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[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Re: WGS (x°x.x')
« on: March 12, 2014, 23:26:16 »
Ich bin ein blutiger Anfänger was dieses Programm betrifft und irritiert, dass wenn ich WGS (x°x.x') einstelle und "Suchen" - "Nach Koordinaten"  - "Koordinaten" auswähle - erscheint z.B. : N 51°15.5248 E 007°03.3368 die ich dann ändern kann und im Cache listing werden die Koordinaten mit 3 Stellen zum Ende angegeben - z. b. N 51° 13.972 E 007° 04.441

Ich hab aber keine 4 Stellen am Ende der Koordinate im listing stehen. Wie gibt man denn die Koordinaten z. B. N 51° 13.972 E 007° 04.441 im Locus bei WGS (x°x.x') richtig ein?
Du gibst nur die drei Zahlen hinter dem Punkte. Kein problem:)
(Aufsätzung: You can enter only the three decimal digits, that will give the correct result)

Missing waypoint:
Code: [Select]
  <wpt lat="47.928033" lon="8.516583">
    <cmt>Von Mai bis in den Herbst leider gebührenpflichtig</cmt>
    <sym>Parking Area</sym>
    <type>Waypoint|Parking Area</type>
  <wpt lat="47.927217" lon="8.511817">
    <cmt>Von Mai bis in den Herbst leider gebührenpflichtig</cmt>
    <sym>Parking Area</sym>
    <type>Waypoint|Parking Area</type>
I changed the desc field, added 1 and 2 in front of Parking and now I can see both waypoints on the map.
So definitely a Locus bug! It must not conclude that these are the same points, when description is the same.
Coords and name are different.

(1) This is an original GPX-file downloaded from
(2) The additional waypoints for import into locus are not in the <groundspeak:long_description> although they are mentioned there in this listing as well. Waypoint information of that section is never imported to locus additional waypoints only to the long description ;).
(3) The GPX-file contains 3 <wpt> .... </wpt>  sections. The first contains the geocache information itself. the second and third the additional waypoint information of the parking area. I looks for me, that locus pro ignores the third <wpt>...</wpt> section for import.
Yes, I just noticed that the waypoints with invalid tags are inside the <groundspeak..> tags. And there are the real waypoints following.
This is how I have always done my waypoints for Locus without a problem.
I downloaded the GPX and got only one wpt?
I even added another cache into the GPX (three waypoints) and downloaded. Your cache 1 wpt, mine 3 wpts?


using Locus Pro 2.19.1 only the first additional waypoint is imported from the attached GPX-file.
P149T72 is ok, P249T72 is missing.

I just checked a couple of caches with 2 and 3 additional wpts, no problems here.
The attached GPX file has some errors, some of the angle brackets are still html-encoded:
&lt;p&gt;Additional Hidden Waypoints&lt;/p&gt;P149T72 - Parking&lt;br /&gt;N 47° 55.682 E 008° 30.995&lt;br /&gt;Von Mai bis in den Herbst leider gebührenpflichtig&lt;br /&gt;P249T72 - Parking&lt;br /&gt;N 47° 55.633 E 008° 30.709&lt;br /&gt;Von Mai bis in den Herbst leider gebührenpflichtig&lt;br /&gt;</groundspeak:long_description>

Code: [Select]
&lt; should be < 
and &gt; should be >

So there seems to be an error in your "process", Locus is working fine.

Discussion/New features / Re: Offline POI database
« on: February 27, 2014, 14:42:35 »
hmm interesting, issue on my side. Should be only in testing versions. Sorry ... will be fixed in next version ;)
Hi Menion, did you alredy "fix" it in pro 2.19.1?
I can't find the POI icon; or do you have to use some special setting in config-file?

Yes, I'm sure, but my Maps version is 7.0.2.
I checked the latest Munzee app (it uses Google Maps) and to my surprise slide down = zoom in!

I have always "memorized" up/down with an airplane's control. Pull the stick towards yourself, the nose goes up and the scenery zooms out. I guess I need another analogy :)

  please give it a 14 days try and if after that time, you still not be satisfied with it, I'll create such settings. Because I had to follow same style as use Google Maps and that will most probably follow all other apps ...
I think that Bucky Kid has a point. Now Locus behaves just opposite of Google Maps!

Now the upgrade 19.0 --> 19.1 went smoothly and even my dashboard survived it :)


Just a minor inconvenience: when I updated pro from 2.18 to 2.19, the dash-board setting was lost. When I tried to use my dash-board, nothing happened. I had to select it once again. I think there was a similar bug in the previous (2.17 to 2.18) upgrade.
What is backed up in backup manager's dashboard section? Only the dashboards or also the selection?

ah I forget to answer in appropriate topic, sorry.

So ... I do not understand :)

There are two ways how you may take photo
  • In locus by adding attachment. This should call your prefered camera app and took photo should be stored into Locus directory (in new Locus version to Locus/data/media/photo)
  • You use camera apploication directly and later attach photo in Locus. In this case, I cannot control where this app store it's photo
When I go to search/Localized photo, the second option is "camera directory" and currently Locus (last published pro) shows that this directory is "/storage/sdcard0/DCIM"
I would like to have the configuration possibility to change this directory's address to "/storage/ExtSdCard/DCIM".

Better yet, if you could check the camera application's settings and see where it stores the photos, but it's not necessary, since this place is (normally) set only once.

How about adding camera directory to cinfig file, too?

Troubles & Questions / Re: [Q] POI from Exif Coordinates
« on: February 09, 2014, 12:46:30 »
Nice feature :D I haven't noticed it earlier.

Is there a possibility to change the camera-directory? My Samsung has storage\sdcard0 which is just a part of the internal RAM, the directory where my pics go is storage\extsdcard\dcim\camera.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Problem with "Found count"
« on: January 06, 2014, 18:43:41 »
Well, if not used in "pre-fill" then find count is "just a number".
But if you change it, nothing should go wrong for those, who use pre-fill.

Wishlist / Re: ability to set wpt/poi as found/visited
« on: November 20, 2013, 00:22:49 »
The Munzees are spreading like a decease! If you download an off-line GPX file, it is OLD the very next hour!
The only use for Munzee GPX file is when you are abroad and don't have free network. But then the "visited" feature is not very useful. IMHO.

Thanks, that did it!

Locus has been working so well for me, that I haven't needed to change the settings for at least a few months.
You live and you learn!

Yes, no red star.
The cache does have a "Final" waypoint when I check from the cache listing.
But I have noticed that when the red star is shown, there is no extra waypoints in the listing.

Are there some settings that could affect this? "Load all waypoints immediately"? (I don't use this, it clutters the map too much)

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