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just startet to generate 0.3 maps. berlin is already done. the rest should be done in ~2 hours
how about this one:
ill wait till the version with 0.3.0 is done testing and being released...
till then i still have some issues to fix with the cronjobs on the server to generate the maps.

about the world overview map: im not sure if its even possible to exclude zoom levels on vector maps?!
0.3.0 isnt supportet by locus yet. (as far as i know)

as soon it is, ill try to change it
italien hab ich zwar nicht. aber bayern kannst hier runterladen
Maps / vector .map Germany weekly; regions daily
March 23, 2012, 10:28:52
Daily .map files of german regions
weekly .map file of germany

upload on this server is limited to 5000 kbps

if anybody needs other maps more frequently then provided anywhere else, just leave a message
Troubles & Questions / Re: Vector Map Style
March 12, 2012, 11:19:39

Troubles & Questions / Vector Map Style
March 12, 2012, 10:57:48
Is it Possible to change the style of vector maps being displayed?
atm its like this:

which is kinda difficult/not possible to see the difference between roads, tracks and paths while driving offroad

much more usefull would be the view as on openstreetmap itself:

just made a hard reset on the phone and installed only locus. still doesent work :(
on its way
i have 2 tracks with more than 3000km.
one is importet. the other is merged from lots smaller with locus recorded tracks
i cant either see information of them, nor can export them
i even cant display them on them on the map. there is just nothing happening. not even a error message  :cry:

the zip files have to be stored in the "mapsources" directory?
as i wanted to create a "huge" map for my holiday destination and the download limitation in the new locus version i came to a problem: no time to wait for the download to finish

at first: create your own tile server and render your own tiles ... map-server

second: get the tiles into a sqlite database useable by locus
Note: add your custom mapsource to mobac by adding your_name.xml to "mapsources" folder containing:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

i know this is not the best howto for a kinda complex thing like this. if you have any questions ill try to help
just found another solution for downloading unlimited from own server via mobac. thats even better to let the computer do the work then the phone.

i might write a little howto here on the forum
should be possible somehow. never changed a header on a apache server before but ill try to find a howto