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I saw that point 67 has and aberrant time stamp only in my BaseCamp is 13/07/2039 03:52:32 and in Locus has a creation date  of JUL 13,2039, 02:52 (1 hour before maybe something related to Time-Zone).

The million dollar question is WHY this happens, why My Tracksand, Endomondo works and more important who's to blame, the phone, Locus, a combination of both?!?

Will a record of NMEA packets log while the error occurs help anybody here understand the problem a little better? 

Thanks again for the help!
From my last post I've uninstalled Locus, deleted Locus folder, reinstalled and restored a backup file from my xcover2. Than I started track recording with locus ( On Foot Profile ) and with My tracks from google. Locus did straight lines again , My tracks is perfect. Again track time is 422083h:44m

I've attached both exports for comparison.

Thanks very much for the help, and I really hope I find a solution for this, until I've changed my phone Locus was my perfect outdoor companion.
thanks for reply, unfortunately Xcover 2 is dead, however i managed to retrieve /Locus/data/database/track.db and track.db-journal witch i replaced on my new device. can this be the problem?
So, I went on a bike trip in the mountains with Locus Pro installed on a brand new Samsung Xcover 3 (SM-388F) phone and while I am very familiar with Locus (using Pro ver. on former Xcover2 for 2 years with no problems), i found out after 10 or so kilometers into the road that my track record had only a few straight lines. So I started changing settings as follows:

- switched location mode of the phone from High Accuracy(uses GPS , Wi-Fi and mobile networks) to GPS Only, no result

- double checked if GPS auto-off was disabled , no result

- restarted phone, no result

- had locus running in service mode and normal mode , no result

- played a little with track record profiles, no result (my settings on former xcover 2 were Cycle (10m,5s,100m, record conditions both), no result

- used track record on low speed hiking and high speed inside car, same result track record works fine for a few minutes than straight line it is.
I've attached only 3 exports one for each biking, hiking and from car and one thing that is very weird, Track time (all) for each track statistics has insane values like 664169h:30m ?!?   i hope you can see that from GPX files

Please help, if i can't use locus, the new phone is useless to me.