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Problem is solved by myself.
It was just an error during the update. After a new try it works normal.

yesterday evening I installed the last Update of Locus Pro on my Wildfire. After this Update the App starts, and after 5 Seceonds it end without any kind of notice?

What can I do?

I used the version downloaded a few days ago. Same problems.
But in the other apps the error was corrected.

I'll think, you should make a app, just to update the free version to a Pro version.

And not to design a complete pro edition. Maybe the problem is solved with an smaller update version?!
Implemented / Wishes for Locus to use
May 06, 2011, 15:56:14

I hope you understand my english. It's no so good, but I'll try it.  :roll:

OSM is a service, everyman can be help to update files. Therefore very often a new version of maps is available. I'm also an very active mapper at OSM.

I work very often with maps of OSM. I have the village Datteln-Horneburg, the towns around Datteln and the cities of Dortmund and Essen as downloaded file on my SD-Card.
But somtimes I need a new map file. Then it's difficult, to remenber, which card ist available, cause I have only a small display.

I want to like have a button behind the downloaded maps, to start a new download of the same files.

Therefore I would like to have a possibility to use this two maps also in Locus:
- ÖPNV-Karte (http://www.ö - yes, with the german "Ö")
- Open-PT-Map (
- Open-Link-Map (
- New German Map Style (

My greates wish was a directly order, to act directly via JOSM or Potlatch with Locus to update the map directly on the device. But that's just a thing for VGA oder better devices. Not for my HTC Wildfire.  :twisted:

Is it possible, to get a new form for downloads?

I would like to download direcly about coordinates.
Via a centerpoint and a circle around, and the secend form with four coordinates for N-, E-, S- and W-border.
Maybe with a dialog system for the maps and the other types. Or all maps inside of an city border.

The other things in Locus are to good, to get wishes for.  :D

The most disturbing thing is just the thing with the AndroidPit-Licence. But that's another story.  :oops:

Thx for this gerat app(s).

I'll think it#s more an error in the market connetifity. I used Locus Pro in the v1.5.1 and v1.6. In both versions the error is available.
But in another program "Regen-Radar Plus" (GM and OSM-Version) from AndroitPit I get the notice "This program is not legaly installed." But it works sometimes. Same as in your program.
I don't know, what was happened with other apps, but I think, that was also happened.
I hope that the problem will be solved by you, the team of AndroitPit and Google in the future.
By the way:

I used the HTC Wildfire with the Pro Edition from androidPit. The problem was not solved until now (no prob).
But some told here, that the problem was only, if they have no connection.
In my case it was stayed by WIFI and also at connection by Phone. (Just as a note)

Also I see after Ending the App and seen the Sense parts there comes an Error " Problems with connection to the App Center".

Thx Nils
Quote from: "menion"hmm that's bad. Buergi wrote that all works fine. What should I do with this. Looks I'll have to write on support of AndroidPit

I'll think also now, that's a problem with AndroidPit. Today I tried a different app, and there is the same problem.  I'll start a posting in the forum of AndroidPit to this problem.
Hope you and they'll find the problem.

Thx Nils
Quote from: "buergi"Hey, same for me.
I bought it, it doesn't worked. But for me even after deinstalling removing all Locus stuff, rebuying and reinstalling it doesn't worked.
Hope the developer will fix this problem soon. Until then i'll reinstall Locus Free and keep hoping that it will work some day.
Anyway the nearly 5€ are well invested in such a great app, even when i have to keep using the free version for a while.

For me it's the same. I always tried to deinstall the Free-Version and delete of the complete LOCUS-Files on the SD-Card.
Also I used the file of this forum. The software works, but not every time and also the licence note shown on the screen.
The software is the best in this part and I would like to know, what to do with that problem on my Wildfire.

Quote from: "jusc"Das im Forum angehängte Attachment hast Du schon probiert? viewtopic.php?f=25&t=484

Auch das habe ich schon versucht. Auch die Free-Version hatte ich schon komplett entfernt und den LOCUS-Ordner auf der SD-Karte gelöscht.

MIt der PM hatte ich versucht, konnte es aber aus welchem Grund auch immer nicht durchführen. Trotzdem danke für den Hinweis.

MfG Nils

ich habe fast ein halbes Jahr lang die freie Version getestet und gestern die PRO erworben. Aber da ich keine Kreditkarte besitze habe ich Software auf erworben.Dort ist auch eine Zahlung per Paypal möglich, was ich da auch genutzt habe.

Nun habe ich aber das Problem, das viele dort haben, dass die Version immer wieder sagt, dass sie nicht lizensiert sei. Dann belibt nur die Möglichkeit, entweder einen Kauf im Google Market zu tätigen oder die Anwendung zu schließen. Da ersteres nicht machbar ist, bleibt mir zweites.

Ich habe auch den Tipp, der dort genannt wird, alle Locus Apps zu deinstallieren und es neu zu installieren, führte zu keiner Änderung. Die Lizenz wird immer noch nicht akzeptiert. Ich bin am verzweifeln. Vor allen Dingen, da auf Androitpit momentan noch die Version 1.5.1 angeboten wird. Das wäre kein Problem, da ich so oder so nur kleine Bereiche von Karten von OSM nutze.

Die Software kann zwar genutzt werden, nur ich weiss nicht, was wie wann wo wie passiert. Kann man mir evtl. helfen.

MfG Nils Stanigel