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See here: //

I haven't tried it yet. If you do, let me know how it works.
Other features / Re: vector maps
July 17, 2011, 16:17:35
Someone just pointed me to this: // Unlimited bandwidth, no caps, no additional bandwidth bills: // Given what other people charge, it's hard to believe you can get this sort of service at the offered prices. It's what they claim though.

The only possible issue is how much RAM you need. If you are intending to do the map conversion on the server then the base offering is not nearly good enough. Perhaps they could do a special server for you with more RAM, but everything else at minimum levels though.
Quote from: "rijackson741"If you look at it on the phone, on a map rendered by the Mapsforge map creator, the indicated byway is missing.

Fixed already  :D  //
I realize now the Locus Free settings must be some setting I saved so long ago I forgot about them! I thought it was some reference to Locus Free.

OK. I installed aLogcat, and tried to save the preferences again. Except this time it saved them OK, so there's nothing to report! I tried twice, once with changing the name from the default.

Why is it that when you want things to work, they don't, and when you want them to not work, they do?  :roll:

Oh well. Now I can at least see if uninstalling and reinstalling Locus Pro will bring back the widget (which is still missing)  :)
Troubles & Questions / Can't save preferences
July 16, 2011, 19:03:05
If I try and save my preferences in Locus Pro I get the message "Process Unsuccessful". If I try and load preferences I get "Locus Free Settings". I uninstalled Locus Free though, to see if it solved the disappearing widget mystery (see // I expect I could fix these problems by uninstalling and reinstalling Locus Pro, but I would really like to save my preferences before doing that! Is there any possible solution?
Uninstalled Locus Free and rebooted phone. Still not widget. Good thing I don't really use it  :|
Quote from: "wvb"I just checked my latest market Pro version and it has the recording widget..

Well, that's weird. I have Pro 1.9.1 and Free ("about" says 1.9.0, but it's got the map downloader, so it's really installed. Maybe there's a conflict?
Other features / Re: vector maps
July 16, 2011, 14:38:16
Menion. Even if we have to pay for the download service (which I don't mind doing; I assume the cost would not be that great), we would still be able to load our own vector maps directly onto the SD card, correct?
svartbjorn: Thanks. What you say about the bus speed makes a lot of sense. I couldn't find specs for the speed on the web (which surprised me a little!), but I did find something on the Panasonic web site that implied it's 22Mb/s. That's consistent with the read speed I measured. For sure, unless the bus has different speeds in the two directions it must be able to handle 22Mb/s, because I can read data at that speed!

I am curious though. Did you measure the speed of the card that seemed to be causing problems with Locus?
Perhaps this is a little off-topic, but then again perhaps not. I am intending to get a new 32Gb card to replace my existing 8Gb card, and I have been trying to work out what speed class to get. Opinions about this on the web seem to be all over the place, with some claiming better performance with class 10, and some claiming class 4 has no benefit over class 2. In particular, it is claimed that class 10 cannot have any benefit over class 6 unless you have a high speed bus, because the bus will limit the throughput (see // Perhaps as a chip designer you can address that point? Anyway, perhaps we can answer this question, and at the same time see if the card write speed is maybe the problem for Locus (which makes this post on-topic  :) ) I installed this app: // On my current card (I forget what class it is, and it's not marked) I get 6.4Mb/s write and 22.7Mb/s read. So the question is, how does this compare to the speeds others are seeing when Locus does or doesn't have problems?
I just noticed that after installing the latest market version of Locus Pro the recording widget is no longer available. Is that by design?
I have a Nexus One, and have not seen this problem. To check the latest version I recorded for 2 hours today. Everything was fine.
Other features / Re: vector maps
July 14, 2011, 22:11:37
Quote from: "menion"I expect every user per month around 1GB

If there are no restrictions that might be true, because people will do stupid things like downloading every US state or every European country just in case they want to look at them! If you restrict it though, then I think that estimate is high. If you download a few 100Mb country, and update that once every 6 months, that is not so bad. You could restrict it by just cutting people off, or you could do it by making them pay, or you could just provide a limited, but dedicated bandwidth. See // Unless I misunderstand the site, the total download size per month is simply limited by the server bandwidth. A 50Mbit server would give you about 15Tb per month. The limited bandwidth would discourage the idiots from massive downloads of the entire world (and maybe you could also enforce a weekly or monthly cutoff), and it would cost you $550 per month. Still high enough that maybe we would have to pay to download, but at least we would have to pay less  :mrgreen:
Osmosis and the Mapsforge mapsfile-creator do not have any settings that allow you to change the way the map is rendered or what is included.

I have noticed that in some cases much more than just street numbers are missing though. As an example, this image is what you see at //, but with the arrow added by me. It is Shotover Hill, immediately east of the Oxford ring road. If you look at it on the phone, on a map rendered by the Mapsforge map creator, the indicated byway is missing. That's not a minor omission, because you can drive a car down that. I know, because I have done so  :)
Quote from: "menion"Values below cca 30s do nothing on my phone.

I have mine set to 2s, and it certainly makes a difference. I have found that guiding on a track with many points will not even work properly with a setting of 30s. By the time the position is updated I have walked past the "next" point, and then it stays locked to that point, even though it's behind me. I have been meaning to post something about this, but I haven't completely finished investigating it yet, because it seems the guiding can also get locked on a past point if "Distance for sounds" and "Set next point" are not set correctly.