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Hallo sunshineh!

Gelegentlich zum Wandern nehme ich das HiLo-Wandertheme in Kombination mit den Openandromaps.
Gefällt mir recht gut. Vielleicht ist das ja auch was für Dich.
Infos dazu findest Du hier ->


...It's now found in Settings > Controlling > Map screen > Zoom according to speed
Thank you very, very much! (I didn't find the Settings for this Auto-Zoom...)
Hope it works now again.

During my last cycle-rides I discovered that the displayed map zooms out automatically without doing anything. Is there any I have to do? Some wrong settings maybe?
I never had this problem before...

just to imagine, see screenshots:
(yellow circle shows actual position)

GPS is on, display/ position set to be in the middle. This "Zoom out" happens when moving.

Thank you very much for your help!

I think it is for cyclists (road/gravel/randonneur/mtb) very, very helpful to have for "all" slopes different colours.
It makes a big difference for a cyclist (but asewell for  hikers e.g.) if you have parts of a track with f.e. 4% then 10% or 14%!

It is quite good right now - after a couple of rides in the mountains I recognized, that
green stands for around 0-2%,
light green - 2-4%,
yellow - around 4-7%,
orange - 7-9%,
red - 9-12%,
dar red - above 12% .

It would be nice if you could adjust:
Gradient 10-15% orange, 15-30% red and everything else in standard track color.
- you can set it manually just for the maximal slopes.

Not all are MTB-Cyclists - there are aswell the 'normal' Cyclists (s.a.), but aswell for hiking and trekking it is very important to know (all!) the slopes of a track and would be very helpful!

Best wishes!

Hello menion,
thanks for your reply - I always aprecciate your help!
Concerning slope/elevetaion diagramms I thought you are in contact with the developers of LocusPro so I hoped you might help me or push this theme forward.
I know there is aswell a "wishlist" (locusforum), but I do not see that this really works and that the developers of LocusPro have a look at it.

I really hope that the slope thing will be realised and that we do not have to wait too long... I know a lot of trekkers, hikers and cyclists who are eager to get this feature.

Thank you anyway!

Das heisst, die app an sich liegt aber weiterhin auf dem Gerätespeicher?
(nur Karten etc. sind auf der SD-Karte ausgelagert?)

Bei erstelltem individuellen Dashboard kann man sich bei Navigation oder Zielführung entlang eines dargestellten Tracks ein Diagramm mit dem Höhenprofil der Strecke darstellen lassen (mit Angabe der aktuellen Position):

Allerdings wird das Profil nur immer maximal für eine Strecke von 20 Kilometer angezeigt. Bei der Erstellung des Dashboards (Element "Diagramm" einfügen/ siehe screenshot) kann man bei der Festlegung/ Bearbeitung der Parameter für das Höhenprofil leider nur eine Strecke von maximal 20000 Meter eingeben (max. sichtbarer Bereich/ siehe screenshot).


Ist es irgendwie möglich, das Höhenprofil auch für längere Strecken (über 20 Km!) im Gesamten hier anzeigen zu lassen?
Ich denke gerade an Strecken bis zu vielleicht 150 Km - da ist es ganz hilfreich, deren Höhenprofil (wenn dann auch etwas gestaucht) über den ganzen Bereich sehen zu können.

Hat jemand eine Idee oder sieht eine Möglichkeit, diese maximale Begrenzung (20Km) zu ändern?
Vielen, vielen Dank! Grüße

It is not possible to select exact values.
Anyway, a "pencil" icon next to "slope" option allows defining automatic or manual coloring. Automatic spread color between minimal and maximal slope values found in track. In case of manual, you may define these limits.
Menion, did you find a solution for the "problem" I mentioned above?

see my reply #4 (

Thanks, menion, for your quick reply.
It is a bit sad that there is no reference-% (in case of selecting "slope" as one of the options) for each colour!

Automatic spread color between minimal and maximal slope values found in track.
I like the automatic mode so there I can see all colours/slopes - it would be great to get the reference value for the colours - an option for future updates or the locus-handbook.
I know - it is not possible to get the exact values - but it would be very helpful to know, if the slope is for example between 4-7% or between 8-11% or over 12% ... ((especially for cycling or hiking) ).

And the other "solution"/ way in Locus (graphic diagram with distance/height and slope) is very, very complicated and there is aswell no sign, where the selected point of the track is...

And within the routplanner - you can display the hight display (in this case very good WITH (!) the selected point - see "blue cross"/diagram and blue ring(map) - but still I miss there the displaying of the slope-data!

We miss this feature in Locus so much (by the way: Osmand did find  a solution to show the slope-% at each selected point)...

Please, it is a feature which is really, really helpful for all actives out there:
- to know what the slope-colours in a track refer to (circa % values)
- AND: to show at a selected point within a track the slope at that point!

Would be absolutely perfect if an update could manage this!
Thank you very much!

Hi menion!
But with the line style I do select "slope" to be coloured - see the screenshot.

It would be absolutely great if the colors would refer the to a value, f.e. green  0%, yellow 4-6%, orange 6-8%,red 9-12%, dark red > 12%.
Or can I do this by myself?

I just discovered that there is now a possibility to show the slope of a created track with a different coloured track line:

for what of gradient in percent do the colours stand for (red,orange,yellow,turquoise,blue and so on)?

Thank you very much for your help!

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: July 23, 2018, 07:20:13 »
Dear menion,

GPS crashed yesterday again several times. It was only one time possible to "create" the log (the one I have send to you).
I do not know what I am doing wrong (I took the instructions from here: - before I open Locus, I "Enable USB debugging" (developer options) + select "Take Bug report".
Just one time it showed me the report in the notification bar.


(btw: for sure I do not have activated the "Energy Option" of the mobile )

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: July 22, 2018, 09:26:14 »
... no, Samsung S5 neo w. marshmallow 6.0.1

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: July 22, 2018, 09:03:45 »
Sorry to hear about such troubles. Maybe it all comes from the first mentioned problem.
To solve this, usually best is to create a log right after crash happen, by this method. Thanks
It crashes again and again.....

I tried to create an bugreport - I hope it helps (I have send you the report by PM).
It seems that a lot of people do have this problem at the moment...

Best wishes

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: July 21, 2018, 07:38:20 »
Well, I hope I can get this log when Locus crashes again... (maybe others have the same problem at the moment).

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