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Other features / Re: Google Maps in China
August 06, 2011, 02:47:17
Google gets the mapping data from China. The Chinese government supplies that data with offsets that vary across the country. The offset information is not available to anyone other than a few certified Chinese mapping companies, and certainly not to any foreign entity. All maps based on that data, which includes, Google, Microsoft, etc, show identical offsets. The only maps that are not affected are satellite images from Google (and maybe also from ArcGIS; I haven't checked), and OSM. OSM is correct because it's not under the control of the Chinese government, but that means even having it on your phone in China is illegal. I personally couldn't care less about that (just don't stand next to a police officer and play with the mapping on your phone!), but OSM maps have so little information they are essentially useless outside the major cities. The one thing I can think of that is a viable, if not ideal, solution, is to allow maps to be offset by the user. That offset could be figured out using the crude OSM maps or satellite images before even going to the specific location. Since it varies by location, it would be almost essential that the offsets could be stored, and recalled later. Allowing for such user defined offsets would also fix a couple of issues unrelated to China: //
Quote from: "c3po"After I create them with MOBAC (ver 1.8)

Try version 1.9 beta 1. There's a link to it higher up this thread. That version works for me.
Maps / Re: Free maps for hiking
July 26, 2011, 14:39:58
Yes, that solves it. Outstanding! Thanks  :D
Quote from: "menion"I think one topic is good enough ... these messages from you look really terrible, so please continue in one topic if your is last and you do not need urgently to popup post on first place ...
I'm not sure what you mean. Do you men edit an existing post in the thread rather than adding a new post?

Quote from: "menion"I'll tomorrow create testing version for some track recording problems so I'll add some debug messages also for you
OK. Thanks.
OK. I started alogcat, cleared the log, switched to Locus, added a POI, and then selected "OK" 10 times in sequence, and then canceled. Then I saved the alogcat file, which is attached. I don't know if it tells you anything.
I just created a new, empty, POI category. It won't save to that either.
I uninstalled, deleted the cache (everything), and .visiblePoi and .visibleTracks. I didn't delete anything else, because I'm not sure what I could delete without having to re-import all the POIs. Then I reinstalled Locus. I still can't save POIs from the right panel. I have tried it both with the GPS on and the GPS off. With the GPS on, I have tried it with the map centered at my current location, and moved from my current location. It's always the same. When I select "OK" I see "Working" very briefly, and then I'm in the POI edit screen again. There are no error logs, it just will not exit the POI edit screen unless I select "Cancel". I can save a POI if I go into points, choose the category, and then add, just not from the right panel button. Any suggestions?
The widget problem is now fixed, but I still can't save any POI. I noticed that even after uninstalling and reinstalling the same POIs were showing though. So obviously some Locus files were left on the SDcard. I'll try a more aggressive uninstall.
Yes. I tried two categories, several different icons (including some that I added), rebooted the phone, etc. It makes no difference. It will not let me save the POI. I'm still missing the widget too though, so it looks like something is screwed up in my Locus installation. I'll uninstall and reinstall, and let you know.
Does no response mean I'm the only one having this problem? If that's the case I would like to know, because then I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling Locus.
Quote from: "Arcadia"My android's version is  2.3.3 (Korea, KT)

In the link Menion posted above it says it was fixed (or at least something similar was fixed) in 2.3.4. //

What I have on my Nexus 1 is 2.3.4 (en-us), and I don't see this problem.
In 1.9.2, if I try to add a POI using the right panel button the POI edit scree comes up OK, but then when I select "OK" it says "working" very briefly, and then I'm back in the POI edit screen again. The only way out of the edit screen is "Cancel". The point has not been saved, even if "OK" was selected before "Cancel".
Maps / Re: [MAPS] - Vector maps
July 18, 2011, 23:14:51
I set up an account at 4shared. With a free account you get 10Gb of space and a max file size of 2Gb. The number of downloads is also unlimited. The one restriction that may be a problem is that only one person can download each file at one time. It will be interesting to see how that works out  :D

These are the maps I uploaded, with the dates the map was created. Depending on how long it takes Menion to get a server system available I may update some of these at some point.

Note that Hong-Kong, Singapore, and Thailand are not available at the Geofabrik site, so these maps are generated from data from the CloudMade site. The national boundaries for Thailand are missing, and they all have coastline problems. I think everything else is OK though, so as long as you ignore the fact that some roads go through the ocean and some just seemingly stop for no reason (because it's really the coast, of course) they are usable. Mapforge is aware of this problem, but don't seem inclined to fix it any time soon.

US states
California (11 July 2011): //
Connecticut (11 July 2011): //
Delaware (12 June 2011): //
Maine (11 July 2011): //
Massachusetts (11 July 2011): //
Nevada (10 July 2011): //
New Hampshire (11 July 2011): //
Rhode Island (25 June 2011): //
Vermont (11 July 2011): //

Hong Kong (25 June 2011): //
Singapore (25 June 2011): //
Taiwan (25 June 2011): //
Thailand (25 June 2011): //