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These are barriers (e. g. gates etc.).

The conspicuous way they are displayed in the LoMaps also bothers me a lot and is one of the reasons why I tend to use LoMaps less. Unfortunately, there is no option in the themes to deactivate them.

Only in the "City" theme are they not displayed.
Ja gibt es. Im Routenplaner Menü "Neue Rundstrecke vorschlagen" wählen.

Wie brauchbar die Ergebnisse sind, muss jeder für sich entscheiden. Ich persönlich plane lieber selbst.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 08, 2023, 21:15:24
Correct. Download and installation of version 4.18.1 afa from GD works fine.
Thanks, Menion.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 05, 2023, 10:14:18
Quote from: michaelbechtold on August 05, 2023, 07:32:09I'm missing the 4.18.1 AFA on GD, Menion.
Me too.

Playstore shows new version 4.18.1 and I must take care not to update my AFA version accidentally...
I often want to create points with attached photos. In doing so, I want to have a clearly visible geometric icon and attach one or more photos to it.

There are 2 ways to do this, both of which require too many clicks:
1. "Quick new point": Here I can set default icons that will be used. Great. But if I make a photo as attachment, I have to choose every time if the photo should be used as icon or not (I don't want to, because the photo icons are badly visible on the map). Then still save. That's quite a lot of clicks. Here it would be nice to save at least the photo icon query by a default setting.

2. "Photo point". Actually great, as it is much faster. But in doing so, the photo is used as a point icon by default, and I have to manually set another icon again afterwards.

Ideally it would be, if one could specify an own Icon, which is used by default.

Or is there already a corresponding possibility or setting that I have overlooked?

Translated with (free version)
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 02, 2023, 16:16:33
I can confirm this.
However, if you use Google Maps in the browser, it works.
Sorry for the objection, but your problem is not one. If Youtube shows you advertising, it has nothing to do with Locus.
And you don't have to click on the link. I have never even noticed the video, although I have often downloaded articles from the Locus store.
@Menion: I have different apps to open / read PDF files, none of them can open PDF files as attachment to points from different folders:

Adobe Acrobat
Office document viewer
Office Suite pro
One read
Google Drive PDF Viewer

I repeat, if PDF file is located in the same folder like an attached image files (JPG etc.) PDF can be shown.
I have different apps that can open and edit docx files. Problem only occurs when a docx file is saved as an attachment to an point/waypoint in Locus.
I think it's an access problem.

I tried with 4 different attachments: pdf, jpg, txt and docx.

If files come from different folders, I can open only jpg.

If files are in the same folder, I can open jpg, txt and pdf. But not the docx.

Internal or external storage makes no difference.

Permissions for all files is granted (Verwaltung aller Dateien zugelassen).

LM AFA beta

I can confirm the problem. Attached PDF files cannot be opened (system error).
Hmm, something must have happen. Here is an example:

  • I have a recorded track (recording started too late, so I wanted to merge the missing first part).
  • I createt the missing part with route planner 2 days before.
  • I merge both tracks result shows fantasy values.

Today I create the same missing part again and merged it with the recorded track.
Result does not show fantasy values. Strange.

You can reproduce this with attached 3 tracks:

  • Recorded Track: 2023-07-13_Unterweißenbrunn__Bad_Neustadt_an_der_Saale_20km.gpx
  • Track 1 created with route planner: Startteil_mit_Routenplaner 24.07..gpx
  • Track 2 created with route planner: Track_with_route_planner 26.07..gpx

Merge the recordes track with track 1: Fantasy values
Merge the recordes track with track 2: No Fantasy values

Hello Menion,

still the same generation of fantasy-values with V Afa Beta
Hi Menion,

thank you for the answer. It makes no difference whether I merge the tracks with or without gap - if the section created with the route planner is at the beginning of the merged track, the nonsensical values are generated.

But if the section created with the route planner is at the end, there are no such fantasy values.
A small problem with the displayed track statistics for merged tracks:

Sometimes I forget to activate the track recording at the start of a tour and do this only after, for example, 0,56 km.
I then create the first 0,56 km with the route planner and then merge the two tracks. The part with the route planner logically does not contain any time values.

The merged total track then contains the correct total distance (e.g. 20,93 km, of which 20,36 km was recorded and 0,56 km was created with the route planner). The altitude profile is also correct.

However, nonsense is displayed for the track time: 469238:54:07.
Likewise with the pace: 1344958:37

I know that Locus cannot calculate correct values in this case. However, it would be more elegant if then nothing or 0,0 is displayed than such fantasy numbers.

Screenshot 1 shows the statistics of a recorded tour. Length 20.36 km.
The first 560 m are missing and were created with the route planner.
Screenshot 2 shows the statistics of the merged track (20.93 km).

(Such nonsensical values always occur when a recorded track and a track created with the route planner are merged).