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Themes - Vector maps / Re: Different themes for different maps?
« on: November 13, 2016, 22:23:08 »
@ Menion, ok let's wait
@ Jusc, I haven't tried Tiekartta (Road map), it might help. The root of my problems is the ancient Xcover 2, which struggles with this map, when I zoom out far. Therefore I like to use the less demanding OSM based map.
Maybe Santa will help me :)

Themes - Vector maps / Different themes for different maps?
« on: November 13, 2016, 00:07:16 »
Hi! Long time, no see :)
I tried to find the answer to my problem, but couldn't.

So the problem is that I have an OSM map of Finland, and the "Voluntary Hike UK" theme works fine with it. Then I got a very detailed map of Finland (, but it requires the use of a different theme.

I moved the new map into a new folder, but still when I select a theme, it is used on both maps, and they are not compatible :(

So how can I choose one theme for an OSM map and a different theme for this new map?

TIA, stebu

Re "pseudo democratic"...
I think that most happy Locus users do not read the forums, therefore the votes are from a small minority.

How to catch the majority?
When a function breaks, is removed or is changed, then the majority might notice it (if they are using that function).

My idea (free to use/discard):
Locus (in the application) could have a feedback form:
-automatically fetches the Android version and device name
-has tick boxes for changed/new/removed features: "I like", "I dislike", "I don't care"
-a comment field for describing what the user thinks about the new version.
-reward a few LoCoins (or fractions) when the form is filled and sent

sorry, yesterday i uploaded only always correct displayed photo from "cymera app" :)
attached example is taken with "Camera Broser FX" and this one is rotated in exported and reimported .kmz
The exif info has "Orientation - Right top". I have had problems with these tags, some viewing software (on Win 7) support these and some don't. So my primary viewing software (Irfanview) strips/clears this tag, then all other viewers show the photos as I intended.

do not understand, sorry. Login to geocaching in Locus is possible only in Locus Pro (if we do not count a testing version of Locus Free). Every feature that require geocaching live, should open a window with login options. Such window should not be visible in Locus Free so there is no option to login at all. Because of this, there should be no reason for "logout" option. Or am I missing something? :)
Yes, just as Balloni55 said: there are e.g. families with more than one account. So if they have only one device with them, they need the option to log out and log in as another player.

wrong validator? :)
Yes! Just ask me 8)

hmm there were no change. Also suggest to check content of your modified file by any validator, like this: , I'm sure there will be some small problem inside, because JSON format is really sensitive on any incorrect dots, commas etc.
Result: Valid JSON

"yd:" should be "yd":

Code: [Select]
"yd:" [
"nach %N1 yard, 1, 1",
"nach %N1 yards, 2, Inf"
"ft": [
"after %N1 feet, 1, 1",
"after %N1 feets, 2, Inf"
"mi": [
"nach zirka %N1 meile, 1, 1",
"nach zirka %N1 meilen, 2, Inf"

Add-ons / Re: Geocaching - where do 'notes' go?
« on: February 02, 2015, 22:42:07 »
Thanks alot again balloni55,

Well, I can honestly say I've tried a few test notes of my own and they do not appear on and don't appear where you pointed out.

I have no idea why they don't appear but I am sure that function is not working for me.

Very very confusing indeed but thank you for taking the time to make the screenshot.
I believe that personal notes are a premium member feature on Have you paid the dues?

Free chat / Re: Google Earth Pro is available for free
« on: February 02, 2015, 21:07:43 »
@Matthias, und Jürgen
Unvollständige Anforderung für Lizenzschlüssel Fehler! Ihre Anmeldung kann aufgrund einer Es sind technische Probleme aufgetreten. Bitte versuchen Sie es später erneut...
hmpf :)
Hit 'back' and try again, it took about 6 tries for me.

"Turn GPS on always" setting?

Cursors / Icons / Voices / Re: Custom icon transparency
« on: August 09, 2014, 14:43:55 »

I've made some icons and at least Irfanview (Windows photo app) supports the definition of the transparent color when saving an icon.

For example see attachement

Entschuldigen Sie für mein Deutsch.

Ich glaube dass es gibt auch die WAAS (und gleiche) Satelliten, sie sind im Bereich fünfzig (50).
Diese satelliten sind für mehr genauig "fix" zu bekommen.



Troubles & Questions / Re: Google satellite map not working
« on: July 10, 2014, 20:10:18 »
For a few days Google satellite online map only shows text "No map from this area". This has worked previously.
And what's more surprising, Google hybrid map works!

Is it just me, or ???
Well, it's Google! Satellite map works for me in Helsinki only from zoom level 12 and below (more out). Hybrid works ok with tighter zooms.

If I look at Berlin's satellite maps, there's no problems as close as level 19.

That's a bit confusing and annoying  >:(

Troubles & Questions / Google satellite map not working
« on: July 09, 2014, 23:26:41 »
For a few days Google satellite online map only shows text "No map from this area". This has worked previously.
And what's more surprising, Google hybrid map works!

Is it just me, or ???

P.S.: By the way: When updating via Play store Locus does not Need any special rights. This is quite strange in my opinion. Is this new?!
I think that the store says:"No ADDITIONAL rights". So when you update, you keep the same permissions that yuo had with the previous installed version.

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