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I continue to create GraphHopper routing files using the 0.2.0 data generator provided by Menion, and a .pbf file from  I wish to move on.  I see where to download the latest GraphHopper .apk file as described here: but not a later generator.  Is there nothing later than here: ?
I omitted in my reply yesterday something to which I wish to draw attention: I had not taken action previously to exit Locus Map while track recording because what I construed to be a warning appeared:
"Do you really want to EXIT?  All active processes will be terminated.  No data will be lost.  STOP & EXIT".  I understood from this message that my track recording would stop but be saved, meaning that when I restarted Locus Map, I should have to start a new track recording, too.  Am I alone in interpreting the message in this way?
I thank you for your advice regarding being able to exit and restart Locus Map without losing the track recording, which I verified on a dry run.  I should have tried that much earlier.
Now, to the disappearance of the offline map:
I set out on my walk today and saw again the lack of map after an hour when I pushed the 'on' button to check my location.  There was no network signal at this time.  It is fortunate that I have, as an overlay, the public rights of way that I walk and check.  I continued to walk for another hour.  I noticed at times the 'phone showed 'H' and a reasonable signal.  Then it clicked: I touched the 'Maps' tab and discovered my offline map was deselected!
I shall try the newest version of Locus Map when the apparent issues with Android 4.4.4 are resolved and report, accordingly.
One further comment regarding the preservation of track recording: I had forgotten to plug in my power pack when I saw the battery was low.  It powered off when I looked next at the screen.  I am pleased to report that the track recording was present, still, when, having plugged in the power pack, I could power up the 'phone after a few minutes.   
menion, Andrew
I thank you for your replies.
I must wait until the next time this phenomenon occurs before I can attach a screenshot.  I shall note to do it, however.
I tend not to exit Locus while I walk (I do not know the consequences for the track recording) and I assume the track recording is saved automatically to .gpx (that is how it is set up) should I power off and on.  I should have to start another track recording and join the two, ultimately, in that case.   
I have been disconcerted somewhat when walking with my 'phone on two occasions recently: my offline OSM Great Britain map disappeared.  A .kml overlay of paths and my track recording remained visible.  The map would reappear, eventually but might disappear again, too.  I was in a poor signal reception area showing a mixture of G, E, H+ and 4G.  That could not be the cause with an offline map, surely? 
Navigation & Guidance / Online GraphHopper
August 09, 2017, 19:59:17
I was interested to read of the new online GraphHopper navigation facility in Locus Map version 3.25.0.  I continue to use the add-on, updating the routing data myself from time to time.  I had an issue with GraphHopper's Driving Directions  at that I use on my desktop: the one 'Foot' option took me along vehicular roads instead of footpaths, yet the GraphHopper add-on with Locus Map would direct me along the very footpaths I would choose to take.  I raised the issue on GraphHopper's own forum, without success.  Here is the difference: I choose 'Walk' with the new online GraphHopper and it takes me along vehicular roads; I choose 'Hike' and it takes me along footpaths, just as the add-on.  I am extremely pleased with that result.
I thank you for your suggestions.
I was able to open Locus Store at home, but I powered off my 'phone and on, additionally.  Away from home during the morning, I was presented with a 11303 error message when trying to open Locus Store.  This was no different following powering off my 'phone and on again.  The common element might appear to be Wi-Fi, yet I can obtain Locus Store at home with Wi-Fi turned off.
I have become interested in live tracking firstly so that my whereabouts is known on my walks.  Now, I should be pleased to see someone's location from day to day on a pilgrim's way in Spain.  We set up live tracking on Locus Map at More functions/Live tracking and could 'see' each other successfully at our respective homes.  Spain is different: rightly or wrongly, I found myself needing to know his approximate location or having to zoom out so far, and having to download an online map of that area  so that I could 'see' him (I appreciate I could import OSM mapping for Spain, for example).  I tried GPSies through Locus Map next and appreciated immediately the ease with which users are 'seen' or could be selected from a list, even.  Quite by chance, I discovered Live Tracking at  This seemed easiest of all.  Furthermore, a very small-scale map displays to show all users at once.  I had read about live tracking at, but no apparent reference to this web facility surprised me. 
