new beta ( and found small bug on new route editor: I have five points 1-2-3-4-5, when I've deleted point 2, the current point jumps to point 4, rather than to 3. New route editor far more comfortable, than previous - it needs less clicks and has more cute interface.
I have feature request for route editing - support Undo, please