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[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Re: BRouter Version 1.4.8
« on: August 30, 2016, 18:21:01 »
!The issue is no method  "from,via,nogo,to"  / Das Problem ist, keine Methode "von, über, nicht gehen, auf"

Google Übersetzung
Aah, ich sehe. Dann ist es in der Regel 50 bis 200 km, es hängt sehr auf OSM Wege Dichte, verwendet passcoefficients und schließlich verbot kleine Wege.

Nach dem Check ist der angezeigte Fehler die pass0 den 60er Jahren mit der Empfehlung eines anderen Routing-Dienst Timeout überschritten. Die msg disppeared zu schnell zu erfassen.

  Längere Strecken müssen als Vorstufe des brouter Timeout freien Server-Modus von-bis Strecke Vorkalkulation. (Ich frage mich, warum es nicht einige am Leben Ping-System in der API halten implementiert)

Original message
Aah, I see.  Then it is typically 50-200 km, it very depends on OSM ways density, used passcoefficients and eventually forbidding small ways.

After check, the displayed error is the pass0 crossed the 60s timeout with recommendation of another routing service. The msg disppeared too quickly to capture.

 Longer routes need as the pre-step the BRouter  timeout-free server mode from-to route precalculation. ( I wonder why there is  not implemented some keep alive ping system in the API )
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Pokud máš v nastavení Konfiguracce BRouteru Vlastni profily vypnute, tak nijak - vse je jak pri starem, porad se pouziva  mapovani v BRouteru.

Pokud máš v nastavení Konfiguracce BRouteru Vlastni profily zapnute, tak Locus pouziva vlastni mapovani a posila kod profilu primo do Brouteru. Mapovani profilu v BRouteru se obchazi. 

Vyhledove bude mozne toto mapovani rucne nastavit,
ale zatim - udajne vyhledove asi do puky rijna - je tam natvrdo

  Mode            Profile
  Car-fast        Car-FastEco
  Car-short       Car-Short
  Bicycle-fast    Trekking-Fast
  Bicycle-short   Trekking-MTB-Medium
  Foot            Walking

Takze pro Tebe to zatim nama vyznam zapinat.
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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.18.x (27. 6. 2016+)
« on: August 14, 2016, 02:51:35 »
Every request with a remote profile saves that profile on the brouter-side as brouter/profiles2/remote.brf

So after a timeout, you can repeat that long-distance calculation using the brouter-app, using the exact same destination point and a close-by starting point. That will automatically store the "reference-track" as brouter/modes/remote_rawtrack.dat, and with the help of that file the next try from Locus is guaranteed not to time out. Same for automatic recalulations (using endpoint priority). Recalculations should always be faster than the initial ones.......

It could be better from user convenience view,
if BRouter, seeing start destination distance bigger than a threshold,
would calculate the reference track and the first route calculation directly,
sending via API some kind of "keep alive ping".until finished.

As if used for cars, ( even if aware of turn restriction issue ), the timeouts may be rather the rule then exception.
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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.18.x (27. 6. 2016+)
« on: August 12, 2016, 16:04:18 »
What about - perhaps a crazy idea - general expandable list of "slots" for the Locus Routing

It would have
Slot Name ( like Fast Tollfree - car would be seen from the icon )
Mode, projected to the slot icon ( car, moped, bike, foot, canoe ). For BRouter may be extracted from Profile code
User routing service ( Mapquest, OSRM, GraphHopper, BRouter )
Optional legend - extracted or typed
Dynamic routing  options ( possible ?? ) like
     already available options for existing services ( car/bike/foot, fast/short for OSRM etc,)
     for Mapquest also toll, unpaved ...,
     For Brouter the used profile + extracted list of defined parameters.( or just predefined fixed list )
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Licence Android aplikaci, pochazeji - li z Google Play Store, jsou vazane na Google ID, Takze vam to dovoli nainstalovat PRO verzi znova,
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SQliteDB je databázový formát - na to by se winrar neměl pouštět. V rámci DB formátu - který není specifický pro mapy, je víc způsobů, jak v rámci teto databaze ulozit mapu.

