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Troubles & Questions / Re: Information missing from LoMaps
« on: September 10, 2019, 20:25:47 »
You should be aware of the major difference between OSMAnd and its OBF maps on one side, and Locus maps and Mapsforge compatible MAP maps.

Osmand uses its own map format and, AFAIK, generates internally the map index for POIs, allowing POI search and other operations over vector map objects.

Locus uses external Mapsforge libraries to display maps and to manipulate with them. It does not allow for now POI search or other operations, unless extra Locus POI index for LoMaps is provided.

And even the explicit index  may contain just subset of POIs with basic info, so it is pretty possible a bus stop is not "clickable", but is just a displayed feature of vector map.

@Menion or @Petr Voldan may provide more insight to this.

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Troubles & Questions / Re: Information missing from LoMaps
« on: September 10, 2019, 13:55:08 »
Try to download the Locus compatible map from, together with their elevate/elements theme if that help.

Check also, if somebody accidentally deleted the buildings from OSM.

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Troubles & Questions / Re: Information missing from LoMaps
« on: September 10, 2019, 13:34:10 »
Displayed map features are controlled by the used Mapsforge compatible map theme/style, that is usually configurable subset of the map data ( that is subset of  OSM data , plus some extra data, like isolines ).

Try to search for, install and try some external themes, e.g. on this forum or on other sites (, )

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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.39.+ ( 25. 7. 2019 )
« on: September 10, 2019, 12:28:45 »
describe it please little more. When I open route planner, then hide the app by "home" button and then again over hope button display list of apps and choose Locus Map, I'm back in route planner. Same does not happen to you?

Prerequisite: Having the Beta Locus icon on the Home screen.

Actions to reproduce the issue:
Launch Locus Beta
Open the Route planner ( in my case from the poping up side bar )
Press the Home button
Press the Locus Beta icon again
The route planner is gone.

I confirm if I do it your way, bringing back from the task list, it works OK, i.e the Route planner has stayed open.

Perhaps pressing icon of already launched application makes some initialization. But, it works OK for the Locus Release.

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Well, it was a false alarm.

I know 4 %X% parameters have been implemented in Locus some 2 years ago, but I kind of thought it was hardcoded to internal embedded variants of my car and bike profiles.

I remember recent discussion in the forum or BRouter Github repository about enhancing the implementation.

I have originally tested the %X% parameters on the Locus beta only.

Now, I have tested it on Locus release version, and it works as well.

But I still think only is_wet, avoid_unpaved and 2 other car related parameters ( avoid_toll?, avoid_motorways?) have been implemented.

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Attached set of the generated Locus-aimed development profiles for testing, involving previously implemented  %is_wet% and %avoid_unpaved% Locus dialog parameter.

There are no -dry and -wet versions anymore*), as it is addressed by the dialog settings.

There remains Trekking-Dry just to distinguish itself from the original BRouter profile.

Works already for Locus release version.
(originally thought beta is needed).

*) For BRouter-web and other application, full set including wet profiles will be generated.

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I have currently modified the development not yet submitted script and the bike template.

Code: [Select]
assign   is_wet     0 # %is_wet% Wet_conditions
If there is used the scope parameter "locus" instead of "all", the script does not generate both dry and wet profile variants, but just the universal version.

The %is_wet% parameter ( original iswet was not recognized ) is switchable in Locus ( tested in beta ).

I will do the same for generation of other bike profiles.

Full generation is kept for Brouter-web uploads ( for now?) and for other applications.

I have experimentally added another parameter, recognized by the Locus dialogue, to the bike template:


as the stronger version of %is_wet%.

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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.39.+ ( 25. 7. 2019 )
« on: September 07, 2019, 10:46:58 »
I have noticed in the latest beta that it escapes the route planner if I leave the application and then return back. I have to open the planner again.

This does not happen for the release version. I return back to the route planner there.

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I have idea about high level parameters, influencing multiple low level parameters at once ( well, it is already partially done e.g with MTB_factor ), where their non default value would override eventual explicit settings by low level parameters.

