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In the Geocache list, sorted by date, there is a clock icon next to the date. Since this is a date only, a small calendar icon would be clearer.
Latest version looks good, the points list now works like what I would call "intuitive"... ;-)

Scroll bar is also big enough again.  :)
Quote from: Lachnitt on September 18, 2014, 11:10:19
Wechsel der Themes (nur Locus) macht bei mir keinen Performance Unterschied

Hast Du mal das "Classic map theme" probiert (aus dem Locus Store)? Das ist bei mir deutlich schneller als die internen Themes, wahrscheinlich weil es weniger Details darstellt. Das nutze ich fast ausschliesslich.

Quote from: Lachnitt on September 18, 2014, 11:10:19
Locus als elektronische Karte - ich bin hier, da will ich hin
Raus zoomen ca. 20-30km auf den Bildschirm, ok das ist die Richtung, da will ich lang.
Das erfordert mehrfaches rein und raus zoomen und das Delay ist IMHO inakzeptabel.

Deswegen hatte ich vor langer Zeit mal "hybrid" maps vorgeschlagen, Vektor Maps, und ab einer gewissen Zoomstufe dann automatisches Umschalten auf Online- oder Offline-Maps.
Quote from: menion on September 17, 2014, 08:39:38
why not intuitive? I believe it's a lot more intuitive then before. You want to delete/update/copy/... some points? Well, start this function from bottom menu and then select points you want to delete/update ...

That's a matter of taste, of course. To me, it's intuitive to select some items first and then run an action on it. If the action is destructive, there might be an extra confirmation ("do you really want to...") optionally with an option to skip this confirmation in the future ("do not show this question again"). Now, it's the other way round: first select the action and then the items, then confirm...

I could get used to it, no problem. But (at least) to me, it's not intuitive.  ;)
Quote from: balloni55 on September 17, 2014, 08:16:09
click top right and the update of this caches start ;)
remark: if i select first 50 they are all blue marked ?!
Ah, got it, thanks! Well, that's not intuitive... Why do I have to confirm that I want to update some caches? For
deletion, that could be ok, but not for updating.

BTW, the scroll bar used to be much bigger. Now, it's very tiny and hard to grab with thick fingers...  ;)
In the list of geocaches if I select "first 50" and then "Tools -> Refresh Caches", after refreshing the right column with the "eyes" is hidden.

Troubles & Questions / Backup in Version 3.2.2
August 29, 2014, 08:50:41
In version 3.2.2, a full backup in Locus results in a file sized ~12kb (although Locus reports the backup as finished successfully), whereas my backups are usually 10-15 MB.

Since I don't believe in a new compression algorythm  ;) , I think there is something going wrong here...

Update 1: the zip file contains only a folder "_varios", "data" and "icons" is missing.

Update 2: seems to be fixed in (beta)...
Saw some crashes when working with Geocaches in the last weeks (updating, filtering etc), but I'm still on 3.0.2 and wanted to update before reporting them. Anyway, no crash at startup...
I'm missing the same and wrote a comment on that somewhere else (G+, iirc). I'm sure Menion is working on it...
Sure, for example near the AKW Phillipsburg. I'm sure these lines are not for 'Ökostrom'...

Quote from: jusc on June 27, 2014, 14:44:32
The mortorway junctions seem not to be in original Locus maps. Just tested with Germany map from store.

I can see motorway numbers and names of exits and junctions using the original Locus maps, so they should be in the map. (I downloaded single german states, not the whole But that shouldn't make a difference, I think.)

Small remark: pylons of high voltage lines are shown as wind turbines.

Very nice and useful theme, thank you for the work!
Setting "Automatic Offset" again in the altitude manager downloaded the file, the error message is gone now. Thanks for the quick response!
Regarding the new shop system:
In the previous version I could easily check which vector maps on my device are up to date and which maps need an update from the shop. In the new layout I'm missing this function, Is it possible to add an "check for updates" function?
Since updating to the latest vesion yesterday, I randomly get error messages regarding file access, mostly srtm files. See attachement.

The file WWW15MGH.DAC named in the message does not exist in my Locus folder. I didn't see this message in the previous Locus version. However, I can't see anything not working properly, it's just the message popup...
Quote from: fzk on May 30, 2014, 09:35:08
3. Wie erfasse ich weitere Stationen, wenn bis auf den Startpunkt, keine Stationen (Wegpunkte) angegeben sind?

So viel hat sich doch gegenüber der letzten Version nicht geändert.
Wegpunkte hinzufügen konntest Du vorher im Wegpunkte-Tab des Caches, über das "+" in der Titelleiste. Jetzt ist es ein Menüpunkt in dem neuen Side-Panel, das Du von rechts einblenden kannst.