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Yeah, I have been using the Share functionality to update my position on a map, so my parents can follow me on my holidays. I have a computer with an old cellphone connected, using gammu to read the SMSs, and some python scripts to parse them. If this could be automated from Locus somehow that would be nice, but it will cost a lot of SMSes :-)

Maps / Re: [MAPS] - Vector maps
July 18, 2011, 09:14:44
I have these on my dropbox acount, made in May and June:

[dropbox links removed]

Plus these two:

Australia/Oceania: //
Spain: //


edit: OK, I didn't think about the dropbox download limit. I will check my own provider also. For the moment I will leave spain and aus/oceania.
Strange - I tried again, now the speed is there, and it is not 0, like it was when I tried it last time.

Maybe I had bad connection, therefore no speed in point.

Anyway, it wotks :)

Other features / Re: vector maps
July 12, 2011, 07:32:10
Quote from: "berkley"Some short question to all the great mappers in this forum:
(1) Are the vector maps based on OSM because of licensing issues or because of technical limitations of other map sources?
(2) Are the boundaries of vector maps given by some server or is it possible to create your very own OSM vector map?
Mostly licensing I think, plus the fact that the OSM data is documented.

You can easily create your own. If you downloaded the whole of europe for example, you can use osmosis to cut out the bit you want, and save the data in a file. Then run the vector map creator. If you just download a country from for example cloudmade, then these have also been extracted from the whole of the planet OSM data.

Quote from: "berkley"(3) Is it at least theoretically possible to use some other map source than OSM (Google, OutdoorActive) to create a vector map?
Data is data :) if the format is described, then it should at least in theory be possible...

Quote from: "menion"durian: don't understand ... speed is at selected point at bottom. First are copied stats from track in actual added place and at bottom are stats from point
Speed is indeed in the GPX/HTML, but it is not shown when you look in Locus. When you click on point, and get screen with info I mean. Then there is no speed. (small detail, I know :-) )

Quote from: "LosBrinkos"I like the offline maps functionality because I'm often abroad.
I found two things:
- I noticed that the map of the Netherlands is sometimes not completely drawn. A large square keeps white.
I also used  the map of Turkey, but using that map I didn't noticed it. Maybe something in the chart data?
- Minor issue: When downloading the map the text in the download bar (map size) is not visible initially. It becomes visible during the download.
Keep on the good work!
The white squares occur sometimes, I also think it i something in the data. I noticed that when you zoom in enough in the Netherlands, the details get drawn again, so the square is not on all zoom levels.

I have the same white squares in Garmin OSM maps which can be downloaded from // Mkgmap seems to have a problem with the data too...

I was wondering if we could get the speed as well, in the HTML, it has pretty much everything else,

(edit) It looks like the speed is there, but not on the popup in Locus if I click on a point added to a track?
Troubles & Questions / Strange crashes
July 04, 2011, 22:42:10
I had some strange crashes the last few days. It just happened again, and I saved (included here) the error and crash log.

It happened after importing 1012 POIs, looking around on the map, and pressing on exit. After the exit, the whole Android hanged, resulting in force-quit of Locus.

Before the crash (when I uploaded pois to the SD) I also saw that I got a directory called "null" on my SD, which contained al the Locus directories, (logs, data, etc), but empty. That must have happened in a previous crash.

I have been using both Forum test versions and pro versions, I have a feeling it started after I used one of the test versions - maybe I should deinstall them and only use Pro version? :)

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I click on a Poi, and choose calculate route, I get a choice for car/cycle/walking, and a checkbox for "fast". So far so good.

After I have done this once, I never get this choice anymore, and a route is calculate directly, without that dialog box with the car/bike/cycle. Even if I choose a completely different point, or even delete that first point (I am probably doing something wrong :) )

No, haven't tried that yet, will do!
Untested (as usual :-) ): //

I had the crash too, in the previous version, but I don't see the problem rijackson741 describes. Just came back from a small drive, used the widget to record, pause and stop. Afterwards Locus Free opens normally, without problems.

One thing I noticed, it seemed to switch off the GPS when pressing pause on the widget - but I have the "Keep GPS on when paused" switched on.

Another difference is that you see the track on the map after (auto-)saving when recording in Locus. After pressing stop in the widget the track is not displayed. Not a problem, just a small difference in behaviour :-)

Yes, widget runs fine here too, (auto)track saving works also.

Some extra info on the widget could be length/time of track maybe? Is that possible with widgets, maybe an update once a minute or something?

Only now I see that I can set the number of points to view on the current track if recording :)


Other features / Re: Geocaching TOOLS
June 29, 2011, 17:48:01
Not so often :) I just thought it would be a logical addition :)