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Quote from: "stebu"But during the calibration computation Locus informed that there will be a deviation of about 200m on the three points. And this seems to be true. Would it help, if I rotate the picture on my PC so that true north is up?

I had the same problem on one map, but much worse. All but one of my points had a deviation of about half a mile  :D The map has a really weird orientation though, with north pointing to the bottom right (I have no idea why they drew it that way!). Does the map have to have north pointing exactly up?
Quote from: "menion"Anyway there is button "Map" next to coordinates, where you can display map (with small overlay from photo). There is not need to define exact coordinates
This works, mostly. Thanks. I just calibrated two maps and there is a minor problem though. For the first map, when I switched to the personal map it started at the location I last viewed that map. After that, it always started at the first calibration point, which is fine (although I agree with the comment that the Maprika feature of trying to get you as close as possible to the correct point is nice). However, on the second map it started at the first calibration point of the first map, which was a very long way from where it needed to be! I had to fire up Google maps on the computer to figure out how to get back to the correct location  :roll: Prior to calibrating the second map I had loaded an appropriate personal map, and zoomed in on the correct location. It would be better if it had started there.

Quote from: "menion"Thank you for feedback, I'll surely improve it. Currently worst part is size of images ... that's maybe reason why app crashed to rijackson.
Yes, I just tested this. I created two smaller versions of the same map: 580kB and 270kB. All three maps were saved from the same software, so there are no differences in the jpeg format. The 580kB map also crashed Locus, but the 270kB worked OK.
Great  :mrgreen: I wanted this feature a lot. I have Maprika on my phone only because it can do this.

I have only spent 2 minutes looking at it, but I have one immediate suggestion. The options are to pick a photo or take one. If I choose to pick a photo it allows me to choose which photo viewer to use. That's fine, except that because I didn't want to see my Maprika maps in my photo viewer, I added a .nomedia file to the folder that they are in. It would be nice if there was also an option to browse the folder structure to choose a file.

I will test this feature some more  :)

Edit: I put the attached jpg file in the root of my SD card, and tried to pick it. When I do that (using either Gallery or Quickpic), Locus Free forces closes :(

Edit again. It's something about that file, because I tried another one of the Summer Palace in Beijing, and it loads fine. So then I added a calibration point. I chose the pixel from the photo, and this works quite nicely. It seems I have to type in the coordinates for latitude and Longitude though. Maprika lets me choose a location on either a Google map or a Google satellite image, and takes the coordinates from that. Of course, you can't use Google maps this way because they are not supported, but would it be possible to let the user choose a location on any existing map they have available (on-line, personal, or vector)?

Thanks for this great addition to Locus. Soon I will be able to uninstall Maprika  :)
Other features / Re: Google Maps in China
November 22, 2011, 17:06:39
Quote from: "menion"OVI Bing and Yahoo maps also need this offset??

Yes. The offsets for these maps are in fact all the same (at least, based on my limited testing, they are). To be fair, the Bing and Yahoo maps do not have enough detail to be useful anyway, even if they did not have the offsets, but the OVI and Google maps are very good.

Because I travel to China quite a lot I did some research into the problem. All mapping data supplied by the Chinese government, which means all official mapping data from China, has these offsets. It seems kind of pointless to me, since any country or entity with enough power to even contemplate attacking China surely has accurate maps anyway, but things are not always logical!

Quote from: "menion"Anyway, non of them are officially supported as you surely know ...

Yes, I realize that. I do not think there are any officially supported maps with much detail outside Beijing and Shanghai.

Quote from: "menion"ok, I'll try to look at it soon ... anyway till sunday it surely not will be completed

Thanks. That is greatly appreciated.  :mrgreen:

Don't knock yourself out getting it done though. I realize that Sunday is a too short a time to get something like this done. I didn't know until yesterday morning that I was even going though; it's a very short notice trip. When I found out I was going it made me think of it again, but when I asked about it I didn't expect a solution by the time I left.

Also, when I'm there my chances of being able to download a new version are slim. I do not allow data roaming, and free WiFi hotspots are almost non-existent. There is going to be a next time though, and of course other users will also benefit from this.

