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Quote from: "jsurette"The issue I have is I have 30 to 40 individual tracks (atv trails) that i lie to have on the screen at once. Instead of turning each one on individually, I merge them, however, with the new improvements the tracks don't display properly. You have a category system for points, why not include tracks? That way if someone wants all the tracjs and points from a category, it would only take a couple presses. An added bonus is I would not have to merge my tracks and therefore the current display issue would not be an issue at all.

See my post here: //
Troubles & Questions / Re: Google Maps support?
February 12, 2012, 00:18:26
Quote from: "soravis"Oh well... As i understand this is not only a moral decision on your half, but a strict copyright issue as well.

On the Android market, search for Maptweak. If your conscience lets you, install it  ;)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Making Offline maps
January 19, 2012, 23:57:09
Quote from: "hamiksu"@rijackson... not sure you will believe me on this but.. those are road systems.. LOL.. and it took me 7 months of hiking, bike riding and car bumping rides to get those data.. and as mentioned before, this is just one part of them.. LOL..

I see. I asked because some of them are small pieces that are not connected to anything else. But if they are a mixture of roads and trails, I guess that is possible.

I know very little about OSM, but I believe a lot of the mapping was done by people in cars, on bikes, or hiking, recording tracks and converting them into maps. So I think you should follow Berkeley's suggestion, and look into that more.

Another question out of curiosity: Are there no maps already available with these roads already on them?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Making Offline maps
January 18, 2012, 21:25:44
Quote from: "berkley"I am sorry for now, that there aren't costum categories for tracks available. You will need to use "swimming" and "biking" and "hiking" and so.

If you load them via the Map item manager you can have custom groups of tracks. Not quite the same as custom categories, because all tracks in a group are either displayed or not displayed, but perhaps in this case that restriction is OK.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Making Offline maps
January 18, 2012, 16:18:10
OK. I am curious enough to ask. What does the data represent?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Making Offline maps
January 17, 2012, 21:08:16
Quote from: "menion"I'm worried that for such huge number of track, this will be slow and may cause OutOfMemory error ...

Maybe. But I agree with Gynta that this number of tracks can never be needed all at one time. The KML file could be broken down into a number of smaller files (for example using Google Earth) that are easier to load.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Making Offline maps
January 17, 2012, 19:17:23
If all your tracks are in a single KML or KMZ file, try this:

1) Copy the file to the /Locus/mapItems directory.
2) In Locus, go to the menu, "functions", "Map item manager". You should see your file. Check the box to view the tracks as an overlay on your current map.
3) To remove the tracks go to the menu, "functions", "Remove temp map items" (you can't remove them from the Map item manager because this "trick" is not officially supported).

It doesn't get rid of the black dots, but it is a way to view all the tracks without importing them all to the tracks database.
Yes it works if the unlock pattern is disabled. I suppose it makes sense that Locus can't override the security settings.
Quote from: "berkley"Are you using a lock screen app?

I have set an unlock pattern, but that is all. Perhaps that is a lock screen app, albeit one that comes with stock Android?
Quote from: "berkley"Isn't this cool? :D

It certainly would be, except that it does not appear to work on my Nexus 1. The screen always locks.  :(

Happy New Year anyway though  :D
Quote from: "davr"Is there a way to create a custom map for use in Locus, from an image of a map downloaded off a website? !

See //
I can confirm everything is working again now. I went for a walk (unusually nice weather for here for the time of year, and I'm self employed  :D ): 1218 points in 5.1 miles.

Quote from: "menion"fine, you're welcome. Weird really and no idea why this happen, damn ...

It is weird. I'm not sure it had anything to do with Locus though. I also reset the GPS, and I think it's more likely that the GPS was somehow hung up and resetting it fixed the problem (note: I never rebooted my phone during the period above, although perhaps I should have, so this was the only reset of the GPS). What I should have done is reset the GPS, then tested it, and then if that didn't work reset Locus' settings, and tested it again. I was thinking more in terms of fixing it though, not in terms of figuring out what the problem was. If it happens again, that's what I'll do, and I'll let you know the results. If it never happens again, then it's not worth worrying about  :D

Have a great holiday period  :)
Quote from: "menion"may you try to reset locus settings to default

That was a good suggestion. When in doubt reboot  :)  I reset the GPS status, and reset Locus to the default settings (which I noticed also reset the license, so I will have to remember not to do that when I have no data connection!). I drove to the supermarket: 76 points in 3.0 miles. Then I reloaded my settings, and drove back: 149 points in 3.0 miles. So now it seems to be working again. Very weird! I'll double check tomorrow that everything is OK, and let you know. Thanks for the help  :)
It is weird, because I didn't change any of my settings. I even checked that by loading a preferences file I had saved a while ago. It worked before, but not now  :?

My settings are:
GPS auto-off, disabled
interval (metres): 5
interval (sec) 2s
max accuracy: 250m
Record only while moving: on
conditions: both

Also under the GPS settings, although they are grayed out when auto-off is disabled,
Update interval: 0s
Min accuracy: 100m
Max search time: 60s

I have also attached a file with my current settings.

Thanks for looking at this.
I just recorded another track, and it has the same problem. Only 9 points in 0.82 miles. It never used to do this I guess I'll try playing with some settings.