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I found workaround to import data from GME. There is little icon on top left corner of a GME which allow you to export points to kml. It's possible to do it also on  Chrome on android. And then you can import kml to locus
Under review / Re: Geoportal support
June 02, 2011, 21:12:10
I've tried few of them and they don't work. Is it possible it is something wrong with Locus? It will be so nice if it works someday.
Yeah - Locus Unlocker
Can we make some sort of underground repository of map sources. It would be the best if Locus has capability to add custom map sources in some file format. Officially it would be a feature for those who, let's say, has at home own server with maps but in practice we know..   ;-)  
The responsibility of downloading maps will be lying on users not developers.

It would be like making printscreens of maps and saving them with MS Paint. Paint itself doesn't violate any terms of use, right.    :)