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Troubles & Questions / Re: Route planer - how tobplan a round trip
« on: September 05, 2021, 10:44:48 »
@ Freischneider: that's how I'm doing at this moment. But the disadvantgas is: if I add after the already added end point a further point then this one will become my new end point. You can imagine that of you adf several additinal waypoints after the end point the manual works starts :-(

I hoped that there is a simplier solution.

One exampel from other routeplanners: by adding a new waypoint the waypoint is dded to the closest point of the already existimg route - and not always to the end. Maybe this can be an option in the future?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Route planer - how tobplan a round trip
« on: September 04, 2021, 20:14:57 »
Thanks for your answer. But I do not want a suggestion for a round trip. This is the only option that I've got in this menu that comes close to my request.

I want to plan each point individual. But by adding new waypoints the latest added waypoint is always also my endpoint. By doing this I have some disadvabtages that I'd like to avoid by planing directly a round trip

Troubles & Questions / Route planer - how tobplan a round trip
« on: September 04, 2021, 15:53:48 »

how can I create a round trip in the route planer? I want to select a point where the route starts and ends.

Sounds so easy but I do not find the option. :-(

Thanks for your support.


Maybe you can explain in some words how it than works. Because the solutiin in the video isbdifferent to the one I know from LM4 (see my pictures)


But how to add a waypoint to a already started navigation so that the existing navigation will be only recalculated with the added waypoint?
@ Davidos.
If I understand you correctly next as shown in video is what you do expect also Locus to offer you ?

Active Navigation Screen shown:

Demo by app.  Fast replanning  by set or an extra Shaping or Via Point. (Both can be given free name)
By snap to street Shaping Point here a U-turn is created. Announcement by the U-turn command.
By snap to street Via Point here a U-turn is created. Announcement is by Via (name) and the U-turn command.

Yes, exactly what I mean. Is this feature already part of LM4 or is it planned?

Hi Menion,

you describe exectly what I did. But the result is not the one I'm looking for. The following 2 pictures should make it more understandable

1. The original track that I started for navigation --> 66,2 km
2. The added waypoint stops the navigation and starts a new one. The new navigation is directly to the new added waypoint and back

I only find a way to start a new navigation. But how to add a waypoint to a already started navigation so that the existing navigation will be only recalculated with the added waypoint?

Discussion/New features / Re: LM4 - change of waypoints
« on: April 11, 2021, 20:02:02 »
Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh. Great !!!

Thx for the feature and your support!


Discussion/New features / LM4 - change of waypoints
« on: April 10, 2021, 15:26:08 »

planning a route in LM4 is much better than before. Really great job! I'm just missing one feature: to change the sequence of the waypoints.

How to do that or is this feature planed?




how can I add a waypoint to an existing and already started navigation? My case: I started already a gpx file and that navigates me. During that navigation I'd like to add an additional waypoint.

Is this feature already available or planed?




I have the same problem. I want to integrate a new waypoint into the existing navigation. This manual described way is very unconfortable and have several disadvantages.



Troubles & Questions / Navigation - add point + recalculation
« on: August 08, 2020, 06:23:03 »

I would say I tried nearly everything but no success. I use imported GPX-files for navigation. My problem:

I can't find the option to add a new waypoint during the navigation.

Thanks a lot for your support.



Troubles & Questions / Visibility of track during navigation
« on: June 23, 2020, 13:09:26 »

during the navigation I can see only the rest of my track. All parts of the track that are behind me are not shown in the map any more. Sometimes I change my way during navigation a bit but this can lead to the effect that some psrts of the track are not displayed any more although I need tham.

Is there an option that during navigation the track is always shown in the map?

Thanks and best regards


Hallo zusammen, der Routenplaner ist super. Eine Funktion finde ich nicht oder es gibt sie nicht: wie kann ich die Reihenfolge derZwischenziele ändern?

Anwendungsfall: ich habe eine Route geplant mit 10 Zwischenzielen und stelle dann fest, dass ich ein Zwischenziel gern zu einem früheren oder späteren Zeitpunkt in der Route anfahren möchte. Wäre super, wenn mir einer hilft und sagt, wo ich die Funktion finde.

Danke und viele Grüße, David

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