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I miss this option, too. I was using the GPS bearing in Car because the rotation by compass was not correct (I mostly was driving 45° in the screen ;) ). But while geocaching the rotation by compass was quite useful. As svartbjorn suggested I would appreciate the possibility to switch directly with the rotation button. My suggestions for the naming:
- north up
- rotate by compass
- rotate by gps bearing
- show view
Does anyone actually use the last one?
And for all the people not knowing what this means: Maybe a good manual could help ;) I think that is one of the biggest drawbacks of Locus: It has a lot of really good features, but you do not know how to use them. I am still fiddling around with the AR plugin, but that is a different story.

@golgot: You use your phone while biking? I would like to do that, too. Do you have a recommendation for fixing the phone to the bike?