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Hi Menion,

at first start after update  on a Defy (2.2.2) I had some strange behaviour: I got a dialog "Filesystem: Änderungen im Locus Verzeichnis gefunden! Wähle ein Standard Locus Verzeichnis".
I could not select any file system, so I could not confirm and close the dialog. Instead I got a message "Probleme mit Arbeitsverzeichnis" (=Problem with working directory).

I started Locus again and it started without any troubles, but after download of additional files (!?)...
However... :-) :-D
I could not do any further tests, hope it works, next test will be in the mountains ;-)

However, thanks again for all your effort!

P.S.: By the way: When updating via Play store Locus does not Need any special rights. This is quite strange in my opinion. Is this new?!
Quote from: menion on July 05, 2014, 18:56:44
thank you for a report and sorry for issues. Another problem in 2.2 only. Will be fixed in next version. Seems I'll have to release one more during next week ...

Not that I want to appear impatient, but I plan a biketour starting on friday so I have to do some preparation for that.
Can I expect a fixed version until thursday or do I have to think about alternatives? (I still have a free version installed but have not used it for years...)
Is there a simple method to step back to the previous version?
Thanks for all the good work!
Hi Menion,

I am using the pro-Version on a Motorola defy.
After update on 3.1.1. Locus crashes during start procedure.

Sent you a report with some description.
Do you need any further information?

Thanks menion,
sent the mail again to the same adress ( Maybe a typo, have to check.

Anyhow, thanks for your reply! I did not have any troubles with Defy till now, it was a reliable companion the last years. And should also be in future till anything breaks. If there is an older  Version of Locus which is less memory-consuming - let me know. Maybe its better not to use the latest version with new features and improvements but to have a more stable verion on this device.

I just tried your suggestion - and it works at the moment. Thanx!!!  :D  Have to try it for the next days.
I remember now that I checked all tracks in my 'recorded'-folder (about 75 tracks) by mistake some days ago. I was able to uncheck them again after some time, but maybe the troubles started from this.

My tracks.db is about 16MB - a critical size? So it would be better to export tracks to an archive folder on sd-card and import them when needed.

BTW: no vector-map was selected, but a sqlitedb (a large one)

Hope you receive the mail now.
I hope someone can help me: I use Locus Pro very frequently but am unable to start it anymore...

I installed 2.13.1, I think it worked for some times normally (But I am not sure about that, because I rarely used it the last few days).

2 days ago it started to crash again and again when I try to start locus. Mostly the following happens:
During start routine between 60-70% (,,Vorheriger Status" – ,,Tracks" (I use the german version)), it takes abnormally long, then at 80% at ,,Initialisierung...Online-Karten - Kartenelemente  it crashes.

In rare cases the start routine finishes (still after abnormally long 60-70%), but at first action it crashes.

I created a Catlog File as described and sent it per mail.

Do I have access to recorded tracks on my sd-card? Mayby one of the last tracks is broken somehow?!?
Or is there a Maximum size for tracks-db?

However, I definitely need locus on Saturday for several days (Mountainbike-tour in the alps)!!!!
I have an older Version of Locus Free installed but don't want to mess up database-versions.

I use an unrooted Defy with Android 2.2.2

Thanx for any assistance!!!
I don't find this in locus:
I made a simple test calibrating a photo on board. How can i remove this 'overlay'(?) again? Only way i found is deleting the kmz file in the 'mapitems' folder. Is there a better solution?
Thanx for help
Tools / Re: [Function] Live Tracking Test Service
August 14, 2012, 13:20:00
Yes that would be helpful, especially when your friend, family or whoever uses a smartphone!
I really appreciate the edit-function to get rid of some errors when recording a track. Sometimes (when I forget to pause the recording while I enter a building) a location is recorded thousands of km away.
So some of my bike-trips have around 15.000 km :-)
After correction of the track by using the new edit-feature the short summary in the tracklist (duration | km) under the trackname still shows the old (wrong) km, while the 'information'-window shows the correct one.
How can I update the summary?

And something else:
the track-length in the track list is shown in km up to a certain date (about dec. 2011 in my list). After that the length is shown in metres in the format 123456m. A '.' would be very helpful --> 123.456m or otherwise the 'old' km-value like 123.5km (for me the better solution). (Where) can I configure this?!

I really use this app a lot - for me the perfect assistant for hiking an biking!!!
updated to 2.4.2 today, everything is working now. Thanks!
Troubles & Questions / Locus Shop not working
June 01, 2012, 12:01:41
I get an Error when selecting Locus Shop from the main menu. The error is not specified an further (in german; "Fehler: Unerwartetes Problem!..."
Locus (Pro) Version 2.4.0
Android Version 2.1
Smartphone: Motorola Defy

I would have liked to check the download fee for OSM-Cyclo Maps.

Implemented / Re: Editing Saved Tracks?
May 22, 2012, 10:33:30
I support this, especially to delete single waypoints in the middle of a recorded track and say "Connect the point before and after this (deleted) waypoint".
Sometimes you forget to pause recording when moving too far away from your BT GPS Mouse or go into a shop....

That looks great! Do you have to run a server yourself? Or is it possible to use exiting sites?

Sorry if this is a silly question but i dont have programming skills at all...
I'm also very happy that you have implemented this feature and can hardly wait to get more info how it works - whether there is some 'public' Server where you can send your pos to or something like that.

With that feature Locus would definitly be perfect for me!
no......  :oops:  1.9.1
works after update.