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Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: AW: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
February 01, 2013, 17:29:23
Hi druki,

I seen your reported error and it's very strange. It looks like your phone has low memory or you are updating cache with very, very, very big listing. Could you send me geocache code you are updating?

Anyway I upload a new version with fixed bugs. Could you try it?
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
February 01, 2013, 17:28:18
I uploaded a new alpha version with fixed bugs:
  • Fixed crash during updating geocache
  • Fixed wrong GUI for Android 4+
  • Better user experience if user is not logged in
  • Updated language files
  • Other minor bug fixes
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
January 25, 2013, 12:49:06
Hello geocaching players,

It has been a long time since the last version of Geocaching4Locus was released. And I think it's almost time to release a new version.  :mrgreen:

All main new features are finished and now it's about testing and fixing bugs.

So what is new from user side?
  • Redesign of search dialog: count of caches to download edit box is moved here from Preferences
  • Added possibility to insert GC code to import (can be attached to Locus right panel).
  • Improved Live map, now limited for 250 caches on a map
  • Added favorite points to geocache dialog
  • Rewritten login part - this should fix issues with login on a some phones
  • Used new Locus API
  • Improved updating of caches (no more need to import them again)
  • Some activities can be attached to Locus right panel, see Locus documentation.
  • And also a tons of minor changes invisible for user  ;)

Download link to test version: // UPDATED

I still need to translate some texts to other languages. If you want to participate, here is link to GetLocalization: //
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 23, 2012, 08:57:59
Hello everybody, a new version is out. Just now it's in accepting queue on Google Play thus it will become available within a few hours.

• Fixed a few reported problems in a log in process
• Better error message when server doesn't return valid response in the log in process
• Fixed other reported problems
• Added Slovenian language (by davidpanic1)
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 22, 2012, 07:01:04
It looks like you have wrong set timezone or time in android device. Anyway link to old versions you can found in a first post.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 19, 2012, 23:42:50
I need volunteers who have problem with logging in to test a new version: Geocaching4Locus-

I did some changes in login process, fixed missing error dialog for older Android OS and added getting a message from server side when error occurs. Please report this message via send report button in error dialog or directly using PM or e-mail ("> Thanks.
Edit: new link with fixed error about missing oauth_verifier.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 09, 2012, 20:18:24
stephan: Which browser do you use? It was changed because newer created accounts can't log in.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 08, 2012, 13:30:12
telman: Try version If you still getting a message "your session expired" try to open // on your android device and do the logout or clear cookies. Then try it again.

babi: First one: It's a limitation for Locus Data API because everything must be transfered in one time. Both me and menion know about it. The second: I will discuss it with menion.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 06, 2012, 12:20:25
Mek: I know about login problem. By my testing the login doesn't work with newer created accounts. This will be solved in a next version, where is implemented login different way (via OAuth). If everything will go right the new version will be published today evening (CET timezone).
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 06, 2012, 12:14:53
New test version, for OAuth authorization is used now Browser (it could fix problem with not showing software keyboard)...

Link: Geocaching4Locus-
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 05, 2012, 20:13:03
Uff... Changed Spoilers tab to a new Images tab.

Link to a new test version: Geocaching4Locus-
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 05, 2012, 19:04:42
You're right, dammit! Back to drawing board.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 05, 2012, 16:11:42
Betatesters needed!!!

I am ready to publish new long-awaited version 1.4.2(.1) that fix huge reported problem about logging to account and also bringing  new features from a wish list.

• Reworked logging to use OAuth authorization (ver.
• Added updating more caches via Points screen - Tools button
• Corrected coordinates from GSAK are now keeped as it
• Added a cache size filter
• Added creating Spoilers tab (experimantal)
• Fixed lot of crashes caused by device orientation changes
• Fixed other reported crashes

Note to OAuth logging: Because of unusable limitation for Basic Member the G4L mask as Geocaching for Android app from GS that not have this limitation.

Link: Geocaching4Locus-
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
August 05, 2012, 16:02:01
wlashack: Impossible, Geoaching API doesn't support this.

micska: Exclude caches by bookmark list is already on wish list :)
A ani nemůže, protože se tu celou dobu diskutuje o corrected coordinates nastavených na webu Každopádně pošli mi ukázku GPXka z GSAKu, mrknu na to.