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hmmm, unfortunately still not accessible here. Can anybody confirm this?
Troubles & Questions / OCM-maps not accessible
July 19, 2011, 08:23:35
the online OCM (= OSM Cyclo) maps have not not been accessible within locus the last days. I get "Zugriff verweigert" (german version) when trying to download tiles.
Is this a permanent problem, do I have to change any settings?

Thanks for help,
Hi Menion,

I wanted wanted to put this issue on the wishlist and found this thread.
Though your priority on this is not very high I would like to push the topic as I think that woul be a very nice and helpful feature:

It would be great to send the actual position (f.e.via sms) to another person.
 If this person also uses locus it would be very nice to show this position on his map.
 If this person does not use locus - is it possible to show the position on google maps?

I use locus frequently on my mountainbike trips and love this application. Now some friends also installed it and this feature is needed more and more....

Hi menion,
I had the chance to test the internal bluetooth functionality last weekend.
Works now, thanks a lot!
Implemented / Re: Load other Map
June 17, 2011, 21:03:50

Would be very helpful and great if you could solve that!
All right, got it ;-)
Map seems to work, I will give it a try on location and will report...
Quote from: "durian"I took the croatia.osm.pbf from and made a map (I didn't test it though, but my sweden map worked): //

Thanx for that! But I think I need some help to import it in Locus... Simply copy it to the maps folder?
is it possible to create croatia (Peninsula of Istria would be fine) for testing? I'll go there on friday and haven't found any satisfying map-sources for biking.
OCM seems to be not very useful for offroad-tracks.
That would be great, thanx!
Keep us up to date!

I'm also interested in creating maps from TTQV (4). My understanding is that right now this is not possible - correct?
Or is there a way to export them and convert them into a certain format?
I have got quite a collection of maps in TTQV, some of them calibrated by hand, an would like to use them on my android smartphone.
apemap-export is possible, I know, but this is not my favorite app
Troubles & Questions / External Bluetooth GPS
May 12, 2011, 10:55:24
Hi together,
I am new to this forum, using the free version of Locus (1.7.4) at the moment for testing purposes, comparing it to Orux and ape@map on a Motorola Defy.

I would like to know whether you have actual information on the troubles using an external bluetooth gps mouse without third-party-tools as 'Bluetooth-GPS'.
I have read the threads on this issue and still don't know whether this is a priority topic and has a chance to get solved soon.
Using an external mouse is my standard way of using these apps to preserve battery. When using the Locus-internal Bluetooth-GPS-Option I don't get a fix at all.

Another question (maybe in the wrong forum, but hopefully I get some honest answers ;-) ): Is there a difference between the mentiond apps above regarding battery consumption when recording a track, assuming 'equal' conditions (recording intervals, display-usage, etc...).

Thanx for any Information