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I have encouraged my son to use Locus Map and OSM mapping on his Samsung 'phone.  I use the Locus Map - add-on GraphHopper for my navigation.  I have installed the GH addon 0.2 - based v0.5.apk to his 'phone successfully.  I have copied my own england.osm-gh data (folder containing seven files) to Locus/mapsVector on his 'phone, too, as I have done with updated data many times to my own 'phone. Yet the add-on states, "No content".  I have carried out the same procedure successfully to my wife's Moto G 'phone, previously.  I wonder where a problem might lie?
NOTE: I see this issue raised in Reply #179 by devo on February 17, 2016 without a conclusion, it seems.

I offer my thanks and best wishes to menion and all who work to make LocusMap what it is.  It has given me so much pleasure to use with OpenStreetMap that allows me to continue my love of cartography in a practical way.  Long may it continue.   

Discussion/New features / Re: old offline addresses discussion
« on: April 07, 2016, 19:03:58 »
I thank you for your immediate and helpful reply.  The top right menu is available now. 

Discussion/New features / Re: old offline addresses discussion
« on: April 07, 2016, 18:34:49 »
My Locus Map version is 3.16.2.  I use a Great Britain map file named (dated to remind me) located at Locus > mapsVector.  I downloaded england.osm.db, renamed it Great_Britain_10022016.osm.db and copied it to Locus > mapsVector to sit alongside the same-named .map file.  Menu > Search > Address & Place > Top right menu > Search Address offline is not present, only 'Search address (Online)' in the title bar.  Would my chosen .map name cause a problem (I note in Menu > Maps the file name is displayed without underscores) or is there another issue, possibly?
I note, too, that Search > Address & Place has descriptive text that reads, "Search for addresses and places online".  Am I at the correct path?

I referred to the link you kindly provided regarding the structure of the file.  I downloaded Notepad++ and carried out the instructions in the link.  It worked!  Furthermore, with the aid of the Compare plugin, I was able to determine there was very little difference between the 0.1.7 and 0.2.0 files.
I thank you, and post this reply for the further reason it might be of use to others.

I compared the text of the file in menion's versions 0.1.7 and 0.2.0.  It was continuous in 0.1.7 but separated into lines in 0.2.0 which confirms what you wrote, perhaps.  I could not see significant differences in the text content, however.  I decided to use version 0.1.7 file in place of in version 0.2.0, everything else being 0.2.0.  It is successful, so far as I can tell.  The command ran to completion and created a new *.osm-gh file that is accepted by Locus Map.
I thank you for helping me to progress to a solution.
I used from
Even though I appear to have had success using menion's 0.2.0 generator from what I wrote above, I should like to make this method work, also.
I thank you for your interest and hope you can help further.

I wish to create GraphHopper routing data updates frequently to reflect my recent OSM input and assist me in checking further OSM paths and their attributes in my area.  I downloaded GH addon 0.2 - based v0.5.apk and associated routing data following menion's announcement in Reply #150.  My Reply #151 confirmed everything worked.
I have tried two methods to create routing data that Locus Map will accept.  Both failed.

1. menion's generator:  I downloaded and extracted it; downloaded an england.osm.pbf file to the same location as and ran the command in Cygwin.  Here is the result:
Bob@Dellcomputer /cygdrive/c/users/bob/downloads/graphhopper/data/version_0.2.0/graphhopper/graphhopper
$ export JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx1g -Xms1g"
Bob@Dellcomputer /cygdrive/c/users/bob/downloads/graphhopper/data/version_0.2.0/graphhopper/graphhopper
$ ./ import england-20151215.osm.pbf
./ line 2: $'\r': command not found
./ line 25: syntax error near unexpected token `$'{\r''
'/ line 25: `function printUsage {
I note some files are named differently and the file content is different between version 0.1.7 and 0.2.0, as can be seen in my two attachments (in case this is relevant)

2. GraphHopper Quickstart: I ran this as laid out here:  The operation completed as it should with the final statement, "Started server at HTTP 8989" and a *.osm-gh folder with its content was created.  I placed the folder in Locus>mapsVector and selected it in Locus Map - add-on GraphHopper.  I opened Locus Map and tapped the 'Navigate' tab but received the message, "Unfortunately, Locus Pro has stopped" after the 'SELECT LOCATION' box appeared very briefly.
I note some files are different and file sizes of what I created here are significantly smaller compared with the 'england.osm-gh' I downloaded from menion's site, as can be seen in my two attachments (in case this is relevant).

