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Quote from: Menion on April 11, 2022, 14:22:04
What exactly is the problem with the WMS map in this post? When I play with it, all seems to work correctly.
on the left is shown, on the right the data is not shown
opacity 100% on on the left, on right nothing
if we have more than one layer wich is the order?
and if we use also sat map as layer?

Quote from: Menion on April 11, 2022, 14:22:04
Recorded speed > this is an old problem with detection of the "not moving" behavior. You are correct that the app currently simply records a speed value received from the GNSS unit. What should be done is to, based on the device sensors (or by attached speed sensor), register movement and based on this modify speed values. The task to do.
I think the only sensor you can count on is the phone's gps, currently there are points that are not taken into consideration due to the filters so the speed data should be calculated as the distance from the last known point and the current point and the time elapsed between their detection.
Currently I believe point A is detected with a speed of 10Km / h then one stops and so B, C ... F are discarded, then it starts again with G but it is detected when you are already moving again at 10km / h for this reason I think Locus assumes, at the point where one has remained stationary, a speed of 10 km / h.
For me it would be more logical that the speed was determined by the distance and time between A and G as it is an information not altered by the missing points like speed in the point.
It will not reach 0, but it will always be closer to 0 than 10.
yesterday I was able to see how much Locus Map Web has improved, which now also integrates all data such as heart rate, slope, speed, etc.
However, I noticed something strange, the speed shown in the graphs is wrong. The same behavior can also be found in the app.
I noticed the error because while recording the track with locus I also record with a Garmin Forerunner.
At the points where I stopped, Garmin lowers the speed to 0, while Locus shows an almost constant speed even more evident if you stop downhill.
I am aware that locus records the points only on the basis of the filters set in the setup, in my case 25mt of distance, 5seconds of interval and 50mt of precision, but when one is stopped, a speed other than 0 cannot be shown in any case.
I understand that by not recording the points where you remain stationary in place, the speed data is more difficult to determine, but Locus recorded a point 10.75 km and 3 minutes later a second point at 10.77. So in those 3 minutes it will certainly not be able to register a zero speed, but at least close to 0, instead it shows about 13 km / h. It appears that instead of showing the speed determined between the two points being recorded, the instantaneous speed at the point is shown.
Quote from: luce on April 09, 2022, 18:20:00
I can't find this PiP button although I have the most recent app version ( What am I doing wrong?
Download it again from testing folder I think there is a new one with the same name

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Quote from: tapio on April 09, 2022, 10:03:49
Works now. Bug with increasing its size per tap. Last step makes it fullscreen just for a moment, then window disappears.
Confirmed now it works. But take a look at the blue bottom banner in the attachment.
I'm not the best tester for this type of function, I prefer small devices so I always use full screen.
Locus always on top  8)
I played with wms in the attachments on the left 4.8.2 on the right
with the same configuration I was unable to display the same level on both.
I also think that a filter is needed for the levels in the case of this service they are really many and you have to scroll through the list to find the one you want.

On the page for selecting the wms services already available, a filter based on the current position would be required. Services not available for your area are useless.
Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
March 31, 2022, 14:39:07
Quote from: janaton on March 31, 2022, 12:42:14
Thank you for your feedback :). Your idea with possibility of overlay layer with opacity makes sense. We do not have it on our road map for next months. I would recommend / ask you for a favor to create idea on the help desk so others can vote for it and watch progress ;).
Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
March 30, 2022, 12:10:13
I saw the new implementation of the satellite map. It would be useful to be able to select both maps by defining one as a base and the other as a layer, also defining its transparency. The same thing that happens in the app.

Good job, every step counts
while recording a track, especially when I use locus for testing, it happens that I want to exit without saving.
Then I press the back button twice and the warning appears that there is a track being recorded.
If I touch the trash, the confirmation message appears, but once the ok is given Locus does not close, but returns to the map. So again back back to close Locus.
I think after confirmation of the cancellation it should close.

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Quote from: tapio on March 28, 2022, 09:39:25
Maybe what I wrote is useless, because I do not make us of 'action_after: "[audio,photo,video]"'
It was not useless, on the contrary I understood where I was wrong with auto_save which I confirm works, thanks.
Unfortunately audio + auto_save does not produce any recording, as I believe it creates the waypoint and immediately saves it without recording any audio file. In any case, a variable would be needed to establish the number of seconds of recording to be made, it would also be nice to insert a beep at the start and end of recording (but this is feasible with tasker).
Quote from: 11elevenths on March 27, 2022, 20:46:00
wow this is like watching rocket scientists at have lost me but I am watching.

how about a set duration then save without the save action.  ie...I press a button on my remote (not android phone) and it triggers a waypoint in my track I'm recording and begins and audio recording and ends in 10 seconds and saves by itself.  That would work great for me.
Pressing the button the point is created, a beep warns the start of the audio recording another beep the end of the recording without the need for any other user intervention and without even having to look at the display.
I tried to verify the use of the intent for registering a waypoint.
Apart from the fact that you must already have a track recording in progress and this would not be a big obstacle as you should already have one running if you want to record a point, or you could at least start the recording directly by pressing the same button for saving the waypoint itself if it is not active.
The waipoint registration intent works and is precisely the one suggested by tapio, but it has a problem, I can't get the auto save option to work with the direct creation of the intent with tasker's "send intent" and not even using the Falcosc plugin.
So it is always necessary to give the ok to save.
I also saw that it is possible to start the audio recording after the generation of the waypoint inside the locus, but in this case you have to give the input to stop the recording and a new input to save the waypoint.
@menion are there any intent parameters that I can use to prompt locus to record the waipoint, start an audio recording of X seconds and then save automatically?
With the Falcosc plugin, for the name to pass to the waypoint (I use date and time as name) and the start of the audio recording there is no problem.
However, you need the active autosave and the ability to pass the value of X to end the audio recording.
Devices / Re: Locus running on Ticwris Max?
March 26, 2022, 09:01:57
I also agree "No need to excuse yourself Adam" mine was a general thought not referring to your specific case, mine is professional deformation due to 20 years of work in the waste sector.

For my experience to limit battery drain with locus or other navigation app I use airplane mode. If your device does not need any radio connection consider this option to limit battery drain. But if you need to pair it with an external Bluetooth dongle you have no more this option.

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Devices / Re: Locus running on Ticwris Max?
March 21, 2022, 11:31:29
I do not want to accuse anyone, but only to make a consideration:
I am perplexed when I see devices of this type when almost all of us have an old smartphone in some drawer that no longer use and could be used for these experiments. We can make our contribution to the environment by reusing what we no longer use instead of buying objects that tomorrow will be technological waste to be disposed of.
The toy seems to me too big to be used on the wrist, too small (in my opinion) to be used as a navigator.
Put the Sd into a card reader of a pc and connect the phone with the usb cable.
Than transfer the maps file from the Sd to the phone.
No card reader? Use 2 usb cable for the new and old phone.

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