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Troubles & Questions / Re: Trouble with track navigation
« on: October 27, 2015, 09:36:57 »
Thanks for your input and suggestions, guys.
I'll will gradually work through it and come back with the results.

Troubles & Questions / Trouble with track navigation
« on: October 25, 2015, 23:16:43 »
There are lots of matches for "track" and "navigation" here, but none seems to quite fit my problem.
Which is: I want to use the polygon-based navigation that should work for tracks without embedded navigation instructions - but can't get it to work

I recall that I had it once working, but now, after changes in Locus version, Android version and device, its gone.
I don't expect this method to be 100% perfect for e.g. forks with a small angle, but at least one would expect it to work for a rectangular turn, right?. I  simply don't get a notification tone when I approach the next track point or when there is a significant change in direction. I set up strict routing, notify every point etc. - nothing, zero, niente, nada, nitschewo.
Recently I was really fed up: I spent some effort to create a nice trail running track on small pathes with many turns. Relying on appropriate notifications I set out to follow it with my headphones on (as I need my eyes on the path and not on the display). But Locus wasn't of any help here because it simply remained silent and thus spoiled the entire run. I had a similar experience with a mountainbiking trip before, which was not as bad as I had the phone mounted to the bike and had visual control of the track.
Any help on this one is appreciated because this really reduces Locus' value for me drastically. If I cannot resolve it I may need to seek another solution. But I cannot believe that Locus cant do this - I guess I am rather too dumb to find the right settings.

Thanks for the blazing fast answer, menion.
I guess then I'll go with the "recenter after delay" workaround for now.

What about adding this button to the side panel, then. Did not see it among possible selections.

A quick search in the wishlist and the forum did not yield an obvious answer, so I'll ask here:

Since I've got my 5 inch smartphone I find it increasingly difficult to use the "center map to current location" button of the bottom panel (the cocentric circles) one-handed. I am a right-handed person and the reach of my right thumb is limited. So now sometimes I hit Android's back button, other times the rotate map button of Locus.

I would prefer to have the buttons reordered similar to customizing those of the side panel. Unfortunately I did not find a way to achieve this. Did I miss something?


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