Thanks again  :)
Other features / Re: Google Maps in China
November 22, 2011, 16:27:21
Quote from: "menion"no other map need this

Also OVI, Bing, and Yahoo maps, and any off-line map created from these sources. Although, since they are not supported either I guess the answer is still no.

As far as I can tell, outside Beijing and parts of Shanghai (where OSM maps are good) any map with enough detail to be useful to someone walking has the offsets, because the data was supplied by the Chinese government. So, sadly, outside a couple of locations, Locus is not very useful in China. I think you are in good company though, because I don't think there are any other mapping apps that are any better in this regard.
Other features / Re: Google Maps in China
November 21, 2011, 22:45:04
Quote from: "rijackson741"The one thing I can think of that is a viable, if not ideal, solution, is to allow maps to be offset by the user. That offset could be figured out using the crude OSM maps or satellite images before even going to the specific location. Since it varies by location, it would be almost essential that the offsets could be stored, and recalled later. Allowing for such user defined offsets would also fix a couple of issues unrelated to China: //

I'm off to China very soon (maybe as early as Saturday). Any thoughts on the idea of user offsets for maps? I realize this is a far from ideal solution, but I can't think of any other one.
Implemented / Re: Icons that appear in android gallery
September 18, 2011, 20:38:56
Quote from: "menion"really?

Quote from: "menion"I don't think so. Didn't tested
I did though  ;)

Quote from: "menion"but should be weird system by my opinion ...
I think that depends on how you look at it. I have another mapping app (Aura) that has a voices directory with 37 subdirectories for different languages. It's much easier to have one .nomedia file than 37, one for each Subdirectory. In fact, the .nomedia file is one level higher than the voices directory, and also deals with all the icons and avatars in other directories.

Quote from: "menion"and also, I don't want to exclude directories that store photos taken by camera called from locus ...
That's a good point.
Implemented / Re: Icons that appear in android gallery
September 18, 2011, 18:48:41
I think if you just put the file in the locus directory, it applies to all subdirectories too.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Cell-ID locations
September 14, 2011, 16:14:54
Thanks. It didn't occur to me that map centering would work without the GPS enabled in Locus. It work perfectly though  :)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Cell-ID locations
September 14, 2011, 13:12:29

I forgot you just poll an existing service for the information, but don't switch that service on or off  :)

I have one suggestion. Move "Record cell ID locations" from "Track Recording" to "GPS and location". It's sometimes useful just to center the map on your current location, because sometimes you can get a good cell phone signal, but no GPS fix (inside certain large buildings, for example).
Troubles & Questions / Re: Cell-ID locations
September 13, 2011, 14:58:58
I just checked. In system settings, "Use GPS Satellites" is disabled". In track recording, "Record Cell-ID locations" is enabled. If I go to the GPS screen the button on the bottom left says "GPS Off". If I touch it then I get the message "GPS not enabled. Do you want to show system settings?". So I cannot get the button to say  "GPS on" unless I enable the GPS in the system settings. (unless I am missing something else, which is quite possible  :) )

Edit: One thought. Does it matter if I have "Use Wireless Networks" (i.e. for location) enabled in the system settings? I currently have this disabled, because I don't like giving Google my location information.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Cell-ID locations
September 13, 2011, 13:47:28
Thanks. I was being blind. I don't know how I missed that.

You say above "Yes, disable GPS in system and start "get location" in Locus by "GPS on/off" button. This will allow locus to receive locations only from network porvider (cell-id, wi-fi, ...) and not from hardware GPS". But with the system GPS turned off Locus does not allow me to turn on the GPS unless the GPS is turned on in the system settings.

I'll try recording a track later anyway, to see what happens.

Thanks for the help.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Cell-ID locations
September 13, 2011, 12:41:15
Quote from: "menion"enabled in Locus record Cell-ID

Could you tell me where in the settings to find this. I have been through the settings menus, but didn't see it anywhere (maybe I'm just being blind, but I looked twice). Thanks.
Quote from: "Blackdawn"Also few big lakes are missing or they have missing data. Like especially "Päijänne" - N62°08.329' E25°46.130' - there you can see island "Säynätsalo" that have also missing data.
You can see streets, busstops and markets, but no shoreline. Looks like also smaller islands are missing too.

There are known problems with coastlines. If you report the problem here:
maybe the priority to fix it will get bumped up a bit.