I wished to test the facility today on my walk.  I had Wi-Fi switched off, I had a 4G network showing and the signal was 3/4 or 4/4 bars yet I received a note stating, "Unknown problem  Problem with internet connection! NetworkError  code:11303".  I gave up after some time and switched from Locus Map to GPSies on my 'phone.  I asked my wife to 'see' me through and she could!  I should be grateful if someone could inform me if there are faults with what I have done so far.
I thank you for your thought and explanation.  I should consider the limits of my knowledge more, but I have learnt a lot over time, equally.
I thank you for your comment.  I have two questions:
1. I count seven .png files existing already in your February 2017 Voluntary Locus\_themes\vol_res\svg folder: gate_nobike.png, for example.  I am unsure following your comment whether they should be there or what allows them to be there, considering it was my inclusion of .png files that caused the problem last week.
2. I would not know how edit the theme to reference .png files.  I used to convert them to .svg.  Opening in, they are 500x500 pixels.  I created them as 42x42 pixels.  I have no knowledge of .svg, apart from it being vector not raster, and what size is necessary for my images to work appropriately.  I should appreciate what assistance you can provide.
Hurrah! for Menion - well done!
I followed your steps.  The map that appeared zoomed properly.  I loaded my own GB map and that worked, too.  The issue appears to have involved Voluntary UK map theme (nothing to do with your excellent theme, itself, John!) and coincides with my walk on Thursday, which is why it makes sense: I have created, and used before, my own .png files for barriers because they display more clearly when walking.  I decided to add these to vol_res/svg before my walk.  It seems that what I did caused this subsequent problem.  All is well once more.
Many thanks, Menion.
I thank you for your reply.
1. I updated Locus Map one month ago.  I updated it again yesterday evening in hope but it made no difference.
2. I  use maps loaded on internal storage always.  I have two country maps stored on my SD card as backup only;
3. I use CCleaner as a matter of course - it follows what I do on my desktop - not because of any poor memory resources.  For anyone's information: I have 8GB internal storage, of which 5.52GB is available to use, but 3.5GB is used currently.  I am informed I have 851MB Ram of which no more than 500-600MB is ever used.  I should re-iterate this has been standard for a long time and not caused any difficulties previously.
Troubles & Questions / Map tiles "Loading..."
July 08, 2017, 22:37:50
I feel distressed!  I have used Locus Map for more than two years with barely a fault.  I was walking on Thursday when my GB map showed map tiles loading, suddenly.  I did not know what caused it but thought it was a blip of some sort because I have not once had such an issue.  Now at home, the same situation is continuous.  I can zoom out (13) and the whole screen displays, but slowly.  Zooming in (from 14) or panning, a map tile is either frozen or a number of map tiles display, "Loading..." but nothing happens.  My set up and content has not changed, essentially.  Nevertheless, I have deleted all folders containing my specific tracks and boundaries; I run CCleaner every day; I have tried another mapping dataset; powered off and on my 'phone; cleared the cache in Settings/Apps.  I have been aware recently, too, that Locus Map is taking much longer to load upon startup.
I understand this might not be a Locus Map problem as such, but this forum has such experts, I wonder if someone might be able to help.
I thank you for your reply.  The navigation line style colour as set is different to track recording.  However, it is another reminder to me to check Locus Map Settings first.  I must take time to look exhaustively at all the places in Settings that offer line style and colour choices. 
 I have much information displayed on my 'phone screen at any one time when walking: my recorded journey by car to my start point; my breadcrumb trail; paths highlighted in different colours to assist my checks, etc.  I set navigation today to return to my car and could not see the route immediately.  There were very small red arrows, certainly, but the route line was the same as the recorded journeys I have made - because it uses the line style as set in Locus Map settings, I guess.  There does not seem to be an option to create a different line style when preparing a new navigation, so far as I can see.  I appreciate I can hide all the recorded journeys, which, in the absence of prompted choice, I must remember to do.