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Ich mache das ähnlich, aber mit Trackpunkten.
Während der Aufzeichnung erzeuge ich einen schnellen Punkt, wo ich dann "Trackposition" auswähle.
Der Punkt wird erstellt, ich wähle ihn zum Editieren aus. Dort gehe ich auf Anhang, drücke +, Foto aufnehmen, knipse was immer an der Stelle relevant ist, (es gehen auch mehrere) und speichere.

Das Ganze wird dann mit dem Track und nicht als einzelne WP gespeichert.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Annoying default behavior of WP/Track "Edit"
« on: September 21, 2017, 15:56:02 »
I've improved current behavior for edit screen of points/tracks and export screen
Test it in next version and let me know if it's ok.

That's why I believe in democracy  ;)
Thank you for the quick incorporation of our feedback, menion.

Looking forward to the next version (which will be 3.25.6?)

Troubles & Questions / Re: Annoying default behavior of WP/Track "Edit"
« on: September 12, 2017, 10:58:56 »
I do not want to change the name. But the "export" button is hidden under the keyboard.

Thanks for the clarification, Josef. Your use case is then actually similar to my "not-now" one I described in the previous post.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Annoying default behavior of WP/Track "Edit"
« on: September 12, 2017, 08:47:32 »
+1  The same thing when exporting a recorded route.

IMHO this is not exactly comparable.
Exporting/saving a new item usually follows a certain workflow that begins with providing a name for the new item, as you typically want to replace the auto-generated Date-Time Tag. So having everything set up for entering a new name is desirable here. My trouble occurs when working with existing items.

But in my particular case you are even right. Often, when I stop recording a track in the field, I am very bad at typing: fingers are wet or dirty, the display may be covered with raindrops after a bike ride so you cannot type well or  I may simply be too exhausted after a run. In these cases I initially accept the auto-generated name and just save. Later, in relaxed and dry conditions I make the modifications. So yes, even when newly creating a track/WP/route entering a name may not be the thing you do by default. But here I admit that this is subject to personal preference.
However: not so for the edit-later case, this really should be changed.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Annoying default behavior of WP/Track "Edit"
« on: September 11, 2017, 14:58:05 »
In case you really want to edit the item name it is of course convenient.
Otherwise selecting a potentially multi word name can be cumbersome, too.
(Mark one word, extend selection to entire title on a small screen....)

As the functionality to mark the entire title and bring up the keyboard is there already, the best of both worlds would be if we had a dedicated rename button.

Troubles & Questions / Annoying default behavior of WP/Track "Edit"
« on: September 11, 2017, 10:00:23 »
It happened more than once that I was bitten by this, so I thought I discuss it here.

My problem:
When you select to edit an existing track/WP, the default behavior is, that the title is selected and the keyboard comes up. Unfortunately this happens with some delay. Now, there are quite some other things you can do in edit than renaming the item. So you aim for e.g. changing the folder or the activity or the color or another option, but when you hit the screen the keyboard has replaced the icon you were aiming at.
What happens then is that you hit some arbitrary character and overwrite the item name. To revert this you need to select the menu and discard your changes. As I mostly do not want to rename the item this bites me over and over again and I do not seem to get used to this.

I would prefer that Locus does not try to guess what I want to edit and just bring up the edit menu.
Maybe this is a problem with my decive (Moto G3), so firstly I wanted to check if anyone else faces the same problem.

Thanks !

[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Re: Trackaufzeichnung
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:32:37 »
beim Aufzeichnen eines Tracks erscheint hinter der gefahrenen Strecke eine farbige Fläche die große Teile der Karte verdeckt. wie kann man das abstellen
Mir würde noch die Option "Fläche füllen" für die Track Darstellung einfallen. Gemeinsam mit geringer Transparenz hätte das den Effekt.

This behavior has been around for quite a while already, I recall running into it at least a year ago.
Don't think this has been newly introduced with an API change.

