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Under review / Refresh of already cached tiles
June 03, 2011, 15:01:42
I still watching the development of refreshing outdated map tiles. I see you post at Cache expiration time. Thats half of a solution.

I also remember what you said
Quotead 1. it was requested here a lot of time. I know I have to do but I still have no idea how to simply implement into app. So if you search, you'll find few similar requests

MY idea would be

1. to use the already available download option. I can already download a part of a map and store it into the cache database used together with online maps. There should just be an option to force the download for tiles already stored within the cache. If I today try to download a map area a second time it will not download available tiles a second time. If you could add an option (even with some securitry questions to avoid unnessecary double downloads) to overwrite the already existing tiles it would be great.

2. to add new a menu option "refresh screen online" to just reload the currently visible screen from online.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
May 04, 2011, 15:36:31
I tried this addon while my daily running. First it seems to working great. Then I had the problem that the addon don't take my actual position to download caches. The addon takes a position about 4 km away from my actual position. There are more then 500 caches in a 5 km radius. So I get the wrong caches. :-(

1. It would be nice, if the addon just print out the acual position it takes while doing the download. So it is more easy to check some strange behaivor.

2. It would be nice, if it would be at least the actual position.
I'm using Locus with the Open Street Map. And I'm actively working within the OSM project and by that I very often change something on the OSM where I'm actualy are.

First: By doing changes at the OSM I'm very much missing a possibility to refresh already cached map tiles. Same as I can download a map a I just want to refresh the already cached map tiles that are actualy vissible at the screen. So I can see the new OSM version of a map without deleting the whole map cache.

Second: I also want a possibility to partially delete a map cache. Not delete all maps. Just one type of map like 'only the google sattelite'.