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it would be awesome if there is a legal way in locus to use the BEV (best solution would be to get the Alpenverein maps where they are available since they are real 1:25000) maps.

There other apps, i.e. apemap or alpenvereinaktiv, which are capable of using AV maps but i'm an long term user and absolute fan of loucs for all of my activities and i'dont want to switch to another app just because of the maps.

Quote from: voldapet on June 04, 2021, 13:27:20
BTW: are OK50 maps better than KOMPASS maps?

I would say yes. of course this is always somehow subjective. Another point is, that i'm very used to the layout of the maps of Alpenverein (the same as BEV) due to trainings etc. and i find it very uncomfortable to use another layout ;)

I'm looking forward to have the opinion of BEV maps in locus.
greets from austria

is there the possibility to get the maps of the alpenverein or the oek50 (1:50000) online maps of into the shop. so one can purchase and use them from within locus?

thank you for your help
greeets from austria

Hi menion,

thx for the quick answer. I love locus. It's my companion on nearly all my outdoor activities.

Since the maps of Alpenverein are by far the best topographical maps in austria its really a pity that i can not use them in my beloved locus...

Greets from austria
hello there,

is there somehow a possibility to use purchased maps from the austrian Alpenverein ( with locus?

thank you for your help
greets peter


i have a garmin ANT+ stride sensor paired with locus on my android phone.

currently i'd like to show the running cadense on my wear os watch. but i can only set the average cadence. on the phone screen i can set the cadence of the sensor. but its not possible on the wear os screen.

can someone help me with configuring the watch screens? or is this simply not possible to display in the wear os app?

thank you for your help
greets peter