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Quote from: Žajdlík Josef on June 22, 2022, 08:31:08
The OSM GO app is great, thanks.
But it's not a simple solution for ordinary users. If the database of points is to be useful, it must be easily edited. For example: opening hours, changing the name of the shop, etc. This is a big and difficult task for the Locus team.
Some data are bad and others are completely missing even though they are in OSM data. As an example, I mention the "orchestra" in the chateau park. It is a big historic building, but it is not in points.
Are you really suggesting that Locus users create a perfect poi dB for use in locus only? I prefer optimizing OSM because it is worldwide.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn moto g82 5G met Tapatalk

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I was thinking about editing. Perhaps it would be enough to add a small button with a direct link to editing text via the eight or Wiki website. Depending on where the text is taken from.
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Quote from: Mips on June 13, 2022, 15:44:47
Die Antworten auf die einfache Frage des Thread-Initiators,
"Wie bekomme ich die BRouter Daten am einfachsten aus Handy",
sind mittlerweile meilenweit weg vom eigentlichen Anliegen.
Du hast natürlich Recht. Das ursprüngliche Thema wurde sehr stark ausgedehnt.

Du magst es anders sehen aber ich finde, dass wir im Wesentlichen noch am Thema sind.

Am Anfang wurden 3 Methoden zum einfachen Download diskutiert. Somit war die Frage beantwortet.
Danach kamen weitere Methoden hinzu. Ich nenne es mal Bonus, weil es immer noch um den Download der Routingdaten geht. Was spricht dagegen, wenn ein beantwortetes Thema nach Abschluss noch erweitert wird ? Es gab ja keinen Diskussionfaden mehr, der zerstört werden konnte.

Neue Leser bekommen m.M.n. auch keine Probleme mit dem Diskussionsfaden.
Du magst es vielleicht anders sehen aber wenn ein Thread 2-3 Seiten hat, dann fange ich meistens bei Seite 1 an. Sonst geht schnell der Zusammenhang verloren.

Bei einem Thread mit 30-40 Seiten sieht es schon anders aus. Aber das ist hier wohl nicht zu befürchten.
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Quoteist also eher etwas für Computer-Fortgeschrittene

So schlimm ist das nicht, sind nur 6 Zeilen.
Bei Bedarf kann ich das hier mal zur Verfügung stellen. Das würde dann wahrscheinlich sogar mit kleinen Anpassungen auf dem Handy laufen.
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Thanks @fresichneider. I've rather created a new board for OSM stuff, hope it will be useful.

About the problem on A11+ > it has a solution. Is the OSMgo on the Google Play? I need its package name. It has to be hardcoded in the Locus Map as a supported app and then it may be selected. Little bit stupid limitation, but hey, it has a solution ...
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I am an OSMgo user/contributor (mainly for adding POI like seatbenches and other usefull hikers stuff). I have a shortcut in the right sidebar of Locus, so easy and working straight in OSMgo.
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The offline LoRouter segments downloader is great!
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Achso, im Forum. Ich bin wirklich enttäuscht, dass die Kooperation so sang und klanglos beendet wurde.
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I'm very sorry but our cooperation with Rother Bergverlag was terminated and Rother routes are no longer available in Locus Store.
I can suggest to try a Locus route planner to plan your own routes :)

Thank you
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I always thought - what do you think - it's hard to spot what's an upper level, what is collapsed, what's expanded?
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Route Planner. I think the most common thing is inserting shaping points somewhere into a track- and this is a bit too hidden. First we have to go to the three dot submenu, pick "Trackpoint XY", then convert it.

I understand there's the same logic here as on tracks. You toggle between track segment and trackpoint.

The toggling to trackpoint should be bettom left, just like in normal track window. See screenshot - there could be a button "Trackpoint XY". That's my idea. Would follow the same logic as the track window.

Not following the logic, but ultra super mega convenient would be, if all three trackpoint commands ("Change to") were already visible in the orange screenshot area. Because why not - after toggling, the trackpoint screen additionally includes only Help and Streetview. Both are also available in the "Route segment" view. So you could unify and simplify it.
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QuoteAnd if there is a crossing in the distance of x meters. Then Locus sets the point not exactly at 500 meters, but x meters after the intersection.
How can Locus known there is a crossing before the creation of the new map matched track/route ?
First you can just accept that there is or will be mistakes. This by a trackglitch and thereby creates false instructions and a correcting U-turn. Notice the U-turns are positioned on the exact same location spot as the now map matched Planner (Via or Shaping) resulting trackpoint.
Be happy, so just let it happen. As you the user will be warned immediately ! These trackglitches are now nicely INDICATED by the Locus trackglitch detector tool. (Red circle)
What to do ?
Find the Route planner Point (Via or Shaping) and move this into a favarouble position further on the expected road direction or path, and so the indicator gets cleared now, and also the result will be fine.  (Yes the final correction is so still to do by some human planner operator interaction)
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Quote from: Andrew Heard on April 27, 2022, 08:16:36
Quote from: CabrioTourer on April 26, 2022, 22:34:39
Interesting new feature to generate shaping points in planner for imported tracks.

I guess it's difficult to find a balance between to many or not enough points.
@CabrioTourer - check out how allows total user control of balance of points - Load > Load Track as Route > Tuning > Fuzziness slider control - one side very few shaping points, other side of slider - lots of shaping points - no need for system to compromise because user decides - very nice system IMHO.

I'm not sure that I understand what you mean.
Shaping points in my example were created by Locus when I imported a track. . The gpx comes from

The problem I see is that Locus creates the points just by guessing. Without taking the router logic into account the user will use later.
Or at least this is what I assume how it works from my findings. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So with this feauture I have no control where and how many shaping points are created.

I just have the fact that even without any change in shaping points position a recalculate will create different route with many stupid things.
Recalc is the worst case ofc.
The same will happen for a part of the route whenever I move a shaping point or later during navigation when Locus needs to recalculate partialy.

For me such a feature would be a dream. Today I always need to use the route planner manually to create a route which will follow the exact same path as defined by an external gpx.

Maybe I completely misunderstand the usage of this feauture.

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Quotevery nice system IMHO
But only really VERY valuable if a track glitch detector (prevention) is also provided. And on condition that both the very useful Via and Shaping Planner points are transferred into the gpx file.  This nice web planner, especially the version of Marcus with its exceptionally fast updates, loses its "brilliance" because of an insufficiently performant gpx transfer mode. It can be done simply, very discreetly, and robustly. This has been amply demonstrated and tested.

A track glitch decetion and warning may be nice, but you also need to have the right tools to fix it. And you can do that on the condition that you fully respect and  preserves the cause of it, namely the planner point(s), and so can thus also reposition them.  Therefore both planner points must remain fully supported and available also after and through a gpx file transfer. Since this is the only transfer method for BRouter web, in contrast to the Locus 'Gold' eco system where the exchange is of course more direct. A question of customer loyalty ;-)
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Quotechg: improved system of generating shaping points for recorded/imported tracks loaded to route planner

What's the use case of this, how can this be useful? Just curious... I'd never try route planner on a recorded track. So now I did and it created shaping point #1 somewhere in the middle and some other shaping points somewhere.
So if Locus could algorithmically recreate a route from a recorded track (like BRouter web can do in "Load track as route"), that would make sense... but I don't see that on the horizon.
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