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Sorry for late answer. I tried to sign in a same day as you sent the post and it worked without problem. But it seems Groundspeak has some trouble with servers on their side as menion wrote. Anyway if it happen again, please send the app logs with Preferences -> About -> Send feedback action and I will look on it.
I pushed it to top :)
Please change it here and let me know. I will then push the translation to the top to be present in a next version.
Hi Mek,

Unfortunately it's a feature since January 18, 2016. Groundspeak decided to drop time part from log date (because they are not able to work with timezones :o, yes stupid).

Starting Monday January 18th, we'll be stripping away the time precision and setting the time to be noon of the date, regardless of timezone. This is the approach that has been used historically by This change will standardize how the date logged parameter is interpreted across all platforms.

So there is no way to guarantee order of logs on all systems and platforms. I guess on website it's ordered by some internal id, whereas Locus Map order it by date (this is more question for Menion).

By the way we had already discussion about time logging here (in czech language)  [en translation].
Hello Guys,

Grounspeak introduced expiration of access token yesterday, which app get in sign on process. I have prepared a new version of add-on which handle this expiration properly also with other critical bug fixes.

Unfortunately I have a little problem to publish this new version to Google Play (some violation of intellectual property). I am in communication with Google Play team to solve this.

Until I solve the problem with Google Play, you can solve the error message "The access token is expired. (3)" with sign out and sign on again in add-on Settings - Account. Or install this new version manually from bellow link:

Version 2.0.3:
• Added Chinese (Taiwan) language
• Properly handling of access token expiration error
• Fixed a lot of critical bugs
• Send Feedback action attach logs to e-mail (Please prefer this way for contact me)
Hi peterchr,

It seems your time or timezone is not correct in your device. Could you check it in your Android settings?
Damn, yes, you are right. Sorry for my mystify. I tested it with Locus Map When I spoke with Menion, he told me that it should work also with 3.7.0. I didn't test with this version.
Did you read the post above?
About a map center issue, I published fixed add-on version 2.0.2 to Google Play. It should be available for 2 hours.
Yes, as Menion said. It's bug (feature) in Locus Map. I got more than 10 e-mails from users who are complaining about the same. By the way there is workaround in adding Nearest caches icon to map screen panel. It's described here in a manual:
We are saying: Less usage limitations for basic member Geocachers!

We (I think me ;)) published a new major version to Google Play.

Changes in version 2.0:
• Dropped support for Android 2.x and Android 3.x
• Less usage limitation for Basic Members (see Manual for more)
• Added downloading hints for Live map (must be enabled in setting)
• Added Send Feedback choice in Settings
• Added Chinese language
• Improved UI
• Bug fixes
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: update basic data
March 17, 2015, 13:27:47
Quote from: kryshtof on February 27, 2015, 09:08:53
Hey Aracao,

would it be possible to add update basic data (and maybe even update status) function? Something like geoget has...
For BM 3 caches/24h is too limited and often it's enough just to check/update cache status+coordinates.

Stay tuned, new 2.0 version will bring this. :)
"Show always notification" is now "Disabled notification".
Kdyby se chtěl do toho někdo pustit, tak tu je dokumentace:

A tady je Linuxový prográmek na stahování logů, včetně zdrojáků:
It's only beta just now. But yes, I increased it.