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Troubles & Questions / NMEA recording no longer works
« on: November 04, 2019, 10:17:07 »
Hi everybody,

Until now it worked perfectly, but recently NMEA recording  no longer works on my LG G4.

In the advanced settings of GPS ans sensors, « NMEA recording » now appears in gray with two red round brackets (have a look to my screenshot). I can not change the setting anymore.

So I uninstalled Locus, deleted all Locus data, then reinstalled Locus : no effect

I also reseted my phone and reinstalled Locus :  no more effect.

Any solution to this problem ?


Locus Maps crashes when, in « GPS & Sensors » settings, I choose « Orientation via gps » or « Auto-change » for Compas orientation. It only works with « Hardware compass » option.

It worked in the past on my phone (LG G4), but no longer

Any solution to this issue ?


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