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Troubles & Questions / Re: Mobile 'phone backup to Windows PC
« on: September 21, 2015, 09:38:47 »
I thank you for your reply.
There is a specific facility in the settings of another app that I use, ColorNote, to online sync with Google, which I have done.  I am unclear how I might carry out that task with Locus Map, however.  I am all at sea, too, in ever finding such transactions in my Google account, itself, on my PC.

Troubles & Questions / Mobile 'phone backup to Windows PC
« on: September 20, 2015, 16:55:46 »
I have a Moto G 4G 'phone. My concern is about restoring both Locus Map data and settings in case of damage to or loss of my 'phone. I thought it might be a simple case of copying the app's internal backup files to my Windows 8 PC for safekeeping. I would be able to copy one back to the same location in a new 'phone and restore. Wrong! I receive a 'Unspecified error' message when I try to copy the files. Is there a facility to backup online or must I use a dedicated backup app to succeed where I failed? I spent much time looking at such apps and gave up.

I learnt of Locus Map just two months ago.  I remain in awe of its features.  More than that, though, I have not experienced previously a forum with so much immediate interaction and assistance, which has been of great value to me, nor of a product that receives so much attention. Here, Menion has played his full part.

I wonder about my 'phone or Locus Map installation sometimes: I have experienced difficulties over time with several procedures that seem should be straightforward.  This is another one: I do not obtain a reducing distance or time doing precisely what you wrote - I select the tack on the map then 'Navigation/Guidance'.  I wondered if the track had to be a route as was the case with my previous Garmin eTrex, but it does not seem to be so here so far as I read in the manual.
I thank you again for confirming the action, anyway; I shall continue to persevere.

My main use of Locus Map Pro is for hiking.  Typically, I import .gpx files of tracks that I have created in GraphHopper Driving Directions or from sites that offer ready-made walks.  I follow the track and record my own tracklog.  I have had no success in getting 'Distance to target' and 'Time to target' to work.  I should be grateful if a user would inform me in detail as to the steps I must take.

I understand what you write.  I started this thread because Locus Map was not acting for me as the manual suggested it should.  If my setup was wrong and there was a straightforward correction or action to make it work, all well and good.  I am intrigued that it does not work on my 'phone but it is not hugely important; I can use GraphHopper Driving Directions to carry out the same exercise, for example.  I should bring this topic to a close now; I have a rather more important navigation question to ask in a new topic.
I thank you for your time.

John, Michal and 0709
I thank you for your interest and suggestions.
Please let me intervene at this point: I tried John's suggestion to uncheck Navigation>Auto-recalculation.  It works to a degree: the start point is now what I entered.  The grey box that appears on the left of the screen and towards the top has a question mark in it rather than the distance to the first turn.  The itinerary, however, is complete and the distance correct.  Two points, however: 1. 'Distance to target' is incorrect and 2. the line defining the navigation route is not always as I have specified - it might be a much narrower and fainter line, for example, either for part or all of its length - almost as though the current location is still trying to have a say in the matter.  This suggests the operation is not the proper answer.
I shall read in detail now what you all of you have written and post again in due course.  If, in the meantime you have any further thoughts, I should welcome them, of course.

Locus Map manual states in Point To Point Navigation, "It is possible to change the location of the starting point as well." and "start point - coordinates pre-filled from your GPS position, can be further edited or some other starting point can be selected by the Location Selector."  I find, when attempting this, any start point I choose is overridden by my current location when the navigation is calculated - my home, usually, as this is where I experiment and plan with Locus Map.  This happens whether GPS is on or off.  I must be overlooking something.

Navigation & Guidance / How 'Recently Used' tabs operate
« on: September 16, 2015, 10:35:26 »
'Navigate to' page and 'SELECT LOCATION' window both have 'RECENTLY USED' tabs.  I wonder how they operate: I assume they do not accumulate results of searches and navigations ad infinitum, yet I cannot see a means either to delete all or select individual items for deletion, which I should find useful.

I thank you for your reply.
I am very reluctant to remove the map on my internal storage after yesterday's experience.  I tried various measures this morning such as introducing a new folder and renaming the .map files.  Following various arrangements, and although I continue to obtain a refusal at first, the maps are accepted eventually, so all is well now.
I was interested to read what you write twice regarding closing Locus, waiting five seconds and starting again.
I do not know whether a .map file of the same name in two locations causes a problem - certainly, it is what existed on my 'phone.  It is a small matter to rename a .map file, in any case.

My difficulty continues: having been successful finally in having my offline maps in my SD card recognised, my Great Britain map that I was using on a walk today simply disappeared.  What I must have touched, I do not know.  I believe I saw a rectangle subsequently with 'Loading' inside but no map reappeared.  I was fortunate that I continued to have the same map on my internal storage and was able to switch to that.  Now, no matter what I have tried, I cannot regain the SD card map, although my other map, 'Greece' remains available.  So far, I have:
Powered off the 'phone and restarted it
Unmounted the SD card with the 'phone off and remounted it (which has been successful in other matters)
Removed the .map file in 'PERSONAL MAPS', deleted it from the SD card in Windows Explorer and replaced it with the original that I store elsewhere, in case the file was corrupted.
I am never sure what is the proper process to load a map:
Tapping the map tab displays screenshot 'Maps' attached.  Great Britain on SDCARD1 is not present
Tapping the white out of blue cross gives me 'GET MORE MAPS'
Tapping 'Add external maps' gives me screenshot 'PERSONAL MAPS' attached
My only choice is to tap 'ADD NEW FILE/DIRECTORY' it seems, resulting in screenshot 'List of maps' attached
Touching '' results in 'Problem with'
Touching the tick mark in the top panel results in 'Problem with LocusVectorMaps'
I am using Locus Pro version 3.11.3 since being presented with the update.
I should be so relieved if someone can help me out of this predicament.

I am a long term contributor to OSM, using a Garmin eTrex Legend until four weeks ago, when I discovered Locus Map.  I installed Locus Map Pro and have been impressed beyond words by what I have experienced in this short time.  It has breathed new life into my enthusiasm for OSM.  More than that, though, is the community: I believe a product is enhanced immensely if it has a good following, and forums speak volumes for good or bad.  I feel it should be expressed that your dedication to Locus Map is obvious.  I wish to thank you and gynta for the help you have provided to me over this period; it is rare to find this level of assistance and commitment.  I am so appreciative, I installed Locus Map Pro on my wife's 'phone yesterday.  Following the latest release, it seems an appropriate occasion to thank you both and wish you, menion, a well-deserved holiday!
Please place this post where you think it appropriate.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Availability of map information
« on: August 07, 2015, 15:02:58 »
I find Locus Map to be so feature-rich, I am attracted to discover one new feature after another that seems to have no end.  No wonder, then, that I confuse myself sometimes!
I thank you for making this matter clear.   I should like to add my appreciation of the forum and the helpful advice it attracts.

Troubles & Questions / Availability of map information
« on: August 07, 2015, 10:14:38 »
I have confused myself totally about the actions of popup points and tracks, and map information while learning so much about Locus Map:  I can obtain popup information about my own tracks and points, and address information, too.  I am unable, however, to obtain information in a similar way from the underlying map, such as points of interest and road links, using in my case offline OSM.  Should it be possible or is my memory playing tricks?

I understand what you write now that I open the .gpx file in a text editor.  The two imports surprised me.  I thank you for taking the trouble to explain it.

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