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The button at the top right corner that looks like a map.  Then select online, then the map you want.
Bottom left corner of the screen there is a button with four arrows pointing in to a dot. When it has an orange background the map will track your location. Tap it and the background will turn dark gray, and the map will stay where you move it.
1) If I edit a POI and change the category the POI icon changes to the new category icon. That's fine. If I then choose to override the category icon it shows the new icon in the editor. But when I exit the editor the icon I get is the new category icon. If I want to change the category and override the new category icon I have to edit the POI twice.

2). This might be more of a wish that a bug. If the icons for two POIs overlap, of course one must be on top. But if I hover on the one that is in the background it is not forced to be on top, so I can't see the icon. The text can also stay behind another icon too, which make it very hard to read! Could you force a POI icon that has the focus to be on top of all the others?
Declined / Re: Color of track recording icons
June 01, 2011, 18:42:54
Thanks! I didn't even realize those were buttons. I thought it was just the logo and name  :D
Declined / Color of track recording icons
June 01, 2011, 16:46:47
I don't know if other people have the same problem, but in bright sunlight I find it very hard to tell if the track recording is turned on. I have an AMOLED screen so the contrast in bright sunlight is not great, and the relatively small difference between the black and gray backgrounds can make it very hard to tell. I often just start moving, and see if a track appears. I much prefer the black vs orange color scheme used for the icons such as "rotate map". Would it be possible to change the color scheme to something with more contrast between the on and off states?
I just shut it down. The total recording time was over 45 hours, with only the one incident, that I now think was probably a non-incident.
Quote from: "rijackson741"The GPS still works though.

Having said that, I just read on Wikipedia "Some aGPS devices do not have the option of falling back to standalone or autonomous GPS". That would suck! That's obviously not the case on my phone though, and you said you checked yours at home with the data connection turned off and it worked OK.
More specifically, what you get if you have a data connection is Assisted GPS information. See here:


It's only good for a few days, and no good at all if you change location and don't have a data connection to update it. The GPS still works though.
I can't reproduce that problem. I have tried several times, but Locus always shows me the satellites and then keeps on recording. Maybe it lost the GPS fix for some reason and I just wasn't patient enough. I waked around for what seemed like a long time with no response from Locus, but maybe it seemed longer than it really was. Maybe it was my brain that hung up, not Locus :D

Over 29 hours now, and it's still recording. Personally, I think you fixed it  :)
The GPS will take longer to get a fix if you have moved a long way since the last time you used it (or if you have not used it for a long time) because it stores information about which satellites to look for. It can take 1-2 minutes sometimes.

Also, you will not get a fix if you are inside any sort of large building. That includes hotels, office blocks, supermarkets, etc. You may get a fix inside a house, but there's not much chance with anything bigger.

I have used locus in offline mode (including no data of any sort) in China, and it worked fine. The maps in China are a whole other story  :roll: , but Locus worked OK.
To avoid any confusion, this is the app I'm talking about:

An update

I checked the phone settings, and the GPS was on. So then I went back into GPS Status (the separate app). The previous time it found the satellites almost immediately, but this time it took a minute or so, as though the GPS had only just been turned on. So I went back into Locus, and now it's working fine again! It has restarted recording as though nothing happened. I then repeated my experiment with the GPS status screen in Locus, and no problems there either. It showed the satellites, and after going into the settings and back out again, then backing out of the GPS status screen, Locus is still recording.

Weird. I'll see if I can reproduce it later.
It looks like I finally manged to break it.

I went for a walk (during which I inserted a few waypoints, just for testing), then went to the supermarket. When in the supermarket I know it lost the GPS signal, because I checked. When I came out it picked it up again and continued recording though, so no problems to that point. By the time I got home it had been recording for over 24 hours (and by then about 1100 points) with no problems. So I decided to try a couple of other things. I launched GPS Status to see if that would screw anything up. That's not the GPS status screen in Locus, but a separate app. It found the satellites OK, so I exited and checked Locus. Still recording! Next I went into the GPS status screen in Locus. It showed no satellites. Is it supposed to work when recording is on? Then I hit the three +'s at the top right, one after the other, each time backing out of the settings and back to Locus. Still "No Satellites", so I backed out of that screen. Now Locus is not recording! The status still shows recording (my notification bar shows recording, and the recording icon is gray, not black), but if I move around Locus doesn't do anything. It doesn't even know I have moved! I have left it in this hung state for now, in case you read this and want me to try something. If you do, just let me know what to do.
POI's / Re: Some POIS for the UK
May 31, 2011, 16:08:48
Thanks. I had missed that setting.
POI's / Re: Some POIS for the UK
May 31, 2011, 14:11:08
It occurred to me that I should add a warning about one category: parking. There are over 30000 entries, so if you import it you need to be very patient! I left it overnight, and in the morning I got a warning about Locus not responding, so I chose "wait", then it came back OK with all the points imported.