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Now that I have my skin working, there is still the minor inconvenience that the portrait setting is forgotten when I activate the skin.
Normally I prefer to use Locus with portrait mode locked. But somehow skin activation (any skin) unlocks the setting.

Hi Menion!
The on/off trick does not work for me (ZTE Blade, droid v2.2) :(
There must be something in the zip, since other skins work. I'll keep fiddling with it.

A bit later:
I edited another simple layout (simple speed) and got the same error. (Other files still work)

It is WinZip ("send to compressed folder") on W7.
When I zipped with 7z everything works! (Except my layout is not so good  :oops:  :D )

I had a working skin, simple compass, arrow and distance. But after version 1.8.2 (or something) it stopped working.
When I try to open it only the error in the topic is shown.
I tried to reduce the zip to minimum, but still same error. So I'm not sure that this version would even work.

The main question is: What does this error mean?[attachment=0:2w1b9hyz][/attachment:2w1b9hyz]

Troubles & Questions / Re: GPX (poi) file import hangs Locus
« on: June 19, 2011, 21:07:04 »
Hi Menion!
The problem was not the importing of points, that went fine. But when I hit the Points icon, then Locus froze and showed a black (not blue:) screen.
I solved the problem by uninstalling Locus and deleting the SD/Locus directory. Now it seems that points import and point selection work at  normal speeds.
I noticed that version 1.8.9 has a new window for showing geocahces, very nice!

Troubles & Questions / GPX (poi) file import hangs Locus
« on: June 19, 2011, 20:23:18 »
For about a month I have loaded a GPX file with about 1700 points into Locus.
Normally I check the box "empty the category" and then reload the GPX file.
Recently this action has been taking longer and longer, today I noticed that the whole application window went black, but the data loaded after a couple of minutes. But I have had to "force close" Locus several times.

How can I clear the database, I suspect that it is corrupted? Clearing the data from Android's app manager does not help.

Is there a limit or recommendation to the poi file size and/or number of points? I think my points each contain less than 200 characters.

Information / Re: [MANUAL] - creating custom screen
« on: June 03, 2011, 16:06:08 »
I created my "own" layout to show gps-info and distance to target. In addition there's a familiar looking compass and an arrow pointing towards the target. I hope that MaleSmurf will not mind! And thanks a lot for the good example!

I have a question, are the drawable-hdpi and -ldpi necessary? I guess they are there fore different screen resolution?
I did not understand the use of some (most) parameters, so once I got something half-way decent, I kept it.

Then an observation: If I freeze the display into "horisontal" rotation in Locus, it works. But if I activate a skin, then the locking disappears!
And I still think, that the setting does not stick over power cycle. I have to go and re-select the horisontal lock after power up.

Here's my layout, REMOVED, see a better example from http://

Troubles & Questions / Re: GPS enabling? Display?
« on: May 25, 2011, 21:26:16 »
Another related problem (or I just can't do it):
I want to keep the display on while GPS is on, so I go to settings and select the correct setting. It works fine until I power off the phone. After restart of phone and Locus, the display will not stay on when GPS is on. When I go to settings the correct option ("Only when GPS on") is already set, but I have to refresh the selection in order to get constant display on.
Has this been fixed in a new release? I have Locus free 1.7.4

Declined / Re: Navigation arrow
« on: May 14, 2011, 12:13:22 »
I missed this idea, when I posted the "Geocaching radar". This would provide the same functionality. But the guiding button should be a bit larger for this purpose, else it will be hard for my weary eyes.

Declined / Re: geocaching radar
« on: May 14, 2011, 10:00:50 »
Quote from: "menion"
stebu I'm not sure if I fully undestand. May you attach some screenshot from your software that will explain it a little bit? Thx
OK, in the picture you can see the "radar".
I'm trying to reach the target (the blue circle) and I'm in the center of the yellow circle.
The radar is the blue line and the blue blob. It shows, that the bearing to the target is about 225 degrees and the distance is about 10m.

The radar's blue line is always the same length (e.g. 100 pixels) independently of the map's scale.
When you come close to the target (10...20 meters) , the blob becomes visible at the and of the line. When you approach the target, the blob moves closer to the center. The distance to the target could be shown in a status field (it might be shown already, I don't remember)

The advantage is, that you have the map visible all the time. At the same time you get accurate direction and distance towards the target. And it works even if the underlaying map shows a whole country, yuo could still see the direction and distance with 1m resolution.

Thanks for the quick response!

Declined / geocaching radar
« on: May 14, 2011, 01:11:56 »
I'm a new and happy Android owner. And Locus seems a good way to go geocaching.
I once rolled my own geocaching software on an Acer Navigator and I'm missing (at least) one feature:
there's no need to switch to a radar screen, in the guidance mode all that is needed is that the display would show the bearing as a vector towards the cache (maybe 50...100 pixels) and an info box would show the distance. This would be activated, when the final target is closer than 20 metres.
This would remove the need to switch to a compass/radar display and would make me buy the pro version :ugeek:

TIA stebu

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