These parameters could be exposed to Locus by already existing syntax

Code: [Select]
assign parameter default # %parameter% short desc | long desc
as is done at Locus internal profikes
( but must be hardcoded in Locus, it is not dynamic )

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Largely improved beta version of Linux / Android termux script "sedbatch",

originated from the Windows batch,  for generation  of  ( not only ) my BRouter profiles.

It can e.g. generate directly on the phone release and development versions of my profiles, or  standard 2 variants of Jacob's streetbike profiles and 4 variants of zossebart's MTB profiles.

It can be done either from GitHub links,
either from your local git repositories.

Extensive comments are inside the script.

The stript cannot be used as us, as you have to configure for your environment, at least the folder constants.

Constructive feedback is welcome.

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Themes - Vector maps / Re: desktop app
« on: August 28, 2019, 06:04:31 »
Has the developer spoken explicitly about the v4 data, or has he implied the older, but valid info about the v3 Locus edition (LE).

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Themes - Vector maps / Re: desktop app
« on: August 28, 2019, 04:23:04 »
MF v3 maps have a special Locus edition,
but what about MF v4 maps and themes ?

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Add-ons / Re: Locus Addon HeartRateAlert
« on: August 26, 2019, 09:59:21 »
Hello (zigzag)

is there any manual, how to start and stop your add-on, how to change between the profiles?
Best regards, Joska

Hello Joska,

in myexperience, there is no explicit start/stop for the addon. There much be established a connection to the HR monitor., in respective BlueTooth or ANT manager.

The realtime HR itself may be displayed by a suitable dashboard, and/or set to be initiated by a track recorder. In the latter, there is mentioned the avg and max HR withing the track statistics.

Add-ons / Re: Locus Addon HeartRateAlert
« on: August 26, 2019, 09:39:26 »
I have made a very-very simple addon to tell on your heart rate zone changes.

Hi zigzag,

I have recently bought Xiaomi MI Band 4 and decided to try you addon.

It works as expected. I have even involved all 4 profiles. ( your values, original values from Band 4 ,  6 zone values from some training web with 2 different possible HRmax ).

There are various heart rate zoning generally, but many sources for common usage use five, round-percentage HR zones like your addon, with various zone name wording.

( Percentage of Max Heart Rate - HRmax )

50-60 Easy/Recovery
60-70 Fat burning  -long sustained effort
70-80 Aerobic
80-90 Anaerobic
90-100 Max HR rone/ VO2mx zone.

But I see one major difference.

Most of sources relate the zone percentage simply to HRmax, but your addon relate the percentage to interval HRrest-HRmax.  As my HRmin is about 32% of HRmax, it brings significant shifting toward HRmax.

Could you comment that ?

Experience notes:

I have realized I am in zones  usually 1--3 ( wrt HRmax, not wrt HRret-HRmax interval ) during fast walking, but at subjectively comparable exercise/breathing effort, I am in zones 3-5 ( 70-95%HR) during cycling.

I have to try going really slow and relaxed, subjectively feeling like very lazy cyclist, to be able to keep zone 3 and not going higher..

Perhaps my HRmax is higher then I suppose, I am 54 and my HRmax is supposed to be 166 ( 220-age ) or 170 ( 208-0.7.age ). I have used 170. Measure max rate by thge addon was 166 by I have invoved just 1 30s max effort during my 3.5hour bike trip. I have no trouble to sustain anaerobic zone 4 for 1-2 hours.

I was going to try High intensity interval training, recommended for faster fat burning ( 20 min warm up in zone 2, 4-6 cycles  ( 30s max effort + 4-5 min relax in zone 2 ).. I have realized zone 2 means very low effort cycling..

Similarly, I have a script in use for termux, that downloads and properly places RD5 files of BRouter and Mapsforge compatible MAP files for OpenAndroMaps or ( useful for central Europe, with frequent updates ).

The download is intelligent enough, skipping downloading if the local files are "new enough", with threshold set in the script.

It is driven by a list of abbreviated parameters.

"./ 0 1 cz"
downloads to the target folders
RD5 files for Czech Republic
and Czech Republic map from

For different locations, it may not be directly usable, until modified to download relevant files.

For this case, take it as inspiration and a template to modify.

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