I am not clever enough to pursue this issue and should be grateful if someone could take me forward.

I thank you for providing the new generator so quickly in response to my request.  I look forward to the same success I had with version 0.1.7 when I try it.  With reference to your comment 'Anyway suggest to read "how to" on pages of graphhopper', I executed that particular process with much patient assistance from karussell here: but as I wrote there, the resulting .osm-gh file was not liked by Locus Map.  The one produced using your generator was liked, however, to my immense satisfaction.

I wonder: might it be possible when you have time that you create a generator for the 0.2.0 add-on as you did for addon_0.1.7?  I found it useful recently for creating an up-to-date england.osm-gh routing file, for example, and I imagine it might be useful, too, for those who desire an area not contained in 2015.09.19 - v0.5.

I have installed GH addon 0.2 - based v0.5.apk in place of addon_0.1.7.apk and used the latest GraphHopper routing data from 2015.09.19 - v0.5 at in place of its predecessor.  I am pleased to report routing works for the navigation tests I have tried so far.
I thank you for the work you have put in to provide this update.

I read of GraphHopper version 0.1.8 in Locus Map Help Desk.  I use the GraphHopper add-on version 0.1.7 by courtesy of menion's first post of this topic, a link in which takes me to Google Drive.  I guess routing data must be updated continually to keep abreast of changes and additions.  I wonder where later versions and their update information are available, and how one can be advised or know of updates?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Route and track differences
« on: October 13, 2015, 15:33:09 »
You are totally correct in your diagnosis.  '(GPX)' was missing below 'Automatic export' for 'Car'.  I had not tapped 'Set', it seems.  This explains why I found automatic exports to .gpx carried out on some occasions but not others, probably: 'Foot' was set but 'Car' not.  Then, as you describe, the 'Track as route (RTE tag instead of TRK)' box in this page was checked.
I love Locus Map but, three months in, goodness knows how long it will be before I shall master it!
I thank you for your excellent work and prompt reply.

Troubles & Questions / Route and track differences
« on: October 13, 2015, 12:38:31 »
I had not appreciated a major difference between selecting 'Car' or 'Foot' Recording Profile until very recently.  I am accustomed to using Garmin's BaseCamp to view my tracklogs as my GPS device had been a Garmin eTrex Legend until three months ago.  I see that the .gpx file in .txt form shows 'rtept' for 'Car' and 'trkpt' for foot.  I am unsure whether this has been the case always.  The result is two quite different tables in BaseCamp that show the car tracklog as a route but without leg time or speed but the foot tracklog with both, which is important to me.  I checked Menu>Settings>Track recording>Recording profiles...Advanced settings>Automatic export>Parameters.  'Track as route (RTE tag instead of TRK)' is unchecked for both 'Car' and 'Foot'.  I wonder if this behaviour is recognised and correct or whether something else in the settings affects my different results.  The GPX version is 1.1.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Mobile 'phone backup to Windows PC
« on: September 22, 2015, 19:37:05 »
Well done!
It is so helpful if someone takes the trouble to list in detail steps to execute a particular exercise.
I almost embarrass myself, sometimes, at the many elementary questions I have asked on numerous forums.  I take comfort from believing that other users might find resulting information and answers useful.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Mobile 'phone backup to Windows PC
« on: September 21, 2015, 12:16:20 »
I have had experiences previously of differences between content shown in Windows Explorer on my PC and ES File Explorer on my 'phone.  Now I find I am able to copy the Locus Map backup zipped file using ES File Explorer while continuing to be denied that facility through Windows Explorer.  Such mysteries plague us all, probably.
I thank you again for your help.

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