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Maps / Re: online maps IGN trouble
April 17, 2023, 16:09:24
Thank's for reply
I would like to be a beta tester but L did not succeed to do it in Google playstore : do you get a direct link from my chromebook to do it ?
best regards.
Maps / online maps IGN trouble
April 17, 2023, 13:59:05
I order IGN online map and I get it available on my smartphone (Android)

But if I want to get it on my Chromebook (Asus), I get an error popup message : see attached file

Locusmaps on Android smartphone and Chromebook get thes same login/password.

What must I do to get IGN online on my Chromebook ?

Thank's in advance for your help.
Hardware / locusmaps watch
April 15, 2023, 12:21:32
where can we find some technical info about the choice of a cheap watch which works correctly with Locus Maps ?
thank's in advance for your reply.
Regards - Emmanuel
Hi Menion,
i delete files in the directory of my phone ... and now it is ok !
thank's for your reply (I am not an expert !)
Hi Menion,
the message is still displayed each time I start Locus on my phone !
How can I suppress this crazy message ? (I did not understand what you mean when you write : "please double check that on this path" !)
best regards
Troubles & Questions / Re: error messge import map
September 24, 2022, 21:42:04
Hi Menion,

I connect it to my desktop computer and find 2 files :
- paris_Z9.....sqlite
- paris _Z9....sqlitedb-journal (see attached file)

I delete these 2 files
I stop the smartphone
I restart the smartphone
and I get the same results !!!!
Do you see anay other thing to do ?
Best regards.
Troubles & Questions / error messge import map
September 13, 2022, 09:17:08

Each time I start Locuspro I get a pop up screen telling me that he can't select a deleted map (map that I had previously loaded and then deleted) ! (see attached screeenshot.You cannot view this attachment.

How can I clean this ?

Thank's in adavance
bets regards.
thank's very much  :)
Hi, I get a long trace drawn manually (with an unknow software : see attached file) and I want to modify with "automatic mode" of "route planning"(with GRAPHhopper API) : how can I do it easily in Locus Pro ? (and how to  verify the parts which are not correct in "automatic mode ")?
Thank's for your help  ;)
The problem is solved with downloading the new elevation file : thank's for your reply
Emmanuel :)
about : "What settings did you use for the altitudes in the locus and do you use the srtm data ?"

I am sorry, but I never parameter anything about altitude, and I don't know where to verify this srtm data ??
I create more than 50 traces with locus pro in France and I never get any trouble; my first problem comes when I create a trace in Italy.
When I write "create a trace", it means to create with "Route planning" before walking ...
where can I find some info about it ?
Thank's for your help.
Hi Michael,
Thanks for your quick reply.
No I don't record NMEA file !
I just come back at home yesterday and make 2 simple traces (see attached files)

  • one is created with locus pro
  • the other with gpsies
You will see the big difference between them about altitude ! (and the right one is thes gpsies, for I walk there !)
Best regards
I was in Italy last week and I made a gpx trace in "auto mode".(see attached file)
The trace is correct but the altitude was incorrect : do you see any reason ? (the total positive elevation is about 30 times too high ... , as if it was generated in feet and not in meter ??)
Thank's for your return
Other features / Import Opentopomap ?
January 20, 2019, 17:55:01
I try to find how to use Opentopomap in Locuspro, but I don't find how to do it : could you help me about this ? (I find different topics about it, but do not find !!!)
Thank's in advance for your reply.
Troubles & Questions / Re: about Track editor
April 04, 2018, 09:01:00
thnk's very much !
emmanuel ;)