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V @menion - the Route Planner just gets better & better. The latest changes are very impressive.
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No problems for me; either way. I only reply to your comment "I see no reason..." with my reason :)

Just a general comment:- Until now I have used the "external BRouter" method of route planning - I can quickly generate X routes for X profiles, then compare & contrast. But now, finally, the new Route Planner has overtaken this method for convenience. With Shaping points & NOGO areas it just gets better & better.
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I never thought about them as about tool that should "shape" an planner route. And to be true, I still see no reason for this.
Often BRouter needs no encouragement but sometimes I encourage the chosen route with a Shaping point, sometimes with a NOGO area. Each has it's use and advantage depending on the characteristics of the current route. Generally for me a NOGO is only needed for the life of the route. No longer. As my cycle touring is always to a new area.
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Perfect, glad to hear it! For me it looks like some problem on Google Drive side, anyway issue should be handled in Locus no matter what happen. I'll try to improve it little bit. Biggest problem anyway seems to be, that Locus loads Drive directory even that you do not need it. I'll have to rewrite this "File browser" to something similar that I made to "Search screen" few months ago, where only single page is loaded/visible at once.
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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] HiLo hiking theme
« on: August 18, 2016, 10:20:57 »
V7, 18.08.2016,
Emergency access points can now be optionally shown, landscape features (power lines, dams, trees) can now optionally be shown, improved representation of wide waterways and water, various drinking water sources are now displayed, national borders are now displayed in a different line style, groynes in waters appear and many small improvements, the details are in the Read_me.txt.

The download link is in the Home Post to find.
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New Beta version
Many fixes already reported by users + first attempt to new version of "items" screen (available in menu > more) and first attempt to custom configuration for BRouter profiles directly over Locus.
Locus will now display also profiles stored in Locus/data/brouter (for those who wants to play with it). Such profiles also support "on the fly" definition of "avoid_motorways" and "avoid_toll" parameters. Check sample attached file if interested. Hope you find it useful.

@michaelbechtold: well, reason is currently quite simple ... because I have function "get me best vector map for this area", which is used in this case. Because all maps except LoMaps do not have precisely defined bounding area, it is little bit risky to use just a method "use current map". In such case, there is a chance, then map won't cover required area.

I'm sorry, for now I do not have a better solution. Because of this, it may end, that user itself will be able to manually choose a map, that he wants to use. Just an option ...

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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] HiLo hiking theme
« on: July 20, 2016, 09:05:48 »
I think that country border lines and hike paths have a colour too similar

Hello lor74cas,
this is not a problem in locus, this is a problem in the HiLo theme.

But you're right, the colors are too similar, so I have the line style of the country border lines completely changed.

This changes comes with next update of the HiLo theme, not with next update of locus.

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