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What a shame!  I thank you for your efforts.  Meanwhile I shall attend to the log files.

Would you believe it?  I was repeating the action that caused the "Unfortunately, Locus Pro has stopped." message, in order to create a logfile.  It did not appear.  I checked that GraphHopper was the selected router and yes, it was!  I have chosen a destination and it works!  Let's celebrate (while keeping fingers crossed)!
What I love is that requesting a short route by foot from my home, most routing applications will insist upon taking a nearby road instead of footpaths where available.  GraphHopper has been the first I have experienced to take the same route as I would and has done so in several other cases to date, too.  That is why I am an advocate of it.

See attachment.  Tapping 'england.osm' displays another 'england.osm', nothing more.  Should it?

Moving england.osm-gh out of england-gh and deleting england-gh folder as in screenshot attached makes no difference.  I powered off the 'phone, too, and cleared the cache, just in case.

This is my first time attempting to use GraphHopper.  I placed addon_0.1.0.7.apk in the root of my internal storage and installed it from there.  Its 'Properties' dialog dispalys a package name,  A search of internal storage shows file of 0 bytes.  I do not begin to know the relevance of this but give it to you in case it helps.
I attach the three screenshots you requested.  I  note that I have an intermediate folder, sdcard0\Locus\mapsVector\england-gh.
I thank you for your continued assistance.

Now, I'm becoming a pain.  I reached so far as changing the data source from MapQuest to GraphHopper when something happened: A message displayed stating, "Unfortunately, Locus Pro has stopped."  Each time I open it a window displays briefly that I do not have time to read properly but is headed, Working..." then "Previous State".  I have powered down the 'phone twice but to no avail.  The same message appears as soon as I select 'Navigate to' in 'FUNCTIONS' or its icon on the side panel.  My set up is as follows: the GraphHopper routing data for England and my file are both in Computer\XT1039\Internal storage\Locus\mapsVector.  Is it likely that the map file has to be of England alone, also?  I should appreciate any help because I am so interested to get GraphHopper up and running.

Thanks, gynta.
Just to be sure: is there a particular place to which the .apk file should be copied before installation for GraphHopper to work with Locus Map and the chosen routing data?

I thank you for your reply.
1. I read the forum on my Windows PC.  Therefore, I would download the addon_0.1.7.apk file and routing data from the links to Google Drive provided to Windows Explorer in the first instance.  Is that the correct procedure or should everything be carried out on my 'phone?
2. The routing data I wish to use is at 2015.06.05>europe>united_kingdom.  It appears in the form of,, etc.  I do not see a file or file, nor does the United Kingdom folder appear to be a .zip folder.  Clicking presents a folder, england.osm-gh.  The only way I see to download it is that when a cursor is moved, a downward facing arrow appears which, when a cursor is placed over it, reveals 'Download'.  Clicking this presents 'Google Drive can't scan this for viruses' and 'Download anyway',  This I did to Windows Explorer again and extracted all the files.  Do I copy the resulting england-gh folder or the folder within it, england.osm-gh, or does it not matter which?
3. Having downloaded the addon_0.1.7.apk file, I have no idea how to install it on my 'phone let alone where.  Do I copy it, use 'Send to' or am I in the wrong place, completely, anyway?
I do hope you understand that what is a straightforward exercise for so many presents me and some others, presumably, with such issues.  That is why I should appreciate more explanatory help.

I have become fascinated by Locus Map since I installed it a couple of weeks ago.  Now, I read about GraphHopper with interest and would like to try it.  I have read and re-read but do not understand fully what I should do.  I wonder, might it be possible to compile and provide a fresh step-by-step process for Android mobile 'phone users like me who are full of enthusiasm but lack confidence and knowledge to undertake some tasks?  Additionally, I noted John Percy's reference to a British Isles osm.pbf file from  I have used Geofabrik in conjunction with my Garmin eTrex Legend and wonder whether this data source has advantages or whether it is simpler to take data from the link menion describes in his initial post of the link above?
Incidentally, where lie the differences between, or preferences for, the forum or the help desk?  I discovered the help desk quite by chance, recently.

Troubles & Questions / Track recording panel question
« on: July 24, 2015, 12:24:27 »
I appreciate the facility to create my own dashboard, which I have done.  However, I see advantages in the track recording panel, too.  I have chosen ten items for the track recording panel.  The top and bottom rows are full width for one item each only.  The bottom row is half-hidden by the recording button and recording profile panel, making it necessary to scroll upwards to view it fully.  Do I assume correctly that there are no facilities to alter either the number of items per row or the heights of the rows?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Ordnance Survey British National Grid
« on: July 14, 2015, 09:50:36 »
I thank you for your reply.  I have found it disconcerting in both Locus and OruxMaps there seems to be the facility to change to British National Grid - Main Menu>Settings>Language & Units>COORDINATES>Coordinates type in Locus - but the display remains in Longitude/Latitude.  I discovered quite by chance yesterday, however, the tab to the right of the menu at the top of the screen, showing a default 'Locus Pro' is interactive.  Here, is 'Coordinates'.  Tapping that displays British National Grid.

Troubles & Questions / Ordnance Survey British National Grid
« on: July 13, 2015, 11:34:06 »
I am late to Android GPS.  I have used a Garmin eTrex Legend for many years.  It permits the display of Ordnance Survey British National Grid coordinates.  Is it possible to change the map datum similarly in Locus Maps?

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