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Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: AddOn - GpsTrace
October 31, 2012, 17:34:39
Quote from: "ville_sml"Test this version with leadtek 8m03, hopefully it works out of box.
This version also has MPTP emulator push support (for durian)
Thanks! But I think I need a manual :-) not sure how set all the settings,

edit: maybe this is "spoiling" your add-on a bit, and it should be added to the normal live-tracking.

Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: AddOn - GpsTrace
October 29, 2012, 09:52:08
Quote from: "ville_sml"If you need automatic position send trough SMS, I can easily add this functionality to gps transmitter emulator code (approx. 5 lines of code). Currently position can be polled by sending SMS to phone.
That would be cool!

Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: AddOn - GpsTrace
October 28, 2012, 08:16:47
Quote from: "ville_sml"GpsTrace can also act as gps transmitter, so you can attach your second phone to your dog's collar.
So I can use it to send my position from Locus to my telephone? Cool, than I can use it like the "Live Tracking" when there is no data connection available. I have an old telephone connected to an old Linux computer with "gammu" which can read the received SMSs and put them on a website or something.


edit: hmm, I guess I misunderstood? I thought the addon could send position periodically per SMS, but it looks I was wrong?
One decimal place is fine, as you say, more accuracy is probably useless,

I guess I'm the only one :)

I have a strange "problem" - it seems that all the points that are sent with the live-tracking function to my website are integers (in meters per second). If I look at the speed display in Locus while traveling, there are also smaller increments than 1 meter/second in the speed. So my question it my phone's GPS which only reports speed in integers, or is there something being rounded off somewhere? I realise that the speed displayed when traveling could be calculated from distance/time, and therefore has smaller fractions...

Wishlist / Re: Live Tracking name change
August 21, 2012, 21:57:18
Quote from: "menion"good and I think useful idea with cloning. Implemented
Great, thanks!

Wishlist / Re: Live Tracking name change
August 21, 2012, 11:25:02
It's not a big problem, but I have a few with silly names :-) I'm thinking maybe a 'copy' option, so it copies the settings and allows for a new name? That could also be useful to have similar "settings" with for example only the time interval different.

Wishlist / Live Tracking name change
August 18, 2012, 22:45:06

It would be nice to be able to change the name of the Live Tracking settings, at the moment the only option under the "tools" icon is delete :)

Oh, and an option to send the last point when closing the live tracking, I would like that too (for live tracking with larger time interval),

Wishlist / Re: Live Tracking send point on stop
August 02, 2012, 09:51:21
Was the "last point on stop" also implemented? In that case, it does not seem to work :-)

I just ran in the same problem (got my hands on an old BT-308). Using it directly from Locus gives only updates every 5, 10, or more seconds (approximately). Using it via an inbetween program which pretends to be a GPS is no problem.


I installed the latest update yesterday, and the GPS status icon (green/orange on the map screen), does not turn orange when the GPS loses its fix. Didn't it use to do that before?

I was also thinking about the gps time being wrong somehow. I used the "gps status" app to check but it only showed the time, not the date. If that is the problem then it depends maybe on the gps in the phone, so not all phones will have this problem...

Ah: //

It is strange. Here is the apache access.log from just now. I am sending time as {s} (parameter "dt") and in the human readable format (parameter "time":
78.69.nnn.nn - - [18/Jul/2012:10:14:40 +0200] "GET /trips/add_pt.php?lat=..&lon=..&dt=1342685680&time=2012-07-19T10%3A14%3A40 HTTP/1.1" 200 20 "-" "Locus/2.5.2 (Linux; U; Android; en-us)"
The server log shows the 18th, and the date on the values from locus are on the 19th. If I look on my phone in the date/time settings, it says that it takes the time from the network, and that the date is the 18th. Time zone is GMT+2. Also, if I show "Time, battery" in the Locus map, it shows "10:22, jul 18" now.

Where does it go wrong?!  :o

I am probably going mad, but.... I have the live-tracking to send the time in unix-epoch seconds, and it just sent "1342626462". If I convert that to localtime again, it is on the 18th of july. But it is only the 17th. The time itself seems right, but can it be 24 hours wrong? Bug in my telephone?