SQLiteDB soubor by se mel jak je ulozit do složky <korenovy adresar SD karty>\Locus\maps
a po spusteni by jej Locus mel umet rozpoznat a vybrat. Muze se stat, ze nic nezobrazi, pokud by to byl format Locusu neznamy. Konkretni slozka muze zaviset na Vasi verzi Androidu.

Shodou okolností jediný uživatel Locus, ktereho znam osobne, je muj dobry kamarad  lesák z UHUL, ktery s GISem a porostovými mapami dělá  a do map je blázen. Kdyby se nedarilo, mohu vas zkusit zkontaktovat.
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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.18.x (27. 6. 2016+)
« on: July 22, 2016, 12:46:12 »
Thank you for comments about names of themes. I'll discuss it with team - "Hike & Bike" / "Ski" could be ideal solution. BUT you gave me another idea - "General" theme. What about to remove City theme and create something between City and Hike & Bike. Menion gonna kill me but I like this idea.

IMHO, I would keep scenario themes as the baseline, with bunch of check-in options to tweak them,
like Elevate theme for OpenAndroMaps ( Hiking / Cycling / City, each with lot of options )
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[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Navigace podle trasy
« on: July 19, 2016, 09:26:37 »
V Locus se da BRouter pouzit nekolika zpusoby

1/ importovat GPX trasu z BRouter webu
2/  importovat GPX trasu z BRouter aplikace s vyuzitim waypoints z Locus
3/  importovat GPX trasu z BRouter aplikace s vyuzitim specialne pro BRouter pojmenovanych Locus waypoints from, via1..via9  to
( Naklikat trasu vytvorenim vyse pojmenovaneho startu, postupnych bodu a cile, a BRouter po spusteni vygeneruje GPX,
ktery se importuje z Locus Mapovych polozek
4/ standarni navigace pres GUI, s nastavenim BRouteru jako offline navigacni service.

Edit: Připravená GPX trasa z BRouteru ( app nebo webu )  se samozřejmě dá kombinovat s vyuzitim BRouter pro prepocitavani trasy při odchylce z kurzu. ( prepocitavani je tusim jen v Locus PRO )
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Troubles & Questions / Re: Waypoint time stamp
« on: May 30, 2016, 07:52:50 »
Timestamps are not really needed for proper matching of hints and trackpoints, as they are redundant info even for multipass case. Coordinates and point order should be enough, if Locus uses pointers for both passed trackpoints and navigation points

Edit: If Locus is following the pointers above, no timestamp info is needed. If pointer info is destroyed for whatever reasons,  neither timestamp info helps, if we ended in ambiguous multipass part of the route. For non ambigious part, pointers can be easily reestablished without timestamps.

Timestamps would make sense if used with an added value of estimated point arrival ( relative to start ). For BRouter case, this can be done with the advantage of present elevation info.
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I have turned off recalculation for testing purposes, using latest Trekking-poutnik.brf profile template.
having GPS off, screen of Locus placed near of the middle of the route.

If the route is generated by Brouter and imported as GPX file , it works as expected, switching between navigation ( hints ) and navigation-guidance ( question mark ), if I move the pointer around the route.

If the same route is calculated via Locus navigation interface, it switching to pure Guidance mode ( The guidance icon )
and will not revert to navigation when on the route.

Edit: Also, for route calculated via the interface, there are not displayed the hint points.......
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Hmm, vypadá to, že jsi soubory ze složky  v archivu okopíroval přímo do  Locus složky themes,
zatímco jsi tam měl okopírovat celý adresář, např HiLo nebo UniGCCZ.

Jinými slovy themes / složka s názvem tematu z archivu/ soubory a složky daného tematu
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[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Složka s body a trasami
« on: May 12, 2016, 19:18:50 »
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Já používám mapy a UniGCCZ tema.   
Pokud Lomaps obsahuji tagy barevneho znaceni KCT, melo by to byt pouzitelne i pro ne.

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