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I guess when there is some (or total in extreme case) limitation that people find workarounds... One could be that they will start sharing downloaded map packages among them through download services as Rapidshare. One guy downloads (with older version of MOBAC e.g.) the files for some map area and others download this package. So this is good for the servers and not so good for users who cannot find files they want in the internet. I also think that most people need to download just smaller area for thei hiking and cycling trips so the idea of the day limit is OK for this case. Who wants the whole country then he/she downloads tha package as described above.
I agree that you could contact the OSM guys to help you find a solution for Locus. The download feature of Locus is no forbidden thing so you needn't be worried.
I also agree that Locus should identify itself with "Locus" ID to the servers, that's fair to the providers.
Other features / Re: Addon - FourSquare
May 04, 2011, 18:45:33
Thanks, that's it! Now the functionality is OK for me :)
Other features / Re: Addon - FourSquare
May 04, 2011, 18:29:26
Quote from: "menion"Hi,
  I currently do not add any method to simply clean temp items from map. Best is to close and start app again. And you're welcome of course :)

OK, but when I close the app and then start it again I still see the FSQ places there. Or do I miss something?
But it's no big deal anyway.. Thanks.
Quote from: "Mateles"I'd like to create maps from my computer, but as of 4/6, it looks like MOBAC lost a lot of map support due to licensing issues. I'd like to be able to create maps on my PC using Google maps, but these are no longer available in MOBAC.


You have to use MOBAC in version 1.9 beta 1 maximum - try this one ... -1-zip-zip - the last version with original widest range of data sources.
Other features / Re: Addon - FourSquare
May 04, 2011, 15:12:51
thanks for creating this thread..
Don't know whether the author of the addon is coming here, so hope that anybody else can help.
I just tried to run this addon, runs as expected, but I didn't find out how to clear the map in Locus out of FSQ icons. Finally I used Nastaveni / Ruzne / Vymazat cache - data (in eng version it could be Settings/Others/Clear cache-data -- sorry I don't run eng version). Is there any other method just to clear FSQ icons and not the whole cache?

I would also love to have Gowalla places within Locus. Does anybody know if there is a way to get them to Locus?

Thanks menion for this really great app, first chance to appreciate it and say thanks. Will be the first one that I buy in the Market!
Implemented / Re: KMZ files?
May 04, 2011, 14:13:50
KMZ is zipped KML file(s) - ... hives.html
You can create it manually - zip KML file and change .zip to .kmz