What helped in my case was to add some of these variable placeholders like date, found counter etc.
As these get populated automagically the form field will not be empty.

Troubles & Questions / Dynamic direction pointer in Dashboard?
« on: June 27, 2017, 14:49:19 »
Can I add a dynamic direction pointer to the Dashboard?

A quick search only delivered this post, where a similar question was raised some time back. I am not aware that there was either an answer back then or an implementation in the meantime. But I may have missed it...

Background: I was paddling the other day and my phone with Locus in guiding mode was packed in a waterproof pocket, in bright sunlight and a little away between my feet. (And me wearing sunglasses instead of my reading glasses) No chance of seeing the details of the guiding panel under these circumstances  :-\

Now I had the idea of creating my own custom dashboard with the relevant information in giant size.
I recall from the old Garmin days that you could have a direction pointer in the "trip screen". I searched around in Locus and found dashboard items for bearing, course, azimut, some along with a symbol. I adjusted the sizes to giant and looked forward to testing. Unfortunately the symbol is just what the name suggest - a symbol of what this element is supposed to represent. A static symbol, that always points to the same direction, no matter how you are moving.
So this was a dead end.

I tried compass guiding view, but the readability is not good enough, especially the heading marker does not stand out enough.

I then tried the freshly added guiding line parameters. Cranked the width up to 350% which came near to what I imagined. But there is a twist here as well: although you are offered to adjust color and opacity of the guiding line, this does not make the line transparent to allow a look at the map items underneath. Instead, the color just got a little lighter.

I may be good with this workaround, but I am wondering whether there is a better solution for this. Especially, as I would need to revert these guiding line settings manually each time I am done with canoeing. This would really be better isolated in a dashboard I can activate temporarily.

Any know solution or hints?

Troubles & Questions / Re: physical point in geocaching GPX
« on: June 08, 2017, 15:25:23 »
Not sure why exactly this happens.
But it seems that these additional waypoints are considered temporary, because they disappear, as soon as you clean up the map from temporary items (the eye symbol, not sure what the corresponding menu entry is....)

die Einstellung der Farbe und Beschriftungsgröße der Zielführungslinie ist ab V 3.23 nichtmehr in der config, sondern unter den Einstellungen zu machen.
Einstellungen/Zielführung/Darstellung auf der Karte
Nach dem Update müssen die beiden Werte erneut (einmalig) nach eigenem Geschmack eingestellt werden ;)

Gut, die Farbe hätten wir damit. Was ist mit dem Linienstil bzw. der Stärke? Da gefiel mir das Aussehen auf deinem Screenshot schon besser als dieses dünne Gestrichel, was der Default zu sein scheint. Dazu finde ich nichts in den Einstellungen. Ist das dann weiterhin in der config Datei zu ändern?

Thanks menion and balloni55.

I was afraid that the formatting cannot be influenced by Locus, as the colours resemble the ones on the website that provides the wms data.
This in turn also brought me to the solution proposed by balloni55: Since on the website the FFH areas are sufficiently good visible I thought of varying the base map in Locus to increase the contrast. Switchit to "City" helps,  I will further play around with it.
(Initially I was hoping the night mode may help, but the additional layer is inverted too  >:( )

Minor improvement: is there a way to influence the rendering of the individual layers?
Especially the FFH/Natura 2000 areas are barely visible.

Great, just tried it successfully.
Thanks for the quick and helpful reply ;D

Troubles & Questions / Map overlay with protected nature areas?
« on: May 22, 2017, 10:35:37 »
I frequently do "location scouting" for new geocaches while on a tour.

It would be desirable to check the protection status of the area of a potential hiding spot already while being there. This would also allow for searching a problem-free alternative in case of conflicts.
My usual source for this kind of information is this website, where I can activate various layers:
Here an example.

However, the "workflow" is pretty ineffective, as one would detect potential conflicts only after the tour.
Is there a way of achieving this in Locus, preferrably with an additional overlay on the offline map?

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